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100 Women Share Tips on Writing the Best Bumble Bio for Men

Want to know how to write a good Bumble bio as a man? Read on to learn our best Bumble tips.

100 Women Share Tips on Writing the Best Bumble Bio for Men

Bumble is all about having women make the first move. On Bumble, when a man and woman match, only the woman is able to send the first message. And if she doesn’t send a message within the first 24 hours of a new match, then that match expires. The match disappears, and it’s all over.

That makes it essential for guys to have a good Bumble profile in order to attract matches and receive messages from the women they match with.

A Bumble profile is made up of three parts: photos, prompts, a bio.

Before even thinking about what to put in your Bumble bio, make sure you’re using the right profile pictures.

To find out which of your photos you should be using on Bumble, try our dating photo analyzer. Simply upload some photos of yourself, and our algorithm will show you which photos to use in your profile and in which order to put them.

If you’re using bad photos in your Bumble profile, then it doesn’t matter how good your bio is. Putting your best Bumble photos forward is an absolute must. Even if you have an incredible Bumble bio, you won’t get many likes or matches if your photos are unappealing.

Now, onto how to write your Bumble bio.

Below, we’ll share our top tips for guys on how to write a Bumble bio that attracts women. And these tips aren’t just some bits of advice we made up; we got these tips directly from surveying the women of Bumble.

We Conducted a Study to Find Out What a Good Bumble Bio Looks Like:

At The Match Lab, we study the psychology of online dating. We conduct research on how to create a good dating profile. We then use our insights to offer dating profile writing services and our dating photo analyzer that are backed by psychology, science, and data.

In this new study, to find out how guys can write a good Bumble bios that attract women, we surveyed 100 women from all around the United States. All of the women we surveyed were single, straight, and actively using Bumble. We asked these women what they thought makes for a good Bumble bio for men.

The women we surveyed shared their tips on how to get more likes on Bumble as a guy by writing the best bio possible.

What do the best Bumble bios for men have in common?

From our study, we learned a lot of tips for how guys can write better Bumble bios. As we analyzed the data, we noticed that women kept mentioning the same tips over and over again when talking about what they look for in a guy’s Bumble profile.

From what our study’s findings revealed, here are the top 8 tips for writing the best Bumble bio as a guy:

Bumble Bio Tip #1: Be Unique, Original, and Specific

A good Bumble bio shows what makes you unique. The women we surveyed emphasized that they’re tired of reading generic, cliché bios that don’t say anything about who the guy is. Women want to know what makes you different from the rest of the guys out there.

When you describe your lifestyle, hobbies, and interests, try to highlight more of your quirky and eccentric qualities. Or tell a personal story from your life that is highly unique to you. You want something in your profile that catches a woman’s eye takes her off of the autopilot mode that many people get into when swiping on Bumble. The more original and specific you can make your Bumble bio, the better it will likely be.

One way to share what makes you unique is to write about a goal you have in life. By sharing a goal you’re working toward, you can show women that you’re driven and can think long-term. Depending on your goal, you can also show your ambition, athleticism, or creativity, or just your openness to new experiences in life.

Bumble Bio Tip #2: Write About Your Lifestyle

Guys, this point couldn’t have been clearer from our study’s results: Women on Bumble are really interested in learning what a guy’s lifestyle is like from his bio and prompts.

Your bio should provide a glimpse into what hobbies you have, what your passions are, and what kinds of things you like to do for fun when you’re not on Bumble. If you have any pets, it can be a good conversation starter to mention them in your bio with a fun fact about them.

If you have some unique habits that shape your lifestyle (for example, being a night owl, early bird, marathon runner, workaholic, etc.), then mention that in your bio. Sharing this information will help you attract the type of women who will be compatible with your lifestyle.

The more specific and detailed you get, the more that your profile will stand out and catch women’s attention as they swipe on Bumble. And when you talk about your hobbies, interests, and lifestyle quirks, you increase the chance of women noticing things they have in common with you. Like attracts like. Give women the chance to connect with you by showing who you really are and how you live your life.

Bumble Bio Tip #3: Be Playful and Have a Sense of Humor

Funny Bumble bios make for great Bumble bios. Research shows that women love guys who have a sense of humor. Indeed, the women we surveyed said they’re often drawn to guys whose bios are goofy, lighthearted, and playful.

Now, it can be tough to write a funny Bumble bio. Here are some tips:

First, be unique. Don’t copy and paste some generic joke you got off the internet. Second, keep it appropriate. The women we surveyed in our study said they generally don’t want to read anything sexual in a guy’s bio. Third, make it about yourself. Self-deprecating humor in particular shows confidence and humility, which can make you seem more attractive. It also gives women a great way to start a conversation with you on Bumble.

Bumble Bio Tip #4: Be Authentic and Genuine

This was the most important tip women gave us from our study. Women want a guy who seems authentic and genuine in his Bumble bio.

Your Bumble bio is not the time to brag. If you try to be somebody you’re not, women will likely see right through that. And if they don’t see through it immediately, they’ll detect your inauthenticity eventually.

Being authentic is refreshing in the world of dating apps. Too many people curate images of themselves to seem a certain way or to appease a certain audience. When you’re authentic with who you are, it encourages women to be authentic back at you. And that’s the best way to create an instant connection on Bumble.

Most women want a guy who isn’t afraid to express who he is. A good Bumble bio doesn’t play it safe. Go ahead and be unapologetically yourself. Women will appreciate it.

Bumble Bio Tip #5: Say What You’re Looking For

Many of the women we surveyed said they like it when guys are clear about their intentions and what they’re looking on Bumble. It can be helpful to write about what kind of relationship you’re hoping to find on Bumble and what type of person you’re looking to meet.

When you write about what you’re looking for within your bio, it can help make your experience with Bumble more efficient. Women will know whether or not they’re compatible with you just from reading your bio. Women who aren’t compatible with you will screen themselves out and swipe left. Women who are compatible with you will be more likely to swipe right and send you a like. It can be good to share any dealbreakers you might have.

Our research has found that women on Bumble end up going on a date with around 20% of the guys they match with. By clarifying what type of partner and relationship you’re looking for in your Bumble bio, you can boost that statistic and turn a higher percentage of your matches into first dates.

One idea that can help you get conversations started with new matches is to share your ideal date in your bio. It could be your ideal first date or a later date. This could give matches a sense of what dating you would be like and how you enjoy spending your time. It also helps women craft an opener to start a conversation with you.

The best Bumble bios aren’t always just to tell other people about who you are; they often tell other people about what you want and who you want it with.

Bumble Bio Tip #6: Be Respectful and Keep It Appropriate

The women we surveyed complained that too many guys write misogynistic, insensitive, overly sexual, and otherwise offensive or inappropriate things in their Bumble bios. Women said they wish more guys would avoid cursing and would generally write their bio with a more positive tone.

Bumble Bio Tip #7: Include a Question for a Match to Answer

Want a good way to have more women message you on Bumble? Include a question in your bio. This will give your matches an easy way to start a conversation with you with a more creative opener than the generic “hey.”

Bumble Bio Tip #8: Don’t Write Too Much—The Ideal Bumble Bio Length is 1-3 Sentences

Bumble bios can run on the shorter side because your Bumble profile has prompts in addition to your bio. You can use up to three prompts, and we encourage you to use all three of them. Bumble’s profile prompts can complement your bio and help your profile stand out.

Some of the best Bumble bios for guys are just one sentence long. Other bios can be a few sentences. There’s no need to overdo it. Keep it short and sweet. As a rule of thumb, the ideal Bumble bio length is 1-3 sentences.

Want Help Writing Your Bumble Bio? Hire Our Professional Bumble Profile Writer:

These tips should provide some Bumble bio help for guys looking to get more likes, better matches, and more dates.

But the reality is that writing a good Bumble bio is hard.

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