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66 Lawyer Pick Up Lines That Are Illegally Charming


66 Lawyer Pick Up Lines That Are Illegally Charming

1. “I’m not a romance lawyer, but I’ll fight for your heart.”

2. “Are you into legal briefs? Because I am brief-less around you.”

3. “The only crime I’m guilty of is falling for you.”

4. “Let’s make a motion to merge our lives.”

5. “I don’t need a subpoena to hear that you’re the one for me.”

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6. “Is it legal to look that good?”

7. “I believe in due process, but with you, I’m ready to skip straight to sentencing.”

8. “You just passed the bar of my heart.”

9. “Do you practice the law of attraction? Because you just won my case.”

10. “I wish my law classes had curves like yours.”

11. “You’re the only witness I need to prove that true love exists.”

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12. “You’re the fine print in my life’s contract.”

13. “Do you specialize in tort law? Because you’ve wrongfully taken my heart.”

14. “If being sexy was a crime, you’d be serving a life sentence.”

15. “You’ve got my heart on subpoena.”

16. “You must be a lawyer because you’ve got me pleading for your attention.”

17. “I’m not a lawyer, but I’d go to court just to hear you speak.”

18. “You’ve got a winning argument in the case of stealing my heart.”

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19. “You’ve got me feeling like a defendant because I’m ready to take the stand for you.”

20. “You must be a lawyer because I can’t object to your charm.”

21. “I think you just overruled my heart.”

22. “I’m willing to be held in contempt of your heart.”

23. “If love is a crime, then book me, counselor.”

24. “I’m not a lawyer, but I promise to always uphold the laws of attraction.”

25. “You’re the only lawyer I’ve ever liked.”

26. “I know you’re a great lawyer, but can you defend my heart?”

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27. “You must be a great lawyer because you’ve got me pleading guilty to being smitten.”

28. “Are you a criminal lawyer? Because you’ve stolen my heart.”

29. “You’re the only verdict I need.”

30. “Are you a lawyer? Because you’ve got a fine legal brief.”

31. “You’ve turned my life into a landmark case.”

32. “Do you practice family law? Because I’m looking to build one with you.”

33. “You’ve got a strong case for being the most beautiful person here.”

34. “If love was a legal case, I’d let you win every time.”

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35. “Are we in a deposition? Because I want to give you all my answers.”

36. “You’re guilty of taking my breath away.”

37. “I’m under your jurisdiction now.”

38. “Do you believe in love at first trial?”

39. “You must be a lawyer because you’ve just acquitted my loneliness.”

40. “If finding you hot is a crime, then I’m ready for my day in court.”

41. “If our love was a legal brief, it would be persuasive as hell.”

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42. “Are you a lawyer? Because you sure know how to cross-examine my heart.”

43. “Let’s enter into a joint venture: a relationship.”

44. “I’m not a lawyer, but I’m ready to negotiate terms of dating.”

45. “You should be held in contempt for looking that good.”

46. “I don’t need a legal brief to tell me we belong together.”

47. “Let’s settle this matter privately: dinner tonight?”

48. “You must be a lawyer, because you’ve got a legal hold on my affection.”

49. “I’m ready to plead my case: I adore you.”

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50. “You’ve got a license to steal my heart.”

51. “If love is illegal, I want you as my lawyer.”

52. “If we were in court, I’d call you to the stand for being too cute.”

53. “You’re the closing argument in the trial of my heart.”

54. “I’m ready to go under oath and declare my love for you.”

55. “You’re the chief justice of my heart.”

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56. “I’m not a lawyer, but I promise to always stand by you.”

57. “I’d never object to a date with you.”

58. “You’re more persuasive than any closing argument.”

59. “I’m ready to be tried by a jury of your peers, as long as you’re the judge.”

60. “You’ve just been appointed to the court of my heart.”

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61. “Are you a lawyer? Because I’m ready to settle down with you.”

62. “You must be a lawyer, because you’ve made me believe in the law of attraction.”

63. “I’d never challenge a motion made by you.”

64. “You’re the plea bargain to my heart’s case.”

65. “Are you a lawyer? Because you’ve got my heart in a bind.”

66. “Let’s enter a joint agreement to be together.”

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The Art of Lawyer Pick Up Lines

Approach with Confidence

Confidence in court is akin to confidence in courtship.

Having a self-assured demeanor suggests a positive verdict in the matters of the heart.

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Smooth Legal Jargon

Incorporate legal jargon seamlessly into conversation.

Phrases like “res ipsa loquitur” suggest that your affection is as obvious as an undisputed fact.

This way, your interest may just find your knowledge as attractive as your wit.

Humor in the Courtroom

Humor can deflect objections and win over the jury, just as comedy can kindle romance.

Use funny pick up lines and puns to inject levity in your interactions, showing both intelligence and your ability to not take life too seriously.

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Creative Legal Wordplay

Creative legal wordplay shows both intelligence and a flair for entertainment.

Whether you play with terms like “actus reus” to confess your actions are purely heart-driven, or you talk about how “justice” should be served by giving you a chance, make sure your wordplay captivates and charms.

Pick-Up Protocols for Lawyers

Incorporating familiar terms from legal documents and lexis into your pick up lines could both charm and demonstrate your shared professional interests.

Flirting Legalese

Crafting the perfect pick up line for a law professional involves a clever twist on legal terminology without breaching any ethical lines.

When making an affectionate advance, consider a line that references legal remedy or legal argument.

For example, “If I were to construct a legal argument on why you should date me, the list of exhibits would be endless.”

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Law School Love Lines

If you’re navigating the jurisdiction of a law school romance, your approach might involve a playful nod to the stresses and highlights of obtaining a law degree.

A line like, “Are you a study guide? Because you are the only outline I want to review tonight,” shows a blend of humor and shared experience, often appreciated amid the rigor of law school.

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