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Struggling to write a good dating profile?

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We create authentic dating profiles that get high-quality matches.

By selecting your best photos and writing you a catchy bio, we’ll provide you with a new dating profile that’ll help you attract compatible matches on any dating app: Hinge, Match, Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, eharmony, and more.

Hi, I'm Dan.
founder & director of The Match Lab

I’m a social psychologist and dating expert with a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, a master’s degree in psychology from UCLA, and a PhD candidacy in psychology from UCLA. I’m also an award-winning writer, poet, and comedian.

I’ve spent years analyzing how people behave on dating apps. By tracking behavioral data from millions of dating app users, I’ve figured out why some dating profiles succeed and others fail.

​I run The Match Lab with a single purpose: to help you achieve your dating goals. I’ll create you a new dating profile that’s designed to attract high-quality matches on any dating app (Hinge, Match, Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, eharmony, and any others).

We proudly serve clients of any age, gender, and sexual orientation.

“Working with Dan was a pleasure: he was responsive, thoughtful, and meticulous every step of the way. Most of all, he helped me cut through the noise and craft a profile that conveys who I uniquely am and that attracts the kind of people I want to meet.”

- Jordan M.
“Using the profile Dan wrote me, I started getting more compatible matches on Hinge, having better conversations on the app, and going on better dates. It was a game-changer.”
- Craig R.
“I can’t believe I wasted so much time on dating apps before hiring The Match Lab.”
- Sarah F.

“The Match Lab is special. Hiring them is the best investment you can make in your dating life.”

- Anthony P.

Stop guessing how to create a good dating profile.

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