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How to Answer the ‘Don’t Hate Me If I’ Hinge Prompt


Hinge is all about creating meaningful relationships between users, focusing on filtering out potential dealbreakers and filtering in a good sense of humor.

That’s why “Don’t hate me if I” is one of the best Hinge prompts.

Understanding the ‘Don’t Hate Me If I’ Hinge Prompt

This prompt is part serious, part playful.

It focuses on interests, quirks, or habits of yours that might be more eccentric or questionable.

The allure of this prompt lies in its tease.

Suggesting someone might hate you off the bat is a playful and flirty way to share something provocative about yourself.

A good answer to this prompt helps your potential matches get a sense of what you’re excited about and what makes you unique.

6 Best Ways to Answer the ‘Don’t Hate Me If I’ Prompt on Hinge

1. Craft a Witty and Honest Answer

When answering this prompt, your goal is to strike a balance between humor and sincerity. 

First, embrace your quirks: Identify a quirky trait or habit that’s uniquely yours. Think about why this quirk is a genuine part of who you are.

Then, add self-deprecating humor: A dash of self-deprecation can be endearing. Put a clever, amusing spin on your quirk.

It’s this blend of truth and playfulness that will make your answer stand out.

Here are some example prompt answers that achieve this balance:

Don’t hate me if I … bring my own hot sauce to a fancy restaurant. Spice is the variety of life.

Don’t hate me if I … accidentally get more excited about dog sightings than our date.

Don’t hate me if I … name my plants and talk to them like they’re my roommates.

Don’t hate me if I … use rock-paper-scissors to make all major life decisions.

Don’t hate me if I … have a designated spot on the couch that’s mine and only mine.

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2. Highlight Your Interests

List down what captivates you—be it art, astronomy, or cooking up a new recipe at home. 

The more specific you can be about your interest, the better. The small details can make you more relatable and intriguing. 

For instance, instead of saying “I like music,” you could specify “My vinyl collection has every classic rock album from the 70s.” 

These details invite conversation and show depth in your personality.

Some examples:

Don’t hate me if I … turn every conversation into a discussion about the latest book I’m reading.

Don’t hate me if I … invite you to a pottery class for our first date.

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3. Express Your Life Goals

Your life goals often reflect your values and ambition. 

An effective way to respond to this prompt is share a goal of yours, especially if it’s one that a partner can join you in pursuing.

This be something like:

Don’t hate me if I … insist we visit every national park.

Don’t hate me if I … drag you on my cross-country road trip – it’s happening one of these days.

4. Mention Your Favorite Hobbies

Your hobbies are a window into your lifestyle.

By sharing your hobbies in your prompt answer, you can attract matches who share these hobbies or are just intrigued by them.

Either way, they’re great conversation starters.

Here are some example prompt answers:

Don’t hate me if I … plan our dates around the schedule of my improv comedy group.

Don’t hate me if I … drag you to early morning yoga classes.

Don’t hate me if I … have a mini library of fantasy novels at home that grows out of control.

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5. Describe Your Perfect Date

Hinge is a dating app after all.

So, why not write about a fun date in your prompt answer?

A detailed description of your perfect date can resonate with someone who shares similar interests, leading to a real connection on the app.

Examples of this:

Don’t hate me if I … think that mini golf and ice cream is a perfect date night.

Don’t hate me if I … would rather go hiking up the mountains than sit in a noisy bar. Fresh air beats cocktails for me.

Don’t hate me if I … prefer a cozy night in with homemade pasta and a classic movie over a wild night out.

Don’t hate me if I … plan a picnic in the park with homemade sandwiches and a frisbee for our first date.

6. Pose a Challenge

One goal of this prompt is to compel a potential match to message you.

That’s why incorporating a playful or controversial prompt response into your profile can be a good way to go here. 

For example:

Don’t hate me if I … can out-binge-watch you on any Netflix series.

Don’t hate me if I … never lose to you at trivia nights.

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More Example Answers to the ‘Don’t Hate Me If I’ Hinge Prompt

When answering this prompt, you want to mention any interests, hobbies, lifestyle oddities, habits, or controversial opinions of yours that someone else might find intriguing.

Your answers should give a potential match something punchy and thought-provoking that’s easy to start up a conversation about.

Here are some example prompt answers:

Don’t hate me if I…

Have a slight obsession with collecting cute mugs.

Talk endlessly about my nieces and nephews—they’re a big part of my life.

Narrate my cooking like I’m on a cooking show.

Make up absurd conspiracy theories for fun. Did you know that squirrels are actually secret agents?

Get lost even with Google Maps. My sense of direction is a work in progress…

Plan every trip around the best street food spots.

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Cross the street when I see a black cat, just in case.

Get overly competitive during board games.

Take too many photos of my food before eating.

Have a habit of quoting The Office in everyday conversation.

Insist on petting every dog I see.

Stop and take a picture of every sunset.

Have a playlist for every mood and occasion. Music is life.

Prefer fictional characters to real people sometimes.

Treat my dog like royalty. In this house, Fluffy is king.

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