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100 People Share How to Write the Best Opening Lines on Tinder

Sending a good opener on Tinder essential if you want your match to write back. Read on to learn our tips for how to write the best opening message around.

100 People Share How to Write the Best Opening Lines on Tinder

Let’s face it – starting a conversation on Tinder is hard. The reality is that most Tinder matches don’t go beyond the first message. To get a response from your match, you’ll need a good opener that stands out from the crowd.

A well-written opening line on Tinder isn’t just the best way to start a conversation; it’s the most important step toward landing a first date and actually meeting your match in person.

So, what makes for a good opening line on Tinder?

We conducted a new study to find out how to write the best opening lines on Tinder.

We went out and surveyed 100 people around the United States to gather intel into what works on Tinder. All of the people we surveyed were single and actively using Tinder. We asked these people about their experiences messaging matches on Tinder to find out what types of openers get responses from matches vs. what types of openers make conversations die out.

Our study showed that the best openers on Tinder have many things in common.

There are all kinds of openers people use on Tinder. Some are short, some are long. Some are serious, some are funny. Some use emojis, some don’t. But the best opening lines on Tinder share a few common characteristics.

Before delving into our findings on what makes for a good Tinder opener, let’s talk about something else that came up in our study: Creating a good Tinder profile.

The people we surveyed in our study emphasized that if your Tinder profile isn’t using attractive photos or a good bio, then it doesn’t matter how good your opener is—because other Tinder users probably won’t match with you in the first place.

Using your best photos on Tinder and writing a good bio are essential if you want to get more likes and matches. Here are our tips for how you can improve your Tinder profile.

How to find your best Tinder profile pictures:

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Now, here’s how to write the best opening lines for Tinder:

From analyzing the responses of the people we surveyed, we discovered 11 tips for writing the best Tinder openers that increase your odds of getting a response and starting a conversation.

Tinder Opener Tip #1: Show genuine interest in getting to know your match

From our study, it’s clear that the best thing you can possibly do in your opener is to show your match that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them.

The easiest way to do this is to ask your match some kind of question that will tell you about their personality, values, lifestyle, hobbies, interests, travels, job, pets, etc.

It’s best to avoid being overly generic. Ideally, you’ll see something in your match’s profile that tells something about them, and you can send your match a comment or question about that thing.

These messages make for some of the best Tinder opening lines because they show your match that you care about learning who they are as a person. They’re great conversation starters because they allow your match to share an endless amount of possible information in response.

Tinder Opener Tip #2: Tell your match what about them stood out to you

A great way to start a conversation on Tinder is to be direct and bold by telling your match what about them from their profile stood out to you.

This is especially relevant for guys messaging women on Tinder. Women know many guys aren’t very selective and try to match with everyone on the app.

By saying what interested you to match with this person, you can show them that they stood out from the crowd and you can make them feel special. Good Tinder openers like this help you connect with your match on an emotional level.

Tinder Opener Tip #3: Send a “question of the day”

Some of the people we surveyed in our study said that the best Tinder openers they have received have been a “question of the day.” People said this type of question is effective at starting a conversation on Tinder that continues past a couple of messages back and forth.

Here’s an example Tinder opener of this kind: “Hey! Here’s the question of the day: If you could have an unlimited supply of anything (except for money), what would it be?”

Tinder Opener Tip #4: Compliment your match

Complimenting your match in your first message on Tinder can be a great way to show that you’re thoughtful and it can make your match feel good about themselves. It’s best to send a compliment that is specific to the person you’re messaging. Try to say something unique they may not have heard before. Good opening lines for Tinder tend to be unique and personalized.

Tinder Opener Tip #5: Comment on a mutual interest

In our study, a lot of the people we surveyed emphasized the importance of connecting over a mutual interest on Tinder. Find something you and your match have in common based on their profile and send an opening line about it.

Ask your match a question about that mutual interest to learn more or share a personal experience about that mutual interest, if you have one to share. For example, if your match mentions a band they like, then tell them if you’ve been to that band’s concert or say you’ve been wanting to go see them live. You can ask your match what their favorite song of that band is. If your match mentions a favorite sports team, then ask if they’ve been to a game or who their favorite player is.

Tinder Opener Tip #6: Show that you actually read your match’s profile

This is a general tip to consider when writing any opening message on Tinder, or another dating app. Read your match’s profile carefully and send an opener that shows you actually read their profile and paid attention to it. Many people put a lot of time, thought, and effort into writing their Tinder bio, so they’ll feel good when someone else takes the time to read it and appreciate it.

Tinder Opener Tip #7: Have a sense of humor and be funny

Research shows that a sense of humor is attractive, and nearly everybody in our study said that they’d be happy to receive a first message on Tinder that makes them laugh. Lighten up, be playful, and send your match a funny opening line that’s original.

Tinder Opener Tip #8: If your match has a pet, comment on their pet

Most people who have a pet love their pet deeply and love talking about their pet. Tell your match you think their pet is cute, or give some other more specific compliment. Ask your match what their pet’s name is or what their pet is like. And if you can write something unique and thoughtful about their pet, then you’ll definitely be sending your match one of the best first messages on Tinder they could possibly receive.

Tinder Opener Tip #9: Ask your match about one of their photos

Ask your match where the photo was taken, ask them about a particular activity or hobby they’re doing in the photo, or ask about the story behind the photo.

The more specific and niche question you can ask them, the better. For example, if you recognize the background of one of your match’s photos, then let them know that you’ve also been to that specific place and ask them about their travels and experience there. Bond over that shared experience off the bat through your first message on Tinder; it’ll up your odds of receiving a reply and ultimately booking a first date.

Tinder Opener Tip #10: Ask your match what they’re up to today (or this weekend)

Many of the people we surveyed said they like starting a Tinder conversation with this simple and easy question of asking your match what they’re up to today. If it’s a weekend or if the weekend is coming up, you can ask them what they have going on. This is a good way to get to know somebody’s lifestyle and how they spend their time.

Tinder Opener Tip #11: Include a question

As a general rule of thumb, it’s always best if your opening line on Tinder includes a question in it. That helps start a conversation and makes your match more likely to respond. Whether you just send your match a question in itself as your opener, or you pop on a question at the end of a comment you make in a longer opener, asking a question is a reliable tip for nailing that opening message.

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