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30 Best Teacher Pick Up Lines for A+ Rizz


“Are you a science teacher? Because our chemistry is undeniable.”

“I’m not a sex-ed teacher, but I can still give you a lesson or two.”

“Do you have a pencil? Because I want to erase your past and write our future.”

“Are you a philosophy teacher? Because I Kant live without you.”

“You must be a calculus teacher, because your curves are infinite.”

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“You must be a physics teacher, because our attraction is a natural law.”

“If you were my teacher, I’d have perfect attendance.”

“Do you have a lesson plan for romance?”

“I’d love to study under you.”

“Do you teach music? Because you’ve struck a chord in my heart.”

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“I’m studying to be your perfect match. What are your requirements?”

“You must be a history teacher, because I’m interested in your past and our future.”

“I’m studying up on important dates in history. Would you like to be one of them?”

“I’d love to attend your class on the chemistry between you and me.”

“Are you a PE teacher? Because you’ve got my heart racing.”

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“Do you teach English? Because you’ve just created a new lesson plan, stealing my words and leaving me speechless.”

“If you were my teacher, you’d be compelled to give me an A+ in many ways.”

“Are you a teacher? Because you have class.”

“Are you a biology teacher? Because you make my heart evolve.”

“If you were my teacher, I’d never skip class.”

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“Are you a computer science teacher? Because you’ve got me processing feelings I never knew I had.”

“You must be a foreign language teacher, because you’ve got me lost in translation.”

“You must be a teacher because you have class and intelligence.”

“Are you a kindergarten teacher? Because I want nap time with you.”

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“I’m ready for a one-student crash course in romance.”

“If love were a subject, I’d be your star student.”

“I’d never be late to your class.”

“Do you teach physics? Because our attraction is undeniable.”

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“I’m not a teacher, but I’d love to write a curriculum for our relationship.”

“Do you teach art? Because you’ve just painted a smile on my face.”

“You must be a science teacher, because our chemistry is explosive.”

“Do you teach astronomy? Because you’ve shown me beauty that’s out of this world.”

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“I’m not a star student, but I’m ready to learn everything about you.”

“Are you an economics teacher? Because you’ve just raised my interest.”

“I’m studying your heart – do you offer tutoring?”

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Subject-Specific Teacher Pick Up Lines

Crafting the perfect pick up line for a teacher isn’t just about being witty—it’s about tapping into their passion for their subject.

Whether you’re aiming to charm a science savant or an English enthusiast, using their subject matter in your line can show both creativity and thoughtfulness.

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Science and Chemistry

You understand the reaction between two people starts with the right elements.

If you’re eyeing a science teacher, try, “Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re Cu-Te.”

Or for a little chemistry flirtation, playfully ask, “Do you have a test tube? Because we’ve got chemistry and I’m ready to mix our reactants.”

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Mathematical Charms

To woo a math teacher, equations and numbers are your secret code.

Throw a line like, “Are you a 90 degree angle? Because you’re looking right.”

Or dive into deeper waters with, “Our love is like calculus, it’s complex and interesting.”

Historical Quips

For the historians, witty references to history can be perfect.

Go for a line like, “If we were in a yearbook, I’d vote us ‘most likely to travel back in time and fall in love.'”

Or for a history teacher aiming to make the past present: “Is your name history? Because you’re making me want to repeat it.”

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Artistic Admiration

If the teacher is an aficionado of the arts, color your language with creative compliments like, “If you were a painting, you’d be called ‘Masterpiece of the Heart.'”

Or ask an art teacher, “Can we color code data together? Because each statistic would be brightened by your presence.”

English and Grammar

For English teachers, playfully say, “Is there a synonym for love in the dictionary? Because my thesaurus doesn’t have enough words to describe my feelings for you.”

Or craft a line with your grammar skills: “Are you a complex sentence? Because you make my thoughts run on.”

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Physical Education Teasers

For teachers who spend their day in the gym, a sporty one-liner can score big.

To a gym teacher, say, “Our romance could be the ultimate workout—it’ll strengthen my heart every day.”

And for a touch of humor: “Are you giving handball lessons? Because you just caught my heart and I’m playing by your rules.”

Let’s make this super clear:

Don’t use these lines if you’re a student. Don’t use them on your actual teacher.

And if you’re a teacher, don’t use these lines on any student ever.

Use these lines if you’re an adult who’s interested in someone who happens to be a teacher.

Keep things fun, consensual, and legal.

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