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100 Women Reveal How to Write a Good Tinder Bio as a Guy

Want to know how to write a good Tinder bio as a guy?

We conducted a scientific study on just that. Here’s what we found.

100 Women Share Tips on Writing the Best Tinder Bios for Guys

We Conducted a Study on What a Good Male Tinder Bio Actually Looks Like:

At The Match Lab, we study the science of online dating.

We conduct research on what makes for a good dating profile. We then use our insights to offer dating profile writing services and our dating photo analyzer that are backed by science and data.

Our Study Methodology:

In this new study, to gather intel on how guys can write a good Tinder bios that attract women, we surveyed 100 women around the United States.

All of the women we surveyed were single, straight, and actively using Tinder. We asked these women what they thought makes for a good Tinder bio for men.

The women we surveyed shared their tips on how to get more likes on Tinder as a guy by writing the best bio possible.

From our study, we found that women kept mentioning the same set of points over and over again when sharing what they look for in a guy’s Tinder bio.

Our Findings: The top 24 tips for writing a good Tinder bio as a guy.

1. Write About Your Hobbies and Passions

The women we surveyed said they’re really interested in reading about a guy’s interests in his Tinder bio.

Guys, women want to know what hobbies you have, what you like to do for fun when you’re not on Tinder, and what you’re passionate about. Writing about your interests is a great way you unique from the hundreds of other guys showing up on a woman’s Tinder feed on any given day.

By talking about your hobbies, you increase the chance that women will feel they have things in common with you and you also show what makes you an interesting person to spend time with.

By sharing your passions, you showcase what makes you light up. Women find passion sexy in a guy. It doesn’t matter what you’re passionate about; just express yourself confidently and share what things you care about.

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2. Be Funny — Lighten Up and Use Humor

Humor is one of the most attractive qualities in a guy. Research shows that women are drawn to guys with a sense of humor who can make them laugh. In our study, we found that the best bios on Tinder often use humor. Simply put, funny Tinder bios are good Tinder bios.

The women we surveyed emphasized that they don’t want a guy who takes himself too seriously. You don’t need to be a professional comedian to make your bio funny. Just show that you can joke about yourself, your quirks, your embarrassing moments in life, and any eccentric interests or talents you have. Show that you’re comfortable being vulnerable and self-deprecating in who you are.

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3. Be Authentic and Genuine

The women we surveyed hammered this point home: Guys should be authentic and genuine in their Tinder bio.

Guys, women want to know what your personality is like. Try not to be too corny or cliché. That means you should avoid saying things that any guy out there could just copy and paste into his bio. It’s best to avoid pickup lines or generic jokes.

You never know how much in common you might have with your match. You won’t find out what you have in common unless you express yourself authentically.

4. Share What You Look for in a Partner

It’s often a good idea to share what you look for in a partner within your bio. That way, when the type of woman you want to meet looks at your profile, she’ll know she’s compatible with your ideals. Similarly, women who aren’t a good fit for you can filter themselves out from matching with you.

This is a good way to save yourself time and attract the kind of person you actually want to be with. Good bios for Tinder don’t just focus on what you’re like; they also focus on what your ideal partner is like.

5. Say What You’re Looking for on Tinder

This tip adds to the previous one. In addition to describing what you look for in a partner, it can also be a good idea to describe what type of relationship you’re looking for on Tinder.

Share how serious you are about dating and getting into a relationship or not. Be open and honest about what whether you’re looking for something long-term or just a hookup. When you state what you are looking for in your Tinder profile bio, women on the app know what your intentions are before deciding whether to swipe right or left on you.

And if you’re set on wanting some specific type of relationship, definitely include that in your bio. You’ll be more likely to find what you’re looking for.

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6. Use Proper Spelling and Grammar

This is an obvious one, guys. The best Tinder profiles don’t have typos. Having spelling mistakes and bad grammar in your bio will tank how many Tinder likes you have coming in.

7. Don’t Write Too Much or Too Little

Good Tinder bios strike a balance between being too short and too long. There isn’t any strict cutoff of how long a Tinder bio should be, but anything less than a sentence is definitely too short and anything more than a few paragraphs is definitely too long.

Some people believe that the less you write in your Tinder bio as a guy, the more mysterious and attractive you seem. To some women, this may be true. But on the whole, having a very short bio will turn off more women than it will turn on.

If your bio is too short, then you run the risk of seeming boring, lazy, inarticulate, or emotionally unavailable. But if you put too much detail in your bio, then you may come off as verbose, self-centered, or indecisive, and you may lose people’s attention and lessen their interest in getting to know you in person. There’s a fine balance when it comes to the ideal Tinder bio length.

At the minimum, write enough to give a brief sense of who you are and what you’re like. Ideally, write enough to catch a woman’s attention and makes her want to start a conversation with you. Once you feel like you’ve done that, then it’s time to stop writing. Each line of your bio should serve a purpose; it should add value and heighten a woman’s interest in you.

8. Use Emojis Thoughtfully and Sparingly

Using an emoji or two in your Tinder bio can be a great way to show personality, emotion, and humor. But for guys, going too heavy on emojis can hurt your chances of attracting women. It’s best to use emojis thoughtfully and sparingly, only when they serve a clear purpose and add unique value to what you’re saying.

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9. Share a Fun Fact as a Conversation Starter

Many of the women we surveyed said they love a good fun fact about a guy in his Tinder bio and that it makes for a great conversation starter.

So, consider adding a fun fact about yourself in your bio. Keep it short and sweet.

10. Be Unique and Original

One of the reasons why it’s so hard to write a good Tinder bio is that the best Tinder bios are unique and original. Good Tinder bios are never made by copy and pasting generic text.

When writing about your hobbies and interests, try to focus more on any quirky, eccentric, strange stuff you’re into. You want something in your profile that immediately stands out, catches a woman’s eye, and takes her mind off of swiping autopilot.

Show your personality by including a mix of both serious and funny information about yourself. And avoid clichés. Women have heard that guys are “looking for the Jim to my Pam” a thousand times.

11. Be Goofy and Playful

Take Tinder seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. The women we surveyed emphasized that they want a guy who can be goofy and playful.

One way to appear more playful in your Tinder bio is to share some pros and cons of dating you. Try to keep things light and avoid excessively long lists.

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12. Be Honest

Always be truthful in your Tinder bio. That means no lying about your height (women will find out anyway if you meet up with them) and don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Avoid exaggerating your interests or accomplishments. Be honest, genuine, and authentic.

13. Share Any Dealbreakers You May Have

To save yourself and the women of Tinder time, it’s best to disclose any dating dealbreakers you may have in your bio.

For example, if you only date people of a certain religion, then write that in your bio.

14. Avoid Saying Anything Sexual

The women we surveyed made it very clear that they don’t want to read anything sexual in your Tinder bio.

Save it for an appropriate time later on, guys.

15. Be Respectful

This one’s simple, but it’s a common mistake guys make on Tinder. Just don’t be creepy, misogynistic, or disrespectful.

Go ahead and be flirtatious, but don’t do it in poor taste. Always treat women appropriately and respectfully.

16. Be Positive and Avoid Cursing

Stay positive and talk about what you like and are looking for, rather than what you don’t like or are not looking for.

The women we surveyed emphasized that they want a guy who is fun, not a guy who is negative or critical.

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17. Talk About Your Pets

First off, definitely include a photo of your pet in your Tinder profile if you have one. In addition to that, it can be a good idea to share your pet’s name somewhere in your bio.

It’s one of the best Tinder conversation starters.

18. Share What Your Ideal Date Looks Like

It can be beneficial to write about what your ideal date would be, whether you want to talk about your preferred first date or paint a picture of what you’d like to do on a later date.

It can tell a lot about who you are and the things you like.

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19. Avoid Being Too Political

If it’s important to date someone who has the same political views as you, then that can be good to mention in your bio.

But beyond that, the women we surveyed commented that guys should avoid being too political in their Tinder bios.

20. Share What Goals You Have in Life

Your goals say a lot about you. By sharing what life goals you have within your Tinder bio, you can give women a sense of what you value, your work ethic, and how much fun you are.

21. Don’t Brag

Be honest and straightforward, but don’t come across as overly cocky or full of yourself.

The women we surveyed said it’s a huge turnoff when guys boast about their income, wealth, cars, house, or career in their bio.

22. *Maybe* Include Your Height

Should guys put their height in their Tinder bio? It’s a controversial question, according to our study.

The women we surveyed were fairly split on this. Many women complained that they hate when guys say their height in their bio, while other women said they wish more guys would state their height.

Based on our study’s findings, our advice is to put your height in your bio if (a) you feel that your height is an important, defining part of who you are or (b) you feel that women might be very surprised by your height if they were to meet you in person for a first date. If neither of these apply to you, then it’s probably best to refrain from mentioning your height.

23. Include a Question

Want a surefire way to increase your odds of getting more Tinder messages? Include a question for your matches to answer within your bio. If you have some type of question in your bio, you’re more likely to have women message you first.

Plus, responding to a question in someone’s bio is one of the best ways to start a conversation on Tinder.

And keep in mind that most of the time, women don’t send the first message on Tinder. The burden of writing a good Tinder opener usually falls on guys. By including a question in your bio, you make it more likely that women will be the ones starting a convo with you instead, which will make you stand out from the crowd of other guys.

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24. Write with Your Target Match in Mind

Remember, it’s not just about how many likes you’re getting on Tinder but about what types of people are sending you likes.

For most people, online dating is a game of quality over quantity. That means whom you match with is more important than how many people you match with.

So guys, don’t try to write a bio that every single woman on Tinder will like. Write the bio that the woman of your dreams will love.

Want Help Writing Your Tinder Bio?

Hire Our Professional Tinder Profile Writer:

Hopefully the tips we shared above can provide some Tinder profile help for guys looking to get more likes and better matches.

But let’s face it: writing a good Tinder bio is hard.

And there aren’t any Tinder profile templates that actually work for every guy. Each person is unique, and generic Tinder bio ideas aren’t helpful.

We at The Match Lab have spent years studying the science of how to write a great Tinder bio. We’ve mastered the craft of writing the best Tinder bios for guys.

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