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20 Best Pizza Jokes for Kids


What does a pizza say when it introduces itself? “Slice to meet you!”

What do you call a cheese pizza that’s not yours? “Nacho cheese!”

Why was the pizza so good at getting its photo taken? It knew how to say “cheese!”

What do you call a sleeping pizza? A piZZZZa.

Why was the pizza so good at math? Because it had lots of “pi.”

Why was the pizza always the life of the party? It was saucy and cheesy.

What do you call a pizza that’s a detective? Sherlock Crust.

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Why did the pizza cross the road? To “deliver” itself to the other side.

What’s a pizza’s favorite subject in school? “Crustory.”

What do you call a pizza that loves to swim? Pepperoni paddle.

What’s a pizza’s favorite dance move? The pepperoni twist.

Why was the pizza so good at storytelling? It always had cheesy tales.

Why did the pizza dough go to therapy? It had too many “kneady” issues.

What’s a pizza’s favorite magic trick? The disappearing slice.

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What’s a pizza’s favorite game to play? Hide and seek with toppings.

What’s a pizza’s favorite season? Red pepper flakes seasoning.

Why did the pizza go to the doctor? Because it had a “cheesy” feeling.

What’s a pizza’s favorite movie? “Lord of the Onion Rings.”

Why was the cheese pizza so optimistic? Because it had a “gouda” attitude.

Why did the pizza go to school? To get a “slice” of education.

Why did the mozzarella go to the party? It heard it was going to be “grate.”

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