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How Does Bumble Work?

Bumble is one of the best dating apps out there.


But learning how Bumble works can be confusing.

From creating a profile, to swiping, to messaging a match, there’s a lot to figure out.

Figuring out how to use Bumble is worth it.

Bumble is great for anyone looking to date.

Bumble has it all, from casual flings, to long-term relationships, to life partnerships.

It also has a user-friendly interface that’s fun and straightforward.

And that all starts with Bumble’s swiping system.

How Bumble Works

Swiping on Bumble

On Bumble, you can sort through potential matches by swiping through other users’ profiles.

Swipe right if you’re interested in someone to send them a like, swipe left if you’re not.

This swipe mechanism is designed to create efficient and quick decision-making.

How Bumble Profiles Work

Your profile on Bumble plays a huge role when it comes to getting matches.

Your profile includes your name, age, location, a few photos, a short bio, and a few prompts, as well as some other optional information.

Create your profile thoughtfully to show off your personality and interests.

You can link your Spotify and Instagram accounts to your profile on Bumble to share more about your interests and lifestyle, which can help provide great conversation starters for when you chat with a new match.

How Matches Work on Bumble

Each new match on Bumble starts with two people “liking” one another.

That means they each swipe right on each other.

When swiping through your deck of potential matches on Bumble, you can either like or reject other users that appear in your feed.

When two users mutually swipe right on each other, a connection is made in the app, and it’s called a “match.”

For same-sex matches, either party can start the conversation.

How Messages Work on Bumble

Bumble is unique feature is that it only lets women send the first message to start the chat in a match between a man and a woman. The man can’t message first.

If you’re a woman matching with a man, you have 24 hours to start a conversation after matching. If you don’t send a message within this timeframe, the match expires.

Start your conversation with an engaging and thoughtful opening message, ideally asking your match an open-ended question.

Messaging a match on Bumble is the chance to get to know them, share information about yourself, and feel out compatibility to see if it’s worth meeting in person for a first date.

How Bumble’s Algorithm Works

Bumble’s algorithm works to show you potential matches based on a variety of factors.

Some key things the algorithm considers include your swiping habits, location, and the preferences you set.

Remember to be active on the platform, as your app engagement plays a significant role in the matches Bumble presents to you.

Main Features of Bumble

Bumble is a versatile app known most for its dating app side, which is called date mode.

But Bumble also has two other modes, one for making friends and one for professional networking.

Let’s dive into some key features and how they work.

Bumble Date

As a dating app, Bumble Date allows you to connect with other users by creating a dating profile and swiping through potential matches.

Bumble BFF

If you’re looking to expand your social circle, Bumble BFF mode is for you, as it’s designed for finding new friends.

Just like in Date mode, you’ll create a profile and swipe through users with similar interests with the goal of forming a new platonic friendship.

Bumble Bizz

Bumble Bizz focuses on professional networking, making it easy to connect with potential business partners, mentors, or job opportunities.

Swipe, match, and connect with others in your industry or field of interest.

Bumble Boost and Premium

Bumble offers paid subscription features.

One subscription plan is called Boost. With Bumble Boost, you’ll get access to features like backtracking (reversing a left swipe), extending time on matches for an additional 24 hours, receiving unlimited swipes, and one Spotlight per week (which puts your profile at the top of the stack for a limited time).

Another subscription is Premium. Bumble Premium offers even more perks, including access to the Beeline (seeing who’s liked you before swiping), advanced filters, and travel mode (changing your location to find matches in other areas).

Creating and Customizing Your Bumble Profile

Adding Photos

To create an attractive profile, you should upload high-quality and clear photos of yourself.

It’s important to use photos that best represent your personality and show yourself in a variety of situations and outfits.

Avoid group photos, selfies, and heavily filtered pictures.

Remember, your photos are the first and most important impression your potential matches get of you, so choose them wisely.

To have a professional Bumble expert select your best profile pictures for you, upload your photos to our dating photo analyzer and we’ll do the work for you.

Writing a Bio and Prompts

Writing a bio on Bumble is an opportunity to showcase your personality and share your interests with potential matches.

The same goes with writing your profile prompts.

Bumble’s profile prompts complement your bio by providing more insight into your personality, values, and hobbies.

Make your bio and prompt responses engaging, concise, and authentic.

Be honest about who you are, and include a bit of humor or a unique fact about yourself or say what you’re looking for on the app.

Avoid using clichés and typical phrases and focus on what sets you apart from others.

To have a professional Hinge profile writer write your bio and prompt responses in an engaging and authentic way, check out our dating profile writing service and select the Hinge app icon to get started.

Interests and Hobbies

Sharing your interests and hobbies can help you make genuine connections with people who share similar passions.

This can be achieved by adding Badges to your profile, such as your activity level, star sign, and whether you play a sport or enjoy a specific activity.

Including your interests helps portray a more complete picture of who you are and can be a great conversation starter.

Advanced Filters and Preferences

You can set your preferences and advanced filters on Bumble to find exactly what you’re looking for on the app.

You can adjust factors such as age, distance, and education level, which can help you find matches that align with your values and interests.

Be thoughtful about your choices and ensure they are truly reflective of what you’re seeking in a potential match.

Special Features and Paid Options on Bumble


Sometimes, you might accidentally swipe left on a potential match.

With the Backtrack feature, you can reverse your last left swipe, giving you a second chance.

When you subscribe to Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium, you receive this feature, allowing you to correct your swiping mistakes.

Spotlight and SuperSwipes

Two additional features for paid users are Spotlight and SuperSwipes.

Spotlight increases your profile’s visibility for a limited time, while SuperSwipes allow you to show your keen interest in a specific user.

Bumble Premium subscribers get one Spotlight per week, while other users can purchase these features separately.

Bumble Travel Mode

If you want to find matches in different locations, Bumble Travel Mode should be your choice.

With this feature, you can change your location and browse users in a different area.

This comes in handy if you’re traveling or exploring different places.

Bumble Travel Mode is included in Bumble Premium.

Signing Up and Safety

Registration Options

To begin using Bumble, you have two options for registration: signing up with your Facebook account or using your phone number.

Whether you’re using an Android, iOS, or other platform, the process is the same. Once you sign up, it’s time to create your profile. You can also connect the app to other social media platforms like Instagram for added personalization.

Account Verification

While signing up, Bumble makes your safety a priority.

Bumble uses various verification measures. You will need to provide an email address or phone number; however, your information is never shared publicly.

To prevent fake profiles and make the platform more secure, the app’s algorithm encourages account verification.

To do this, you will be asked to take a selfie following specific instructions provided by Bumble. This photo is then compared to your existing profile photos to confirm your identity.

Completing this step will add a Verification Badge to your profile, making it easier to trust and connect with others in the Bumble community.

Privacy Settings

Your privacy is vital while using Bumble, and the app offers settings to maintain your control over personal information.

By setting restrictions on your profile, you can decide which information others can view or access.

What Makes Bumble Unique From Other Dating Apps

Women First Messaging

Bumble sets itself apart from other dating apps by empowering women to make the first move.

In heterosexual matches, only women can start a conversation, giving them more control over their dating experience and reducing the chance of receiving unwanted inappropriate messages from men.

Kindness and Respect Policy

Bumble promotes a culture of kindness and respect by creating strict messaging rules and guidelines.

The app encourages everyone to maintain decency and respect for each other’s time and effort.

Opportunities for Friendships and Networking

While many dating apps focus solely on romantic connections, Bumble also offers features for building friendships and professional networks.

Bumble BFF allows users to establish platonic friendship connections with people who share similar interests, making it easy to expand your social circle.

Bumble Bizz connects professionals and experts with potential mentors and job opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Bumble Works

How does matching work on Bumble?

On Bumble, users swipe right to indicate interest in matching with someone and swipe left to reject someone.

If two users both swipe right on each other, they’re considered a match.

What happens after a match on Bumble?

Once you’ve matched with someone on Bumble, the clock starts ticking.

If you’re a woman matched with a man, you have 24 hours to initiate a conversation. For same-sex matches or Bumble BFF connections, either party can initiate the conversation within 24 hours.

If you miss the 24-hour window, the match expires, but you may have the option to extend one match per day or reconnect with expired matches through Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium features.

After you exchange the first message, then have a conversation on the app to see if you’re interested in scheduling a first date in person.

Visibility on Bumble?

Your profile on Bumble will be visible to others who meet the specifications you set in your discovery settings, such as age range and location.

If you don’t want to appear on Bumble, you can use the Snooze mode to temporarily hide your profile.

While swiping, users will see your first photo, name, age, and a short bio. They can tap on your profile for more information and additional photos.

How does Bumble work for guys?

Bumble can be a great platform for guys as it creates an environment where women tend to feel more comfortable.

Since women need to start conversations in heterosexual matches, this can lead to more meaningful conversations and a higher chance of success for guys.

Bumble vs Tinder?

Both Bumble and Tinder are popular dating apps with a similar swiping feature.

Our take is that Bumble is a better dating app than Tinder.

Bumble tends to be better at fostering relationships and genuine connections, while Tinder mainly focuses on casual hookups and has more bots and ghosting on the app.

Do women start conversations on Bumble?

Bumble requires women to make the first move in heterosexual matches, between a man and woman. Women have 24 hours to initiate a conversation after a match is made; otherwise, the match expires.

Which is better for women: Bumble or Tinder?

Bumble offers a women-centric approach, promoting kindness, respect, and empowerment by allowing women to initiate conversations. Tinder is more casual and has a larger user base, making it easier to find potential matches, though having a higher chance of receiving insensitive messages from men as a woman. So, Bumble is better for women.

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