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How to Answer the ‘Typical Sunday’ Hinge Prompt

Wondering how to answer the “Typical Sunday” prompt on Hinge?


Hinge is all about creating meaningful relationships between users, focusing on compatibility in personality and lifestyle.

That’s why “Typical Sunday” is one of the best Hinge prompts.

This prompt focuses on what types of things you like to do over the weekend.

Which means that what this prompt really focuses on is what you and a partner could do together over the weekend.

It gives an idea of what your daily life as a couple could look like.

We’re about to share some tips for answering the “Typical Sunday” prompt so you can improve your Hinge profile. We’ll also share some example prompt answers.

First, let’s explain what this prompt means and how you can use it to your advantage on Hinge.

Understanding the ‘Typical Sunday’ Hinge Prompt

“Typical Sunday” is one of the most popular Hinge prompts.

It’s an opportunity to show your personality and lifestyle so you can attract like-minded people.

Sunday is typically a flexible day free from work or other commitments, so the idea behind this prompt is that how someone spends their Sundays says a lot about who they are.

A good answer to this prompt describes your Sunday routine in a way that highlights your personality, values, or interests, while remaining lighthearted and playful.

And the best answers make other people eager to join you on your future Sundays.

Why Writing a Good Prompt Answer is Important

A well-crafted, engaging answer to the “Typical Sunday” prompt can help improve your chances of finding a match on Hinge.

It can also help start up a conversation.

When you answer this prompt effectively, you’re doing more than just providing information about your Sunday routine.

You’re giving a glimpse into your inner world and core lifestyle values.

You’re highlighting how you spend your free time, which is the most valuable thing you have. 

If your prompt answer is engaging and provokes curiosity, people will be drawn to send you a message and chat.

By mentioning a specific activity that catches someone’s attention, you’re using this prompt to drop a great conversation starter.

Best Ways to Answer the ‘Typical Sunday’ Prompt on Hinge

The key to answering the ‘Typical Sunday’ Hinge prompt is to convey your interests and how you spend your leisure time in a way that’s both engaging and true to your personality.

When crafting your response to this prompt, focus on being authentic, giving descriptive example activities, and putting out a variety of different things you like to do.

It can be helpful to reflect on your past dating experiences or relationships and think about your best memories of spending a weekend together.

What activities or experiences did you enjoy that you’d want to do again with a new partner?

With that in mind, here are our tips for some specific ways to craft a strong answer to this prompt.

Lead with Humor

When answering this prompt, throwing in some humor is an effective way to grab a potential match’s attention and show off your fun side.

You can use witty remarks and funny stories to describe your Sundays to make your answer engaging and evocative.

For example, if your typical Sunday involves trying out new recipes, share a lighthearted story about a cooking mishap.

If you usually go for a hike, find the humor in your experiences, like mentioning a hiking disaster or success or just by showing your lighthearted perspective.

Example prompt answers could be:

Mistaking my sneakers for hiking boots, attempting a hike that inevitably feels way harder than its AllTrails rating, then recovering with a hot bath.

Arguing with Google Maps about the best route to get to the trailhead of the new hike I’m trying.

Showcase Your Values

Sharing activities that reflect your values and priorities allows potential matches to gain a better understanding of who you are as a person.

This approach to the “Typical Sunday” prompt can be ideal for those looking for a long-term relationship or life partner on Hinge.

For example, if you value self-care, mention the type of routine you follow on Sundays to unwind and tend to yourself.

If you prioritize your health and fitness, highlight the gym sessions or outdoor activities you do on a regular basis.

For example:

A digital detox: unplugging from screens, long walks through nature, journaling at coffee shops, and a bubble bath to end the day.


Morning loving-kindness meditation, a hearty brunch out, and a trip to the bookstore to find this week’s read.

Provide an Authentic Snapshot

Being honest and authentic are crucial in crafting good answer for this prompt.

Don’t cultivate a glamorous or idealized version of your Sundays.

Share a realistic description that balances your true everyday habits with unique elements of how you love to spend your free time.

A well-rounded and genuine portrayal of your Sunday encourages others to envision themselves as part of your life.

Revealing your quirks and guilty pleasures won’t be off-putting; it’ll add to your charm and make your profile even better.

For example, if your Sundays involve binge-watching your favorite shows or indulging in your favorite snack, share that:

Cuddling up with a good book or binge-watching a new TV series, with an oversized bowl of popcorn in hand.

Avoid Oversharing

While authenticity is important, avoid oversharing personal information in your Hinge prompt response.

Strive to strike the right balance between revealing enough to spark interest and maintaining your boundaries and intrigue.

Focus on providing an overview of your Sunday activities without going into excessive detail about the specifics.

Remember, the goal of your prompt answer is to encourage potential matches to learn more about you.

Reflect on Your Hobbies

Consider the activities you enjoy most in life.

What brings you joy, no matter what day of the week you do it?

Whether that’s a particular sport, painting, cooking, or playing with a pet, use it to describe how it can fit into your ideal Sunday routine.

For example, you might say:

Start my day by working on my book, then venture off into the woods with my camera in hand to capture the beauty of nature.

Showcase Personal Growth

Personal growth is an asset in life and can be very attractive.

Use this prompt answer as an opportunity to show how you embrace learning and growth.

If you spend Sundays attending workshops, developing some skill, or investing in yourself in some way, mention that in your response.

For example, you can say:

Learning a few new words in French, trying out a new recipe, and working on my tennis game.

Organize Your Answer

Using bullet points can help break up the text and make it easier for the reader to understand your prompt answer.

For example, you could write:

-Morning meditation to start the day

-Tending to my thriving indoor plant garden

-Ending the day with one of my favorite podcasts

Demonstrate Quirkiness

If you want to stand out and showcase your quirky side, consider mentioning unique or unusual activities in your response.

Blending reality with uniqueness is key in creating an engaging response that makes your profile pop.

Here’s an example “Typical Sunday” prompt answer that’s positively quirky:

A trip to a farmers’ market, then experimenting with new recipes for homemade ice cream – last week’s creation was honey nut cheerios flavor.

Say something that highlights your individuality and is likely to spark curiosity and conversation with potential matches.

How NOT to Answer the ‘Typical Sunday’ Prompt

Here are some common mistakes people make when answering the ‘Typical Sunday’ prompt in their Hinge profile.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can improve your potential to attract high-quality, compatible matches.

DON’T: Overshare

While it’s good to be open and genuine, avoid giving too much information.

Keep your response concise and focused on the main, most catchy and authentic aspects of your Sunday routine.

DON’T: Focus on negatives

Instead of highlighting your boring lack of plans or inability to be productive over the weekend, focus on positive and engaging aspects of your Sundays.

This will present you in a more attractive light and leave a better impression on potential matches.

DON’T: Be vague

While you need to be brief in a prompt answer, make sure to provide enough details to give a clear image of what your life is like.

It’s better to describe a few activities vividly than to blandly list 10 things you do on Sunday.

Also, avoid using clichés or common phrases like just answering with: “brunch with friends.”

DON’T: Mimic other profiles

Let your personality shine through in your response.

Don’t just copy what others have written.

People will have seen it before, and they’ll swipe left out of boredom.

More Example Answers to the ‘Typical Sunday’ Hinge Prompt

Coming up with good answers for the ‘Typical Sunday’ Hinge prompt is all about showcasing your true lifestyle now as well as what you want your ideal lifestyle to look like with a partner.

Think about your own unique interests and potential shared interests that could lead to excitement and curiosity.

Here are some example prompt answers to get you thinking:

Usually starts with me pretending to be a gourmet chef in the kitchen, but somehow ends up looking like a Pinterest fail

You can find me in a fierce battle with my cat for control of the TV remote. Spoiler alert: I usually lose.

A soulful blend of morning yoga, flamenco guitar practice, and growing my ever-expanding collection of obscure vinyl records

Is a rollercoaster of emotions. I start with ambitious plans to clean the entire house, but by noon, I’m binge-watching cat videos on YouTube.

Practicing my interpretive dance moves in the living room while my dog looks on in confusion

‘Pretend to be an adult’ day: I try to do responsible things like laundry, but somehow end up building a fort with my couch cushions instead.

A sport I call ‘extreme napping.’ It’s a lot like regular napping, but with more daring dreams.

Morning: I convince myself I’m going to run a marathon. Evening: I reward myself with a pizza marathon.

Starts with a leisurely brunch at my favorite local café (cappuccino, reading the news, and people-watching). Ends with a sunset hike.

An early morning hike in the nearby nature reserve. It’s my way of recharging for the week ahead.

Unwinding by concocting a new recipe in the kitchen, accompanied by my sous-chef, a.k.a. my dog, Oscar

Plotting world domination over a steamy cup of coffee, followed by a long hike to clear my conscience

Volunteering at the animal shelter, helping furry friends find their forever homes

Mornings are for yoga and meditation. It helps me stay centered and ready to take on whatever the week throws my way.

Sundays are my creative days. I spend them working on my latest art project, experimenting with new recipes, or playing my guitar in the park.

Involves a visit to the local farmer’s market, where I stock up on fresh produce for the week. Then it’s time to experiment in the kitchen.

Exploring new hiking trails or hitting the slopes during the winter

Family time. Which means a home-cooked meal and board games with the whole group.

Starts with a morning jog, followed by a trip to the bookstore. If I make it out by sunset, I’ll try a new recipe.

Using Other Hinge Prompts Effectively

In addition to the ‘Typical Sunday’ prompt, Hinge offers tons of other prompts to help you create a rich profile and meaningfully connect with potential matches.

Let’s explore some of these other popular prompts and how to use them effectively in your Hinge profile.

By using these prompts effectively, along with a “Typical Sunday” prompt, you can create a compelling and well-rounded Hinge profile that showcases different bits of who you are.

Two Truths and a Lie

The “Two Truths and a Lie” prompt is a fun way to showcase your personality, interests, and experiences.

To answer this prompt, think of two true facts about yourself and make up one lie.

This prompt encourages your potential matches to message you and try to figure out the lie.

When writing your three pointers, be creative and choose facts that will spark curiosity and conversation.

My Most Irrational Fear

Sharing your most irrational fear is an opportunity to reveal a more vulnerable side of yourself, which can be endearing to potential matches.

Or, you can just say something silly.

Be honest and open about your fear, and don’t worry about being judged—everyone has their unique quirks.

This prompt can also serve as an icebreaker and start up interesting conversations about weird phobias.

My Simple Pleasures

Using the “My Simple Pleasures” prompt, you can showcase the small things in life that bring you joy.

This prompt gives others insight into what makes you happy and can help build connections with those who share similar interests.

When answering this prompt, be genuine and specific—rather than saying “spending time outdoors,” mention something like “watching the sunset over the mountains from my favorite park bench.”

A Life Goal of Mine

When you share a life goal, it shows potential matches that you have ambition and a sense of direction.

Choose a goal that’s truly important to you and that you’re willing and excited to discuss with others.

It could be anything from a professional milestone to a personal desire, like traveling to every continent.

Together, We Could

With the “Together, We Could” prompt, you can paint a picture of a shared experience or activity with a potential future partner.

This can help create a sense of connection and highlight shared interests or values.

When answering this prompt, focus on fun, engaging, or meaningful experiences that you would want to share with someone special.

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