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24 Best 2 Person Drinking Games

Looking for a fun drinking game for two?


From card games, to physically active games, to themed games, there are a lot to choose from.

Here are 24 of the best 2 person drinking games.

Classic Card Drinking Games for Two

1. Higher or Lower

Higher or Lower is a fantastic card game for two players.

You’ll need a deck of playing cards to get started.

One player draws a card and the other player guesses whether the next card drawn will be higher or lower than the current card.

If the guessing player is correct, they can tell the other player to drink.

If they’re wrong, they take a sip themselves.

Make sure to shuffle the deck after each round to keep things unpredictable and random.

Aces are considered low, while kings, queens, and jacks are considered high cards.

2. Kings Cup

Kings Cup, also known as Ring of Fire, is a popular drinking game that can be easily adapted for two people.

You’ll need a deck of playing cards and plenty of beverages to play.

Spread the cards face-down in a circle around a central cup.

Each card has a function:

  • Ace: Everyone drinks
  • Two: The player who draws the card drinks
  • Three: The other player drinks
  • Four: Reach for the sky! The last player to do so drinks
  • Five: The player who draws the card picks someone to dance; if they refuse, they drink
  • Six: The player who draws the card can create a new rule
  • Seven: The player who draws the card starts a waterfall
  • Eight: Pick a mate; both players drink
  • Nine: Bust a rhyme; the first player to fail drinks
  • Ten: The player who draws the card takes a shot
  • Jack: Thumb master
  • Queen: Question master
  • King: Pour a shot in the central cup; the player who draws the fourth king drinks the cup

Be sure to review the rules before starting the game to ensure everyone understands them.

3. Drunk Bullshit

Drunk Bullshit is variation of the classic card game Bullshit.

You’ll need a deck of playing cards for this game as well.

Each player takes turns placing a card face down and announcing the rank of the card (e.g., two, jack, queen).

You can bluff by announcing a different rank than your actual card.

The goal is to place down all your cards before your opponent does.

If your opponent thinks you’re lying, they can call out “Bullshit!”

If they’re correct, you have to pick up the entire pile of cards in the center and take a drink.

If they’re wrong, they take a drink and pick up the pile.

They key to this 2-person game is to be strategic when bluffing and to pay attention to your opponent’s reactions.

Interactive 2-Person Drinking Games

4. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a classic drinking game for two that allows you both to share secrets and learn more about each other.

To play, take turns making “Never Have I Ever” statements and if your partner has done the action, they take a drink.

The game continues with each player making statements and drinking until one person cannot go on.

5. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare offers a more challenging experience, with both players taking turns choosing between answering a question truthfully or performing a dare.

Create a list of questions and dares beforehand or come up with them on the spot.

Drink when choosing or completing a difficult dare or when refusing to answer a question.

6. Most Likely To

In Most Likely To, you both take turns asking “Who is most likely to…” questions, with each deciding who fits the description best.

If you both agree on the same person, that person takes a drink.

If your answers differ, both players drink.

This game allows you to reveal opinions about each other and indulge in a bit of friendly competition.

7. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is one of the best 2 person drinking games for getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Each player takes turns sharing two truthful statements about themselves and one lie, with the goal being to trick your partner.

If your partner correctly calls you out on which statement is the lie, you drink; but if they’re wrong, they drink.

8. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is great 2 person drinking game where you present your partner with two scenarios and ask which one they would prefer.

Both players discuss their choices and their line of reasoning while enjoying a drink.

This game can open up lively conversations and provide insight into each other’s personalities and preferences in an easygoing way.

9. Speed Facts

Speed Facts is a fast-paced game that tests your knowledge about your partner.

Share a quick fact about yourself or ask your partner a question, with the other person having only a few seconds to respond.

If they hesitate, give an incorrect answer, or fail to answer before the timer runs out, they drink.

This game keeps things exciting and rewards quick wit and good memory.

Physical Drinking Games for Two

10. Two-Player Beer Pong

In this classic drinking game, you and your partner can enjoy a competitive and entertaining match.

Set up a small table and place six cups on each side, forming a triangle.

Fill each cup with a reasonable amount of beer or your preferred beverage.

Take turns throwing ping pong balls into the cups of your opponent.

When a ball lands in a cup, the other player must drink its contents and remove the cup from the table.

Whoever eliminates all of the cups from the other side of the table first wins.

11. Flip Cup

Flip Cup is another fun drinking game that requires swift hand movements and is perfect for two people to play.

Place two cups with a small amount of alcohol on opposite sides of the table.

Both players stand on opposite ends and simultaneously drink the contents of their respective cups.

After finishing your drink, place the cup on the table edge, and use your fingers to flip it upside down.

The first player to successfully flip their cup wins.

12. Caps

Caps is a simple yet challenging game that requires precision.

Each player takes turns flicking bottle caps towards a cup filled with alcohol, placed in the middle of the table.

If the cap lands in the cup, the other player must drink from it.

13. Battle Shots

In Battle Shots, you recreate the classic game of Battleship with a twist: shots instead of ships.

Draw a 6×6 grid on a piece of paper or cardboard and label the rows and columns with letters and numbers, respectively.

Place shot cups (filled with your preferred alcohol) on the grid as your “ships.”

Take turns calling out coordinates, and if your opponent’s shot is at that coordinate, they drink it.

14. Drunk Jenga

Give the traditional Jenga game an exciting touch by adding a drinking element.

Write drinking commands on the Jenga blocks, such as “take a shot” or “swap seats with your opponent.”

As you carefully remove blocks from the tower, follow the command written on the block.

The pressure increases as the tower becomes more unstable and the game gets more intense.

We think drunk Jenga is one of the best 2 person drinking games because it’s bound to get you bonding, fighting, and bonding again.

Themed 2-Person Drinking Games

15. Movie Drinking Games

Movie drinking games are an excellent way for you and a friend or partner to relax and enjoy your favorite movies or TV shoes while indulging in a little tipsy fun.

To play, simply choose a movie or show, create a list of common events/actions in the film, and take a sip whenever they happen.

For example, you might decide to drink whenever a character says a catchphrase, a particular word, makes some facial expression, or when there’s a dramatic plot twist.

16. Harry Potter Drinking Games

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series, combine your love for the magical world with a set of Harry Potter-themed drinking games.

One popular option is to rewatch the movies, taking a sip each time a spell is cast, a new magical creature appears, or a specific character enters the scene.

These games allow you to immerse yourself in some fantasy while engaging in a lighthearted competition.

17. Circle of Death

The Circle of Death is a versatile card-based drinking game that can be easily tailored for just two players.

To begin, arrange a deck of cards in a circle, face down, around a central “king’s cup,” which will be filled with a beverage of choice.

Each card in the deck corresponds to a specific action, such as taking a sip, starting a waterfall, or assigning a drink to the other player.

Next, you and your partner will take turns drawing cards and performing the associated actions.

A variety of Circle of Death rules are available online, so you can customize the game to make it as simple or challenging as you’d like.

Getting to Know Each Other Games for Two

When it comes to having a fun evening with a friend or partner, engaging in 2 person drinking games can help break the ice and create some memorable moments.

Here are three popular games that encourage conversation and help two people get to know each other better:

18. Truth or Drink

Truth or Drink is a simple, yet effective game for sparking conversation between two people.

To play, one person asks the other a question, and the other person must either answer truthfully or take a drink.

This game allows you and your partner to ask potentially revealing questions, encouraging disclosures that might not occur in a typical conversation.

As more drinks are downed, both of you will likely become more comfortable sharing personal information.

19. Questions

Questions is another straightforward drinking game that helps spark conversation and understanding between two people.

The objective is to take turns asking each other questions, which can range from simple to complex and thought-provoking.

The person on the receiving end must answer the question and then ask a question in return.

If either party cannot come up with a question, hesitates, or refuses to answer, they take a sip of their drink.

As the game progresses, expect your questions to delve deeper into each other’s lives and personalities.

20. Categories

Categories is a versatile drinking game that can be tailored to the interests and knowledge of the two players involved.

To play, one person chooses a category (e.g., types of animals, movie titles, etc.), and both players take turns listing items that fit within that category.

The game continues until one person is unable to name an item, at which point they take a drink.

Categories is a great 2-person drinking game for learning about each other’s areas of expertise or interests while keeping the conversation light and enjoyable.

Modified 2-Person Drinking Games

21. Heaven

Heaven is a simple drinking game requiring only a deck of cards and your drinks.

Each player takes turns drawing a card and must take a shot if they draw a king, which represents ascending to “heaven.”

The game continues until all four kings have been drawn, making it a perfect choice for casual drinkers who don’t want to take too many shots in a short span of time.

22. Floor

In Floor, players must take a shot every time they draw a card with a face value of three or four.

The aim of the game is to keep track of the total amount of shots taken by each player.

The player with the lowest number of shots at the end of the game is declared the winner.

This is one of the best 2 person drinking games for those who just want to embrace the randomness of who’ll win.

23. Joker

Joker is a wild card drinking game where each player takes turns drawing cards.

If you draw a joker, you get to create a new rule for the game like:

  • Swap drinks with your partner.
  • Take a shot every time your partner laughs.
  • Hold your breath while drinking.

The game continues until both jokers have been drawn, and the player who drew the joker last is the winner.

24. Match

Match is a simple memory-based game that can also incorporate drinking.

Lay out a set of cards face down, and take turns flipping over two cards at a time. If you find a match, your partner takes a shot.

If not, it’s their turn to try and find a match.

The player with the most matches by the time all pairs have been found wins.

Frequently Asked Questions About 2 Person Drinking Games

What are some quick card games for two players?

Here are some card games that can be played easily between two players and can easily be turned into drinking games:

  1. War
  2. Gin Rummy
  3. Crazy Eights

Remember to set your own drinking rules for each game, like taking a sip every time you lose a round or when performing a specific action.

Which online platforms offer drinking games for pairs?

There are several websites and platforms that provide drinks and party games suitable for two players.

Browse the lists, choose a game that interests you, and enjoy a fun night with your partner or friend.

What are the best iPhone apps for 2 player drinking games?

Several iPhone apps offer drinking games for two players, such as Drink and Tell and 7 Drinking Game.

Browse through the App Store and search for “drinking games for two” to find more options.

Which movie drinking games are best for two people?

Almost any movie can be made into a drinking game for two.

Pick a movie you both enjoy, create a list of common elements or themes in the film (e.g., someone says a catchphrase, a character appears on screen), and take a sip every time one of those elements occurs.

You can also find pre-made movie drinking games online.

Can you recommend a 2-3 player drinking game?

A popular drinking game for 2-3 players is Beer Pong.

Adjust the rules to accommodate fewer players, such as reducing the number of cups on each side or engaging in a round-robin format.

Another option is Quarters, which involves bouncing a coin into a cup.

Both games are fairly simple and can be adjusted to work well for small groups.

What are some engaging questions for a best friend drinking game?

Create a customized drinking game with questions tailored to your friendship.

Ideas for questions to ask could include:

  • What is your favorite memory involving both of you?
  • Who was your first celebrity crush?
  • What is one private thing you’ve never told each other?

The game Never Have I Ever also works well for best friends, as you can discover new things about each other while having fun. If one of you has done the action mentioned, you take a sip.

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