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How to Answer ‘The Dorkiest Thing About Me Is’ Hinge Prompt

Wondering how to answer the “The dorkiest thing about me is” prompt on Hinge?


Hinge is all about creating meaningful relationships by letting your authentic self shine through in your profile.

That’s why “The dorkiest thing about me is” is one of the best Hinge prompts.

We’re about to share some tips for answering the “The dorkiest thing about me is” prompt so you can improve your Hinge profile.

We’ll also share some example prompt answers down below.

Understanding the ‘The Dorkiest Thing About Me Is’ Hinge Prompt

This prompt allows you to showcase the parts of your personality, interests, and sense of humor that might not be conventionally so attractive.

Because they’re dorky.

We’re all a bit dorky after all, and your dorky traits (especially if you’re a guy) are often what can set you apart from other users on Hinge, helping you get more matches.

The importance of Hinge prompts lies in their ability to serve as conversation starters, so you’ll want to write prompt answers that make it easy for potential matches to write to you.

On Hinge, “The dorkiest thing about me” is a great prompt for injecting a conversation starter into your profile, providing talking points for users to connect and interact with you.

A good answer will offer insights into your playful side and personal character, showcasing a passion of yours.

Some pro tips for writing a good prompt answer about your dorkiest trait include:

  • Sharing an unusual hobby or skill.
  • Demonstrating wit or humor in your response.
  • Connecting your dorkiness to a positive quality, such as curiosity or creativity.

What This Prompt Can Achieve

“The dorkiest thing about me” Hinge prompt gives you all the permission you need to be silly, embarrassing, passionate, and even outright cringeworthy.

If you proudly consider yourself a nerd, this is the prompt for you.

Your answer to this prompt can help start up a funny conversation and invite the kind of goofy, vulnerable, open banter that can lead to meeting up for a first date off the app.

Best Ways to Answer the ‘The Dorkiest Thing About Me Is’ Prompt on Hinge

Showcase Humor in Your Prompt

When crafting your response to this prompt, try to showcase your humor.

Your goal is to make your profile engaging and appealing, and making potential matches laugh is a great way to do that and stand out.

If your response to this prompt isn’t at least somewhat funny, then what’s the point at all?

Humor in this prompt response might mean mentioning a quirky talent, a funny shower thought that’s stuck with you, a controversial opinion of yours, or admitting that you’re weirdly attracted to something unusual.

Be honest and let your personality shine through. Keep it lighthearted and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

Here are some example funny prompt answers:

The dorkiest thing about me is…

My habit of naming inanimate objects, like my car (Bertha) and my coffee maker (Java the Hut).

My secret talent for beatboxing while attempting to do the moonwalk.

My unshakeable belief that pizza is a food group of its own. I’ve conducted extensive research on the subject, and the evidence is clear.

Reflect Your Interests and Hobbies

Another approach to answer the “The dorkiest thing about me is” prompt is to dive into your interests and hobbies.

Share an aspect of your favorite pastime that might be considered dorky or geeky, like an obscure fact about a TV show you love or the intricate details of your model train collection.

This gives potential matches insight into your unique passions and can serve as a conversation starter by making people curious about you.

Just make sure you present your hobbies in a way that is relatable and not overly esoteric or ambiguous.

Here are some example prompt answers that focus on hobbies or interests:

My fascination with urban planning. I can spend hours discussing the history of city layouts and transportation systems.

My passion for competitive Scrabble. Prepare for triple-word scores and friendly rivalries.

My love for collecting vintage vinyl records. There’s something magical about the crackling sound of an old LP.

Maintain Confidence and Honesty

When it comes to answering this prompt, it’s essential to be both confident and honest.

Sharing something about yourself that might be considered dorky can show your matches that you’re genuine and comfortable in your skin.

Here are some successful examples:

My fascination with conspiracy theories. I don’t actually believe them, but I love diving into the rabbit hole of ‘what ifs.’

My affinity for organizing my bookshelf by genre, author, and publication year. It’s strangely satisfying.

My extensive knowledge of ‘Star Trek’ lore. I know the difference between a Klingon and a Romulan, and I’m not afraid to use it.

Relate to Your Potential Matches

Hinge is all about connecting singles, and connection starts with finding something to relate to one another over.

To connect with potential matches, make sure your Hinge profile reflects your unique personality and values in ways that allow others to find shared interests and see compatibility.

Consider how your dorky traits or interests might spark a conversation about something that you and your potential matches could bond over and delve into deeply.

Example prompt answers that do this are:

I’ve watched every episode of The Office at least three times, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

My passion for researching obscure historical events and sharing trivia with anyone who will listen.

I secretly enjoy watching cheesy reality TV shows and can’t help but binge-watch them.

Use Surprises to Grab Attention

Surprising people in your Hinge profile can make you stand out from the crowd.

With the “The dorkiest thing about me is” prompt, you have an opportunity to share something unexpected, so take up that opportunity and say something out of left field.

This could be a hidden talent, an unusual hobby, or simply a fun fact about yourself.

By adding an element of surprise to your profile, you’re more likely to grab the attention of potential matches and encourage them to leave a comment or start a conversation.

Here are example prompt responses that make use of surprise:

My ability to name every character from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, even the ones who only had two seconds of screen time.

My fascination with studying ancient languages. I’m still trying to decipher hieroglyphs from that last trip to the museum.

My obsession with solving crossword puzzles in ink. It’s a high-stakes word game.

I can recite the entire Periodic Table of Elements while doing a handstand.

How NOT to Answer the ‘The Dorkiest Thing About Me Is’ Prompt

DON’T: Write Cliché and Overused Answers

When answering this Hinge prompt, try to avoid cliché and overused phrases.

Many Hinge users fall into the trap of recycling worn-out lines, which can make your profile seem dull and uninteresting.

Remember, your goal is to create a dating profile that stands out from the competition and sparks conversation.

Focus on unique aspects of your personality and avoid opting for generic answers that may not capture your true essence.

DON’T: Be Vague

Hinge prompts are designed to act as conversation starters, and the best conversations start from commenting on vivid details.

The more specific the info you provide in your profile, the more you do to help others comment on your prompt answers in thoughtful ways.

Consider sharing specific hobbies, interests, or experiences in concrete terms, so you can pique the interest of potential matches and make them want to ask you questions for more information.

DON’T: Be Inappropriate or Offensive

Be careful not to include controversial opinions or overshare uncomfortable personal information in a Hinge prompt answer.

This can make others feel uncomfortable and will hurt your chances of getting matches.

Keep your profile content clean, fun, and lighthearted, focusing on topics that can serve as positive conversation starters.

More Example Answers to the ‘The Dorkiest Thing About Me Is’ Hinge Prompt

Coming up with funny answers for the “The dorkiest thing about me is” prompt on Hinge is all about showcasing your playful side, inner child, and general ability to turn the weird sides of your personality into strengths.

Think about quirky traits, unusual talents, or fun interests and experiences of yours that could lead to intrigue and make people curious to ask you questions.

Here are some example prompt answers to get you thinking.

The dorkiest thing about me is…

I have an ever-growing collection of vintage typewriters that I actually use.

My encyclopedic knowledge of obscure movie quotes.

My passion for board games that require an instruction manual thicker than most novels. Game night is a serious event in my world.

My impressive collection of over 100 different board games – I’m pretty much the ultimate game night host.

I am the proud owner of a world record for the longest consecutive time spent hula hooping.

I have a non-negotiable rule that I can only read a book if I’ve first watched the movie adaptation – quite the plot twist, isn’t it?

I can recite the entire periodic table – in reverse order.

Being able to name all the capitals of the world – it’s my go-to party trick.

My secret talent for solving Rubik’s cubes in under a minute.

My knack for identifying constellations and stars in the night sky. I’m your go-to stargazing partner.

My love for collecting quirky socks. My drawer is a rainbow of patterns, and I’m always on the hunt for the next pair.

My enthusiasm for participating in trivia nights at local bars. I’m the ringer you want on your team.

I collect rare and exotic houseplants. I’m the proud parent of a mini indoor jungle.

My fascination with unsolved mysteries and conspiracy theories. Who doesn’t love a good ‘X-Files’ binge?

My talent for imitating celebrity voices. I do a mean Christopher Walken impression.

My collection of novelty socks with puns on them. Because life’s too short for plain, boring socks.

I’ve built a miniature library in my apartment, complete with a rolling ladder.

I can name every species of bird found in my region.

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