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36 Best Sus Jokes


Why was the calendar sus? Its days were numbered.

Why was the light bulb sus? It had a shady past.

Why was the math book sus? It had too many problems.

Why was the door sus? It always knew exactly when to open up… 🤔

Why was the belt sus? It was always holding something back.

Why was the bridge sus? It always connected things.

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Why was the lemon sus? It always had a sour face.

Why was the tree sus? It always had shady leaves.

Why was the mirror sus? It always reflected on its actions.

Why was the pencil sus? It was always writing things down ✏️

Why was the balloon sus? It was always up to something.

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Why was the shoe sus? It always left a footprint.

Why was the key sus? It always unlocked secrets.

Why was the heart sus? It always beat around the bush.

Why was the wind sus? It always whispered.

Why was the sun sus? It always had a burning desire.

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Why was the ocean sus? It always had deep secrets.

Why was the bird sus? It always flew under the radar.

Why was the hat sus? It was always hiding something.

Why was the candy sus? It always had a sweet side and a sour side.

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Why was the camera sus? It always had a focus.

Why was the chalk sus? It always left a mark.

Why was the moon sus? It had a dark side.

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