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Bumble Profile Tips: 5 Ways to Stand Out & Get More Matches

Feeling lost in the crowd on Bumble?


Getting more likes and better matches on Bumble all starts with improving your profile.

So, here are our best Bumble profile tips.

How to Create Standout Bumble Profile

Creating a standout Bumble profile is the key to getting more matches and achieving better connections on the app.

Tip #1: Choosing the Right Photos

To make a great first impression on Bumble, choose 4-6 photos that showcase your best features and convey your personality.

Your face should be clearly visible in most or all of your photos, so it’s a good idea to include a mix of close-ups and full-body shots.

Avoid using more than one or two group photos, as potential matches may have difficulty identifying you.

When possible, include photos with a genuine smile and a relaxed facial expression. Use a mix of indoor and outdoor settings to add variety to your profile, and avoid using selfies or photos with filters.

Including a photo with your pet, especially a dog, can also be a conversation starter and show your compassionate side.

Choosing the right photos for your profile can be tough, even with these tips.

To have a professional Bumble expert select your best photos for you, upload your photos to our dating photo analyzer and we’ll do the work for you.

Tip #2: Crafting a Compelling Bio and Engaging Profile Prompts

Writing a Bumble Bio

A well-crafted Bumble bio will make you stand out and showcase your unique flair to potential matches.

In your bio, keep it short and sweet.

Remember that you’ll have a few profile prompts too, so your bio doesn’t need to say it all.

In fact, the ideal Bumble bio is just 1-2 sentences.

Be honest and positive, and try injecting some humor or wit into your bio to make it more interesting.

Consider sharing an engaging question or fun fact about yourself.

This can serve as a conversation starter and encourage others to start a chat with you.

Writing Bumble Profile Prompts

Bumble profile prompts are a great way to share more about yourself in an engaging, digestible format.

Choose 2-3 prompts that relate to your interests, personality, or relationship goals.

For example, two truths and a lie can be a fun and engaging way to share unique aspects of your life. Other popular prompts include favorite travel destinations or hobbies.

When answering prompts, be original, honest, and vivid.

Include a variety of prompts that showcase different sides of yourself and avoid clichés answers.

To have a professional Bumble profile writer write your bio and prompts for you, check out our dating profile writing service and select the Bumble app icon to get started.

Tip #3: Showcasing Your Personality

Your Bumble profile is an opportunity to express your true self and make a genuine connection with others.

In addition to your bio and prompt answers, let your photos and other profile info reflect your lifestyle, interests, and the things you value most.

Show your quirky side or your passion for a unique hobby.

The more authentic your profile, the more likely you are to attract like-minded individuals and stand out from the masses of other profiles on the app.

Tip #4: Instagram and Spotify Integration

Integrating your Instagram and Spotify accounts with your Bumble profile can add a personal touch and show your potential matches more about your personality and lifestyle.

By connecting your Instagram account, you allow potential matches to see your recent posts and get a feel for how you like to spend your time.

Linking your Spotify account lets others know your music taste and can spark conversation-starters based on shared interests in music.

Tip #5: Leveraging Bumble Badges

Bumble offers various badges that represent aspects of your life, such as your height, star sign, religious beliefs, and whether you have kids.

These badges can be added to your profile to give potential matches a quick glance of what you consider important in life.

Using these badges effectively can result in more right swipes and better match rates.

Avoiding These Common Bumble Profile Mistakes

One common mistake people make on Bumble is overloading their profile with emojis.

A few emojis can add personality, but too many can make your bio hard to read.

Instead of overusing emojis, just focus on creating a clear and concise bio.

When describing yourself, be genuine, and skip cliché lines.

Show your sense of humor, but avoid overused jokes that people have heard a thousand times before.

Instead, share something unique about yourself, like a hobby or interest, to spark a conversation.

Lastly, don’t make your bio too long.

Keep it 1-2 sentences max.

Want to know more Bumble profile mistakes to avoid? See our full list here.

Bumble Photo Mistakes to Avoid

Choose your Bumble profile photos wisely.

Avoid including too many selfies or pictures with sunglasses, as they can obscure your face, block your eyes, and make it difficult to connect with you.

Also, steer clear of using filters, as these can often look artificial and not represent your natural appearance.

Try to select photos with good contrast to make your facial features stand out.

Group photos can be misleading, so if you’re including a picture with friends, family, or pets, make sure you’re easily identifiable.

And don’t use more than one or two group photos in your profile.

When it comes to travel photos, choose a clear and memorable image that tells a story and show a scenic or recognizable background sight behind you.

Choosing the Right Tone and Approach for a Bumble Profile

Be Confident, But Don’t Be Arrogant

Confidence is key when it comes to creating your Bumble profile.

Showcase your genuine self and allow your personality to shine through.

However, be cautious not to come across as overly confident or arrogant.

Within dating apps, striking the right balance between confidence and humility is essential.

Be Clever and Witty, But Don’t Be Cliché

When crafting your first message on Bumble, be clever and engaging, but avoid using pick-up lines or impersonal messages.

Personalize your openers and messages by referencing something in your match’s profile, like their passion for cooking or a travel experience they’ve shared.

This demonstrates that you’ve taken the time to learn about them and increases your chances of a getting replies and sparking chemistry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bumble Profile Tips

How can I improve my Bumble bio?

A great Bumble bio is short, snappy, and upbeat.

Show off your personality and what makes you tick.

Use a mix of humor and sincerity to make an impression.

Avoid clichés and try to be specific about your interests and hobbies.

Say what you’re looking for in a partner or just share a fun fact about yourself.

What are the best prompts for a Bumble profile?

Choose prompts that showcase your personality, interests, and values.

Try to be specific and creative in your answers.

Some of the best Bumble prompts are “A pro and con of dating me,” “I’m a real nerd about,” “My most useless skill is,” “What makes a relationship great is,” and “Two truths and a lie.”

What do women find attractive in a Bumble profile?

An attractive Bumble profile starts with a good first photo that shows off your smile, eyes (no sunglasses), and unfiltered face.

Authentically present your interests and values in a way that makes you seem unique, confident, and intriguing, and express a sense of humor or wit.

Verified profiles also make you appear safer and more trustworthy.

How can I boost my profile’s visibility on Bumble?

To boost your profile’s visibility, make sure to have a compelling profile with eye-catching photos, an engaging bio, and thoughtful answers to prompts.

Keep your profile updated with new information and photos.

Stay active on the app and swipe selectively.

Try using Bumble’s Spotlight feature, a premium option that pushes your profile to the top of potential matches’ swiping queues for 30 minutes, increasing your chances of being seen and matched.

What are some common Bumble profile mistakes?

Common Bumble profile mistakes include using low-quality or unclear photos, having a boring or generic bio, using clichés in your prompt answers, and not filling out all the relevant sections in your profile.

Never use a group photo as your main picture, and always show your face without sunglasses or filters in that first pic.

Want Help Creating a Great Bumble Profile?

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