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How to Answer the ‘My Love Language Is’ Hinge Prompt


Hinge is all about creating meaningful relationships between users, focusing on compatible personalities and relationship styles.

That’s why “My Love Language Is” is one of the best Hinge prompts.

Understanding the ‘My Love Language Is’ Hinge Prompt

This prompt focuses on your love language.

It gives you a space to say what kinds of things make you feel most loved in a relationship.

One way to answer this prompt is to focus on the five typical love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, physical touch, and receiving gifts.

You can state your love language and then elaborate to say a bit more about what that language means to you.

Here are some examples of that type of prompt answer:

My love language is … quality time, whether it’s a day trip out or a dinner for two at home.

My love language is … acts of service – if you cook me dinner after a long day at work, I’ll fall for you instantly.

My love language is … physical touch – whether it’s holding hands while walking or cuddling during a movie.

To learn more about the five love languages, read this article for a detailed overview.

Another way to answer this prompt is to get more creative:

Instead of stating one of the main love languages, you can say something unique about what you’re passionate about, whether it’s a hobby or random interest.

Here are some examples of that type of prompt answer:

My love language is … sending each other memes that make us laugh until we cry.

My love language is … karaoke duets, even if we’re both terribly off-key.

My love language is … finding the best food trucks and eating our way through the city.

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5 Best Ways to Answer the ‘My Love Language Is’ Prompt on Hinge

1. Identify Your Dating Goals

Define what you’re truly looking for in a relationship.

Think about what kinds of things you want to do with a partner and what you’d like a partner to do for you.

Here’s are two example prompt answers:

My love language is … road trips with no destination, just good music and snacks.

My love language is … receiving thoughtful gifts, like a book by my favorite author or a playlist of songs you know I’ll love.

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2. Share Your Relationship Needs and Priorities

Discussing your emotional needs thoughtfully can show depth. 

Express what emotional support means to you without oversharing or setting unrealistic expectations. 

For instance, specify if you value daily communication or quality time over extended texting.

Some examples:

My love language is … physical touch first and foremost – cuddling and holding hands often are super important to me in a relationship.

My love language is … quality time over the weekends, where we unplug from our phones and just be together.

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3. Connect Through Shared Values

Shared values can form the backbone of a strong relationship. 

You can mention values like honesty, empathy, or ambition as types of love languages dear to you.

You can think creatively outside the five typical love languages and make up your own words for what personality and relationship values matter to you.

4. Highlight Simple Pleasures and Passions

Your response to this prompt can become super compelling when you mention simple pleasures that light you up with joy. 

For instance, you might express a love for travel by saying:

My love language is … finding quaint bookshops in every city I visit.

Or: My love language is … planning our next adventure to places we’ve dreamed of.

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5. Be a Bit Funny

Injecting humor into your prompt answer can make your profile memorable. 

For example:

My love language is … laughing until we cry at inside jokes only we understand.

My love language is … sending you memes that make you snort laugh in public.

More Example Answers to the ‘My Love Language Is’ Hinge Prompt

My love language is…

Quality time, especially when it’s spent exploring new places or simply enjoying a quiet night in.

Words of affirmation – a heartfelt compliment or a sweet note can make my day.

Coffee – and by that, I mean I’ll love you if you bring me coffee.

Nerding out over our favorite books or movies together.

Surprising you with your favorite snack when you’ve had a tough day.

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Quality time, with a sprinkling a physical touch and acts of service.

Physical touch, like a surprise back rub or a gentle kiss on the forehead.

Binge-watching sitcoms in our pajamas all weekend.

Quality time – it’s the little moments that count, like a morning coffee chat or a sunset walk.

Physical touch and quality time.

Making up absurd hypothetical scenarios and debating them for hours.

Receiving gifts that are personal and show that you really know me.

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Building epic blanket forts for movie marathons.

Words of affirmation and physical touch.

Quality time, especially by playing board games or going for a hike together.

Inside jokes that only we understand.

Impromptu picnics in the park, complete with people-watching.

Creating a playlist of ‘our songs’ that no one else would understand.

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