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How to Answer the ‘I’m Convinced That’ Hinge Prompt


Hinge is all about creating meaningful relationships between users, and that often starts with striking up a fun chat.

A silly conversation starter is all it takes to get the convo going with a new match.

And “I’m Convinced That” is one of the best Hinge prompts for incorporating a fun conversation starter into your profile.

Understanding the ‘I’m Convinced That’ Hinge Prompt

This prompt focuses on a hot take you have.

A good answer to this prompt helps your potential matches get a sense of how you see the world and what type of sense of humor you have.

You can say something serious or something silly.

The key is to say something thought-provoking and intriguing, something that’ll give your potential matches an easy way to message you with a reply to your prompt answer.

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6 Best Ways to Answer the ‘I’m Convinced That’ Prompt on Hinge

1. Crack a Joke

Laughter can be a powerful connector.

Lighten up your profile with a funny take on something in your life that’s both truthful and lighthearted.

Here’s an example prompt answer:

I’m convinced that … my GPS has a personal vendetta against me and enjoys getting me lost.

2. Share Your Values

Highlighting your values can attract someone who’s similar to you.

This prompt gives you a good chance to say what you really prioritize in life and in a partner.

For example:

I’m convinced that … kindness is the most underrated superpower.

Or this one:

I’m convinced that … everyone has a story to tell, and listening is a powerful act of love.

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3. Reveal Interests and Hobbies

Talking about your interests allows you to attract potential matches with similar hobbies and lifestyles.

Shared interests are super important in relationships and can be a great way to bond with someone off the bat.

Here are some example prompt answers:

I’m convinced that … sunrise hikes followed by a local coffee shop visit are the best start to a day.

“I’m convinced that … a good book can be a best friend, a teacher, and an escape all in one.

4. Communicate Relationship Goals

A good answer can subtly indicate your relationship goals.

You can signal what foundational elements you believe are important in a partnership.

It could be lighthearted or serious, based on what you’re seeking:

I’m convinced that … great relationships are built on laughter and loyalty. 

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5. Mention Travel or Adventure

If you’re an avid traveler, then that can be a good topic to write about.

Highlight destinations or experiences, like a memorable hike or a sunrise watched from an exotic beach, that reflect your adventurous spirit.

For instance, you might write:

I’m convinced that … backpacking through South America changed my perspective on life.

6. Bond Over Food

Food is an easy topic of conversation for bonding on Hinge.

Reveal your culinary tastes by sharing your thoughts about a type of cuisine or dining experience, like:

I’m convinced that … sushi isn’t just food—it’s an art form.

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More Example Answers to the ‘I’m Convinced That’ Hinge Prompt

When answering this prompt, you want to mention the topics, interests, hobbies, social causes, values, and random hot takes you’re most passionate about.

Your answers will help others find common ground with you and start up conversations.

Here are some example prompt answers:

I’m convinced that…

There’s a perfect song for every moment in life, and finding it is an art.

Everyone has a hidden talent – what’s yours?

My missing socks are living their best life in a parallel universe.

Travel is the best education, and every trip is a new chapter in life’s story.

Dogs are angels in disguise.

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Laughter is the best medicine, and a sense of humor is the key to happiness.

If I keep buying plants, I’ll eventually turn my apartment into a jungle.

The best relationships are based on friendship, trust, and a shared love of pizza.

The real reason we have smartphones is to settle debates about random trivia.

The secret to a happy life is finding joy in the simple things.

True love is about accepting each other’s flaws and growing together.

My cat is secretly plotting to take over the world, one nap at a time.

If I keep practicing, I’ll finally master the art of parallel parking.

If I keep making wishes on dandelions, one of them has to come true eventually.

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