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17 Best Drinking Games Without Cards

Looking for a fun drinking game that doesn’t use any cards?


Well, there are a lot to choose from.

Here are 17 of the best drinking games you can play without cards.

Go-To Drinking Games Without Cards

1. Beer Pong

One of the most popular drinking games without cards is Beer Pong.

It’s a classic party game that’s easy to set up and great for small groups, whether two, three, or four people.

All you need are some cups, ping pong balls, and of course, beer (or any drink, really).

Set up the cups in a triangle formation on two opposite sides of a table.

Each team takes turns trying to throw ping pong balls into the opponent’s cups.

When a ball lands in a cup, the opposing team member takes a drink.

2. Flip Cup

Another fun drinking game without cards is Flip Cup, which is perfect for larger parties.

In this game, two teams line up beside a table.

Each participant fills their cup with a small amount of alcohol.

When the game starts, the first person on each side chugs their drink and places the cup on the edge of the table.

They must then use their fingers to flip the cup, attempting to land it upside down

 Once successful, the next player on the team takes their turn.

The first team to flip all their cups wins.

3. Quarters

If you’re looking for a simple card-free drinking game suitable for smaller groups, Quarters is your answer.

All you need are some coins, cups, and alcohol.

Each player around the table takes turns to attempt bouncing a quarter off the table and into a cup filled with beer or any other beverage.

If they’re successful, they pick another player to drink; if not, the turn passes to the next player.

Quarters is fast-paced and exciting, which is why we consider it one of the best drinking games without cards.

4. Thumper

Lastly, Thumper is a unique drinking game that doesn’t require cards or additional tools.

Each player creates a unique hand gesture, which represents them during the game.

Players sit around the table, and someone starts by performing their own gesture followed by another player’s.

That player then repeats their gesture and performs the gesture of another player.

The game continues in this manner, with the pace increasing over time.

If a player makes a mistake or takes too long, they have to drink.

Thumper can be a high-energy funny game that keeps everyone engaged.

Creative Drinking Games That Don’t Use Cards

These innovative drinking games don’t require cards and add a unique twist to your game night.

5. Drunk Jenga

Transform your regular Jenga game into a lively drinking challenge.

To start, write a drinking instruction (such as “take a shot” or “swap seats”) on each block.

During gameplay, whenever a player removes a block, they must follow the instruction written on it.

You’ll need a Jenga set and a marker to get started.

6. Fingers

For this game, all you need is a large cup and your fingers.

Participants gather around the cup, each placing one finger on the rim.

A player starts the round by picking a number and counting down from three.

At the end of the countdown, players decide whether to keep their finger on the rim or remove it.

If the player guessed the correct number of fingers left on the rim, they’re out, and the game continues with the remaining participants.

Fingers is an engaging game that tests your intuition and keeps you on edge.

7. Baseball

Transform beer pong into baseball for your next party.

Arrange ten cups in a triangular formation like a baseball diamond on each side of a long table.

Divide players into two teams and fill the cups with your preferred drink.

Taking turns, each team throws a ping pong ball into the cups, trying to land it in a “base.”

Each hit requires the defending team to drink the contents of the cup.

Teams can “score” by tossing the ball into all three bases and the “home” cup.

Baseball is one of the best card-free drinking games because it blends skill, teamwork, and strategy.

8. Cheers to the Governor

Cheers to the Governor is a perfect card-free drinking game for those who enjoy a little creativity and humor.

The game begins with players counting from 1 to 21 in a clockwise direction.

However, there’s a twist:

When you reach the number 7, you say 14, and when you reach 14, you say 7.

If anyone messes up, they take a drink and the group must start over.

The player who successfully completes the counting after 21 gets to create a new rule for any number, adding more fun and challenges to the game.

Social Games That Skip on the Cards

9. Most Likely

“Most Likely” is a simple but fun drinking game to play with your friends at a bar, at home, or even at a beach party.

To start, gather around in a circle and take turns asking “most likely to…” questions.

For each question, everyone points at the person they believe would be most likely to do that particular act.

The person with the most fingers pointing at them must take a sip of their drink.

This game helps you learn more about each other while having fun.

10. Never Have I Ever

“Never Have I Ever” is a classic game for getting to know your friends or special someone on a deeper level.

Each person takes turns sharing something they’ve never done, beginning with the phrase “Never have I ever…”

If someone in the group has done it, they must take a drink.

This is a great drinking game because it brings out fun stories and encourages unique conversation.

11. Medusa

“Medusa” is a thrilling and suspenseful card-free drinking game for groups.

Everyone sits in a circle with their heads down and, on the count of three, looks up at another player.

If you lock eyes with someone, you both drink.

If you don’t lock eyes with anyone, you’re safe.

The game continues until all players have eliminated each other.

12. Paranoia

“Paranoia” adds an element of mystery to your gathering.

In this game, one player quietly asks the person beside them a question that can be answered with another player’s name.

The answerer says the name out loud.

The next person in the circle must decide whether or not to reveal the question asked by flipping a coin.

Heads means the question is revealed, while tails means it stays a secret.

If your group thrives on gossip, then this is the drinking game for you.

13. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is an engaging game where you challenge your friends’ sense for how well they really know you.

Each player shares two truthful statements and one lie about themselves.

The other players must guess which statement is false.

This game encourages creative personal storytelling and tests your knowledge about your friends, all while providing a lighthearted atmosphere.

Unique Word and Memory Games Without Cards

14. I’m Going to the Bar

I’m Going to the Bar is a fun memory-based drinking game that doesn’t require cards.

In this game, you and your friends take turns saying, “I’m going to the bar, and I’m ordering (item).”

For example, you can order a beer, cocktail, or even a snack.

Each person must remember the items ordered by everyone before them and add their own to the list.

If someone forgets an item or gets the order wrong, they take a drink.

15. The Name Game

The Name Game is a fun word association game perfect for those who enjoy a challenge without cards.

To play, you first choose the name of a famous person (e.g., Tom Cruise).

The next person must then think of a celebrity whose first name starts with the last letter of the previous name (e.g., Emma Watson).

If a player can’t come up with a name within the given time frame, they take a drink.

You can also incorporate other word association games, such as Taboo and Straight Face, to keep the fun going.

16. Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck is a simple word-based drinking game for those looking to avoid card games.

Players sit in a circle, and one person starts by saying “Fuzzy Duck.”

The next person must say “Ducky Fuzz,” and the pattern continues until someone decides to switch the direction by saying “Does He?”

The game gets trickier as players begin to mix up the phrases or hesitate, leading to funny mistakes and sips for those who slip up.

Let the word vomit begin.

17. The Alphabet Game

In the Alphabet Game, you and your friends take turns saying words that begin with the next letter of the alphabet, starting with “A” and continuing all the way to “Z.”

For an added challenge, you can specify a category, like movies or animals.

If a player can’t think of a word or repeats a previously used word, they take a drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some easy drinking games without cards?

One easy drinking game without cards is Stump.

You’ll need a hammer, nails, and a stump.

Players tap their nails slightly into the stump and take turns flipping the hammer, catching it, and trying to hit their opponent’s nail into the stump in one swift motion.

What are fun drinking games for small groups?

A fun drinking game for small groups is Giant Beer Pong.

You’ll need cups and a beer pong table.

The game is played similarly to traditional beer pong but with larger cups, making it easier, faster, and more exciting.

What are some popular online drinking games?

You can find various online drinking games that don’t require physical cards, such as virtual versions of Kings Cup or Never Have I Ever.

Which adult drinking games do not require cards?

Double or Nothing is an adult drinking game that doesn’t require cards.

Players roll two dice and perform actions based on the outcome, such as taking a shot, skipping a turn, or asking a truth or dare question to any other player.

What are some drinking games that involve taking shots?

Danish Beer Relay Race is a drinking game that involves taking shots.

In this game, players race against each other to see who can finish their designated shot or bottle of beer the fastest.

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