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How Does Hinge Work for Guys?

It is notoriously more difficult for guys to get likes and matches on Hinge than it is for women.

That means it’s especially important for guys to understand how Hinge works and inside tips for succeeding on the app.

How Does Hinge Work for Guys?

Hinge is definitely one of the best dating apps out there, and it’s worth using if you’re a guy looking to date.

Hinge is designed to help you find compatible matches based on shared interests, preferences, and dating goals. The way profiles and messaging work on Hinge makes it easier to express yourself authentically and to connect with people in a more meaningful way.

As a guy on Hinge, your experience will largely depend on which photos you select for your profile, how thoughtfully you write your prompts, how well you can send openers, and how engaging your messages are. For detailed tips and guides on each of these topics, click on any of those bits of linked text in the previous sentence.

Here, we’ll be delving into how Hinge works for guys and what guys can do to maximize their success on Hinge.

Creating a Hinge Profile as a Guy

When setting up your Hinge profile, you can choose to sign up with your Facebook profile or use a mobile phone number and enter in your personal information manually. Either way works just fine.

Once your profile is set up, you’ll have to answer three prompts and upload six photos or videos that’ll be visible to potential matches. Together, these prompts and photos make up your profile.

A good profile showcases your personality on Hinge and increases the likelihood of you finding a compatible match.

Because Hinge is harder for guys, it’s super important as a guy that you choose your very best six photos and write three great prompts.

Choosing Your Profile Photos and Videos on Hinge

When creating your Hinge profile, start by selecting your photos. You have six slots to fill. Use them wisely.

If you have bad photos in your Hinge profile, you’re doomed.

Hinge gives you the option to upload either photos or videos or both. Usually, you should have all or mostly photos in your profile, limiting yourself to one or two videos at most. Having zero videos in your profile, and just six photos instead, is perfectly fine too.

You can choose these six photos from your Facebook profile or your phone’s gallery. Your photos should show various aspects of your personality, interests, and appearance clearly. Candids, group shots, headshots, full body shots, outdoorsy photos, travel pics, and action pictures all work well. Avoid selfies.

To find out which are your best photos to use in your Hinge profile, try our dating photo analyzer. Just upload some photos of yourself, and our algorithm will reveal which six photos are the best ones you should use on Hinge.

Selecting and Answering Hinge Prompts as a Guy

Next, you need to fill out three Hinge prompts.

There are over 100 prompts to choose from on Hinge, such as “I know I’ve made it when…”, “The dorkiest thing about me is…”, and “The award I should be nominated for…”

Pick three prompts that you find interesting and relevant to yourself, and then write clever, engaging, and genuine answers to them. You’ll need to keep your answers to prompts to 150 characters or less.

The best Hinge prompts for guys are those that allow for some flirt, some minor level of playful bragging, expressions of emotional maturity, and unique life stories that showcase your interests and experiences.

When written well, Hinge prompts allow you to showcase your personality, your wit, and what makes you unique. They complement your photos to make your profile stand out.

The reality is, it’s really hard to write good Hinge prompts.

To have our professional Hinge profile writer write your Hinge prompts for you, check out our professional dating profile writing service. When you fill out a brief questionnaire about yourself, our Hinge writer will be able to write you three authentic, attractive prompts you can copy and paste right into your Hinge profile.

Personal Questions on Hinge

Lastly, make sure you answer any personal questions Hinge asks during the profile setup.

This may include details about yourself, like your name, age, location, dating preferences, and dealbreakers.

When you answer these questions honestly and thoughtfully, that can help Hinge find better more compatible matches for you and improve your overall dating experience. It’ll also help select ideal Standouts for you.

Remember, when you create a great Hinge profile, you’re making the most of your only opportunity to make a strong first impression on potential matches.

Take the time to choose the right photos, select the best prompts for you, and write thoughtful prompt answers that accurately represent yourself and attract people who are truly compatible with you.

Professional help with selecting Hinge photos and writing Hinge prompts is one click away.

Finding Matches and Starting Conversations on Hinge as a Guy

Hinge Algorithm and Preferences

Hinge is a dating app that makes an effort to focus on quality over quantity.

As a guy on Hinge, you’ll want to have this mindset too.

When you prioritize the quality of you matches and conversations on Hinge, then you’ll be most likely to get more first dates off the app and for those first dates to have a better chance of going well.

Using its own unique algorithm, Hinge considers your preferences, shared interests, swiping patterns, and profile prompts to determine which other users’ profiles to show you in your feed. That’s why, as a guy, it’s essential to optimize your profile and set your preferences accurately and thoughtfully.

When you answer your prompts with authenticity customize your preferences strategically, you can up your odds of having Hinge work in your favor and letting the algorithm learn your preferences and select your most compatible user of the day, your Standouts, and your Discover feed of profiles in the best way possible in your interest.

Liking and Messaging Potential Matches on Hinge

On Hinge, you have the option to like or reject profiles of other users that appear on your feed. When you find someone you’re interested in, you can either like one of their photos or like a specific one of their prompt responses. Whichever part of their profile you attach your like to, do it thoughtfully, as it’ll be the basis for starting a conversation with them if you do match.

Usually, as a guy, it’s better to send your likes attached to another user’s prompt rather than their photo, so they know you’re interested in their personality and interests, not just the way they look.

One unique feature of Hinge is that you can send a message simultaneously when you like a profile, without having to wait to form a match with them. This feature allows you to initiate a conversation and showcase your level of interest through a thoughtful message, which increases your chances of impressing them and making a good first impression so they like you back.

Hinge Standouts and Roses

The Hinge Standouts features is a feature that showcases a small selection of very attractive profiles based on your preferences and your compatibility.

These select Standouts are chosen for you daily and are worth checking out.

Hinge also has a way for you to send a “super like” to another user instead of a normal like, which Hinge calls a Rose.

When you send someone a rose on Hinge, it’s a way to tell them that you really like their profile more than you normally like another user’s profile. It’s a way to catch someone’s attention by signaling a higher level of interest.

On Hinge’s free plan, you get one rose a week. You may purchase additional roses, or upgrade to Hinge preferred/premium, to get more roses.

Your Experience on Hinge as a Guy

Age, Ethnicity, and Gender Ratio

Hinge caters to a wide range of ages, ethnicities, and genders. It’s a very versatile dating app.

Hinge is especially popular among younger singles between the ages of 18 and 35, but there are plenty of users above 35 on the app.

The gender ratio on Hinge is relatively balanced compared to other dating apps like Tinder and Match, allowing you a better chance of finding a compatible match as a guy.

Tips for Using Hinge as a Guy

Tips for Success on Hinge as a Guy

The absolute most important thing you can do to succeed on Hinge as a guy is to create a stellar profile.

Choose six high-quality photos that show your most attractive looks. They should also show a variety of your interests, aspects of your personality, and different backdrops. It’s also good to include a few close-ups and also a few full-body shots.

When selecting and answering Hinge prompts, be honest and let your true personality shine. Take the time to write well and use thoughtful word choice. Each word counts.

When writing prompts, balance humor with thoughtful mature tone of voice.

A good tip is to choose two prompts that say something about yourself and one prompt that focuses on what type of person you’d like to meet or what type of relationship you’re looking for and value.

Hinge Boost and Preferred Membership

To increase your chances of succeeding as a guy on Hinge, consider upgrading to Hinge’s Preferred Membership.

It can be worth the extra money if you’re serious about finding someone on the app.

With Hinge Preferred, you’ll have unlimited likes and access to additional filters and other benefits like boosts. Using the Hinge Boost feature allows your profile to be shown to more people, which increases your chances of getting noticed and getting likes and matches.

But remember that without a good profile, using Hinge Preferred or Boosts won’t help you that much. A strong profile is a must.

Dealing with Ghosting on Hinge

Ghosting can be a stressful and frustrating part of any dating app experience, including when using Hinge.

To minimize the chances of being ghosted on Hinge, make sure you’re engaging in thoughtful conversations with your matches and responding in a timely manner. Keep your conversations light, fun, playful, and interesting. Ask questions and show interest.

Never take ghosting personally. Understand that not every connection will work out, and ghosting may happen for a variety of reasons, most of which are unrelated to you and just about the other person.

Stay positive, keep working on your profile until it starts working well, and stay persistent in as you use Hinge — you never know who’s just one swipe away.

Want Help Creating a Great Hinge Profile as a Guy?

We at The Match Lab have spent years studying the science of how to write good Hinge prompts for guys and how to select the right photos guys should use in a Hinge profile.

After years of research, we have developed a dating photo analyzer that uses an algorithm to select any person’s best photos for Hinge, or any other dating app. Just upload some photos of yourself, and our algorithm will reveal which photos you should be using in your Hinge profile and the ideal order they should go in.

We also offer professional dating profile writing services. Our professional Hinge profile writer can write your Hinge prompts for you and help your profile stand out from the crowd.

Get started now, or learn more about us on our website, so you can start getting more likes and better matches on Hinge.

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