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How to Answer the ‘I Want Someone Who’ Hinge Prompt


Hinge is all about creating meaningful relationships between users, focusing on compatibility in what people look for in a partner.

That’s why “I Want Someone Who” is one of the best Hinge prompts.

Understanding the ‘I Want Someone Who’ Hinge Prompt

This prompt focuses on what types of things you look for in a partner.

That means which personality traits, values, interests, life goals, and lifestyle habits you see as most important in a partner.

A good answer to this prompt helps your potential matches get a sense of what really matters to you in a relationship.

This not only helps others on Hinge understand what your priorities are, but it also gives them a chance to assess for themselves whether they’d be a good match for you.

5 Best Ways to Answer the ‘I Want Someone Who’ Prompt on Hinge

1. Showcase Your Hobbies

Sharing hobbies in common with a partner can be important, and bonding over common hobbies is a great way to bond instantly with a match on Hinge.

One of the best – and most authentic – ways to answer this Hinge prompt is to share one or two of your hobbies.

This will help you attract matches who share your interests.

Here are some example prompt answers:

I want someone who … enjoys the outdoors, whether it’s hiking, camping, or just a walk in the park.

I want someone who … cherishes passport stamps as much as I do, and has a story to tell about each one.

I want someone who … gets that rush of endorphins after a challenging workout and can share in the glory of a new personal best.

Mention the hobbies that fill your weekends—be it crafting, gaming, or gardening—and invite others who share those interests to connect by messaging you.

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2. Use Your Interests as Conversation Starters

The best Hinge prompt answers make for great conversation starters.

They pique a potential match’s curiosity and make them excited to message you.

Travel can be a gateway to deep conversations. Link your wanderlust to curiosity about cultures, cuisines, or languages like this:

I want someone who … appreciates that traveling within our own country teaches you more than traveling to another country – care to convince me otherwise?

This kind of controversial opinion can get the convo going.

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3. Express Your Relationship Goals

Your relationship goals can be front and center when answering this prompt.

You can be totally explicit about what you’re searching for. 

If you’re interested in a serious relationship, you can mention that commitment and long-term planning are non-negotiable for you.

Example: I want someone who … is looking to building a future together, with kids and a cute dog.

If you’re more focused on attracting someone who’s fun and adventurous, then highlight your enthusiasm for shared experiences and a willingness to explore new things together.

Example: I want someone who … is adventurous, open-minded, and always up for a last-minute road trip.

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4. Discuss Values and Beliefs

This prompt gives you the chance to talk about any values and beliefs you prioritize in a relationship or in your life.

Whether it’s honesty, religion, vulnerability, or kindness, it can be good to talk about these values openly on Hinge.

Your time on the app isn’t just about attracting someone; it’s about finding a match who resonates with your authentic self and is compatible with you.

For example:

I want someone who … values transparency as the foundation of a relationship.

I want someone who … is driven and ambitious, but also knows how to relax and enjoy the moment.

I want someone who … isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and open to deep, meaningful conversations.

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5. Throw in Some Humor

This prompt is the perfect time to show your funny side.

Instead of resorting to clichés, weave in your love for dad jokes or a tasteful pun that showcases your wit.

Humor is subjective, so choose a joke that reflects your true comedic style – it’ll make you more likely to attract someone with a similar sense of humor.

For example:

I want someone who … can differentiate between their, there, and they’re in a text message. Literacy is hot.

More Prompt Writing Tips

Your goal is to be brief and still interesting in your prompt response.

Here are two key tips for doing that.

Craft a Mini-Story:

Instead of listing a generic adjective as your prompt answer, share a mini anecdote that reflects your personality or lifestyle.

For example, rather than saying “I want someone who loves adventure,” try something like “I want someone who lights up with joy by the idea of a spontaneous midnight swim in a hot spring.”

Use Specifics:

Replace vague language with concrete examples. 

Saying “I want someone who values family dinner every Sunday” is more telling than “someone who values family.”

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More Example Answers to the ‘I Want Someone Who’ Hinge Prompt

When answering this prompt, you want to mention the personality traits, values, interests, life goals, and lifestyle habits you prioritize most in selecting a partner.

Your answers will help others feel out their compatibility with you and start up conversations.

Here are some example prompt answers:

I want someone who…

Won’t judge me for talking to my plants. Encouragement is key to growth.

Can make me laugh until my stomach hurts and I forget all my worries.

Is passionate about their dreams and supports me in pursuing mine.

Can help me find my phone when it’s on silent and lost in the couch cushions.

Loves to travel and is always up for an adventure, whether it’s a road trip or a flight to a new country.

Is curious about the world and loves to learn new things.

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Is as obsessed with finding the perfect French fry as I am. It’s a serious quest.

Is honest and transparent, even when it’s difficult.

Values quality time together, whether it’s a fancy night out or just cuddling on the couch.

Is willing to argue with me about which superhero is the best.

Is a good listener and can communicate openly, so we can grow and navigate life together.

Is playful and doesn’t take life too seriously, but knows when to be serious when it counts.

Can keep up with my coffee addiction.

Is adventurous with food and loves to try new cuisines.

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Is empathetic and can understand different perspectives, even if they don’t always agree.

Appreciates the arts, whether it’s music, painting, or literature.

Is family-oriented and values spending time with loved ones, including the furry family members.

Knows how to balance stability and spontaneity, who can keep life exciting but also provide a sense of security.

Can out-pizza the hut and out-taco the bell with their cooking skills.

Is as passionate about making the bed in the morning as they are about jumping into it at night.

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