The Match Lab Review: Is Flirt Worth Signing Up For?


Our Verdict is a legit dating site for singles to flirt and have fun. If you are interested in engaging in some flirty chatting with the possibility of taking things into the real world, you may find this site useful. Although Flirt is not a matchmaking site, it connects you to other singles nearby and globally with similar interests by allowing you to search and filter the kind of people you are interested in. The sign-up process is quick, with the paid membership plan having advanced features to flirt with ease.

Is Flirt Worth Signing Up For?

One of the widely asked questions is whether it is worth signing up for a account. Based on our review, the dating site is a great choice for people looking to flirt and not have serious relationships.

Unlike other dating websites that use a match matching algorithm to connect you with a potential love partner, provides you with unique features to filter the kind of person you would like to flirt with. Therefore, Flirt is worth signing up for if you are only interested in flirting and casual connection. Although you may still find someone interested in a relationship on the platform, most people often engage in flirty ways and are interested in the possibility of hooking up.


Flirt at a Glance

Here are a few key facts about the site:

  • User base size: Over 1 million users in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and other countries globally
  • Main features: Flirtcast, promote an account, looking for information, profile videos
  • Target demographic: Singles, both female and male users looking for casual interactions

Top Flirt Reviews

When choosing a dating site, most people are usually concerned about the possibility of fake profiles, challenges with customer service, and engagement drops after subscription upgrades. However, our review of Flirt has indicated that the site has taken adequate measures to ensure the safety of every member. The top reviews and testimonials talk about the site’s ease of use and ability to meet people with the same interests. We sampled a few reviews, and highlighted the experiences of users:

“I had a problem with my profile. I could not reply to messages as I wanted and suspected that I was chatting with a bot. Eventually, it turned out that the person was just boring. As I interacted with other members, my online dating experience became better, and I am now enjoying my premium membership on Flirt.” – Jayden

“I really love the value that Flirt offers. I use the site for casual dating, and I get to decide the kind of people I can chat with. The naughty mode is particularly useful in switching off weird people coming to my profile.” – Macey

“Although I was skeptical at first and thought Flirt is a scammer dating site that uses overly attractive profile pictures to incite new members, my experience so far has been amazing. I love flirting and getting a bit naughty with words, and this is exactly what I have been getting. After meeting someone I liked over the weekend, I can confidently say that is a legit dating platform” – Zoey

“Flirt is unique and not like Tinder or other popular dating apps. They offer such cool service and search filters that help you find nearby guys and arrange quick dates with. I really love their great features, which makes it simple and effective in finding what you want.” – Trevor


How do I know I can trust this Flirt review?

This Flirt review is based on an extensive review and first experience with Instead of just relying on what others say about the site, we have explored every feature and test run the site before writing this review. We have also spent time engaging with verified users on dating to understand their experience and whether they would recommend the site to others. Together with industry experts, we prepared this review with no bias ensuring you as a reader get value from it.

Overview of Flirt Vs. Alternatives

Flirt is a fun a popular site for singles looking for casual partners. Although you may find men and women interested in short or long-term relationships, the site is primarily designed for flirting. Once you create an account on this dating site, you can engage with other users in several ways and start building connections. With a large user base in multiple countries, Flirt gives you the opportunity to flirt with both local and international members.

Flirt is a great dating site for anyone who enjoys taking control and browsing through options. The website has a simple and fast signup process, giving you access to a large number of singles in your area and beyond. With chat tools ready for use, the dating platform allows you to start flirting immediately, and make connections from those conversations. Once chemistry has been established, you take things offline to flirt with your connection in person.

To get started with Flirt, you need to create a profile, add a profile photo, and confirm your email. This gives you an immediate subscription to the free membership, which allows you to view cropped images and some of the information about other members. To access more features such as the ability to send messages and view full personal information of other members, you must upgrade to a premium membership plan. As a paid member, you have full control of your account and inbox messages, including deciding the kind of people who can message you. You can further enhance your flirting experience with features like gallery view, chat rooms participation, heart buttons, timely notifications, and winks.

Flirt is different from other popular dating sites like Tinder, Zoosk, or BeNaughty which rely on roulette-type matching activity to create connections. On, you only need to use the search functions and browse profiles based on factors like age and orientation to find someone to flirt with. Although the site does not offer a satisfaction guarantee program, what you see is what you get. With the paid account, you can check your chat icon to see who is online and any potential matches that you can start chatting with.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have provided a detailed 2024 review. the site is an excellent choice for people who love to flirt and browse primarily on their desktops. It allows you to filter search and narrow down the kind of people you want to chat with based on specific features. Getting started with Flirt is also quick and easy. You are only asked several simple questions, pay a flirt subscription, and enter into the world of safe dating. in 10 seconds is ideal for singles interested in casual relationships or hookups. The platform is easy to sign up and easy, but you cannot gain full access unless you pay for a subscription. It is a great place for sending flirty messages and having fun with other members. Pros & Cons comes with both positives and negatives, depending on what you look for in a dating site.


  • A clean and modern design that appeals to the eyes
  • Easy sign up process and plenty of chat options available
  • Preset ‘flirtcasts’ messages that allow you to start conversations easily
  • Naughty and safe mode that gives you control over adult content


  • You can’t send messages or reply until you purchase a premium plan
  • The lack of a flirt app limits phone users
  • Measure on observation for anti-scam activity not clearly highlighted

The Flirt pricing plans are friendly and offer both short-term and long-term options. From plans as low as US$ 0.99 a day, you can always find a plan that works best for you:

  • 1 Day Membership – USD 0.99 per day
  • 1 Week – USD 7.00 per wk.   
  • 1 Month – USD 28.80 per mo.
  • 3 Months – USD 16.20 per mo.

Who is signed up on Flirt?

Are you signed up on Flirt? Your opinion matters. We value the experience of all kinds of users in order to provide accurate dating site reviews. With Flirt currently having users from over 45 countries, we would love to hear about your experience and thoughts. You can contribute to this full review by sharing both your positive and negative experiences with the Flirt website features.

How can I delete my Flirt account and cancel my subscription?

Unlike other dating sites that make it difficult to halt members, it is quite easy to cancel your profile. The two options available include canceling your account on the website or sending a direct email to customer support. On the website, you can cancel your flirt using the “Remove Account” option in the dropdown menu on the profile picture. If this is not an option for you or you want to delete the account with certainty, then you can “request” the support team to remove it for you. The same way they sent an email with an activation link during signup, Flirt also sends a cancellation code for you to confirm the permanent deletion of your account.

Picture5 FAQ

Can free members access premium features on the platform?

    Yes, Flirt offers three-day trial that allows you to test-run the system before committing your funds to the site. With this plan, members have five messages and can respond to messages fully without limitations.

    What are flirtcasts and how do they work?

      A flirtcast is a preset that allows you to send the same message to multiple at once. When you send flirtcasts, you can spark an interest in other members and quickly start a conversation.

      How do I get verified on

        To get verified on Flirt, your email must be valid and demonstrate that you are a real person. This requires a phone call to customer support who will review your profile and establish whether you are real.

        Is legit?

          Yes, Flirt is a legitimate dating site that allows singles to flirt and have fun with other members on the platform.

          What makes Flirt unique from other dating sites?

            Unlike other dating sites, Flirt’s features are designed to make chatting and flirting fun. You can easily find someone to flirt with and meet in person within a relatively short period. 

            Why You Can Trust Us

            In our review, we look beyond the free features of a dating website. We examine its usability, key features, member experience, and cost. If you’re looking to get into something casual with no expectation of a romantic relationship, is a great choice. You can get more information about the website and its offerings by contacting customer support via email or phone call.

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