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10 Things to Know About Tinder Super Likes


What is a Super Like on Tinder?

On Tinder, the Super Like is a premium feature that allows you to express a specially higher level of interest in another user.

A Super Like is more than just a regular “like”

By sending someone a Super Like, you’re showing them that you’re more invested in their profile and want to match with them more than anyone else on your feed.

Here are 10 key things to know about Tinder Super Likes:

1. How Super Likes Work

On Tinder, a Super Like is a “like” on steroids.

It’s a way to tell someone on Tinder that you’re really interested in matching with them.

When you Super Like someone’s profile, they receive a notification that you’ve Super Liked them.

This will make your profile stand out to them, increasing the chances of forming a match and starting a conversation.

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How to Send a Super Like on Tinder:

To Super Like someone on Tinder, you have to tap the blue star icon.

When you do this, your Super Like will be sent to that person, and your profile will be prioritized for them.

If they swipe right on you in return, it immediately becomes a match.

How Many Free Super Likes Do You Get on Tinder?

Free Tinder users receive one Super Like to give away per day.

However, if you upgrade to Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinum, you get multiple Super Likes daily.

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2. What Does a Super Like Do?

Sending a Super Like to someone sends them a notification with your profile highlighted, increasing the chances that they notice you and potentially match with you.

Using Super Likes can increase your chances of matching with someone by 300% compared to regular likes.

Plus, Super Likes can make for better conversations on Tinder. Conversations that start with a Super Like are almost twice as a long as those from a regular like.

So, make the most of this feature by Super Liking profiles you’re genuinely interested in and stand out from the crowd.

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3. What the Blue Star Means on Tinder

When you Super Like someone on Tinder, a blue star appears on your profile when it shows up in their photo stack.

This blue star visually indicates to them that you’ve Super Liked them and sets your profile apart from others in their swipe queue, increasing the likelihood of them matching with you.

How to know if someone super liked you on Tinder:

If you see a blue star on someone’s profile when you’re swiping, it means that person has Super Liked you.

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4. Differences Between Like and Super Like on Tinder

There are a few key differences between a regular like (swipe right) and a Super Like on Tinder.

Super Likes make your profile more visible to the person than a regular like does, as your profile features a blue star and is highlighted in their swipe stack when you Super Like them.

The person you Super Like will receive a special notification from you, while a regular like doesn’t send any notification.

These two qualities make it so that the person you send a Super Like to is more likely to pay attention to your profile compared to a regular like.

Super Likes are more limited than regular likes.

Users have a limited number of Super Likes per day to use, whereas regular likes are unlimited.

This makes Super Likes more valuable and meaningful than a simple swipe right.

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5. How to Super Like a Profile on Tinder

To Super Like a profile on Tinder, simply tap the blue star icon located at the bottom of the screen while viewing the person’s profile.

Or, you can just swipe up on the profile (instead of swiping right).

When you Super Like someone, they’ll receive a notification with a blue banner, and you usually appear closer in their match queue, so they can swipe on you more quickly.

6. You Get One Free Super Like a Day

As a free Tinder user, you’ll have access to one free Super Like every 24 hours.

Keep in mind that once you use your daily Super Like, you’ll have to wait for 24 hours to get the next one.

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7. More Super Likes for Premium Subscribers

If you’re a Tinder Gold or Platinum subscriber, you have access to way more Super Likes.

These Super Likes do not carry over, so make sure to use them before they expire.

8. Perceptions of Super Likes and What That Means

The Attractive vs. Desperate Debate

When you use a Super Like on Tinder, it can be a powerful way to show someone that they stand out from the crowd to you.

Some users might perceive a Super Like as desperate, thinking that you’re trying too hard to get their attention.

On the other hand, some people find it attractive, as it highlights your genuine interest in them and makes them feel special.

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Keeping a balance is key.

You want to express that you find someone interesting without coming off as needy.

Only send Super Likes to people you feel you’re truly compatible with.

9. Managing Accidental Super Likes

Accidental Super Likes can happen on Tinder.

If you accidentally Super Liked someone, don’t panic.

You can just unmatch with the person after the match occurs, or send them a message explaining it was a mistake if you don’t want to ghost them entirely.

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10. Tinder Super Likes vs Features on Other Dating Apps

The Super Like feature on Tinder allows you to express your special interest in a potential match.

By sending a Super Like, your profile is prioritized for the person you’ve sent it to, and if they like you back, you’ll have a better chance of matching.

Bumble, another popular dating app, features Super Likes that are called SuperSwipes.

Similar to Tinder’s Super Likes, Bumble SuperSwipes let you indicate a heightened interest in someone.

Hinge offers a slightly different approach.

As their special liking feature, Hinge users have the opportunity to send a Rose to another user.

The Rose is Hinge’s equivalent of the Super Like.

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Summing Up the Tinder Super Like

Tinder Super Likes allow you to express your interest in someone beyond the traditional right-swipe.

By swiping up or tapping the blue Super Like icon, the person you’re interested in will see that you’ve Super Liked them, which may encourage them to swipe right on you, increasing your chances of matching with them.

Tinder Gold and Platinum subscribers receive more free Super Likes than free plan users.

Unused Super Likes on subscription plans do expire, so make sure to take advantage of them while you have them.

If you want more Super Likes, you can buy more at any time.

While some may view Super Likes as desperate or creepy, others consider them a valuable tool for standing out among the many profiles on Tinder.

A well-placed Super Like can be genuine and make someone feel valued on Tinder.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tinder Super Likes

Is using Super Likes on Tinder worth it?

Super Likes can be worth it if used strategically.

They can help you stand out from the crowd and get the attention of someone you’re particularly interested in.

However, remember to be selective and not to use Super Likes too liberally, as they may lose their impact if overused.

They can also look desperate if you send them to people out of your league.

How can you see who Super Liked you on Tinder?

When someone Super Likes you, their profile will appear in your card stack with a bright blue star icon.

What’s the difference between Like and Super Like on Tinder?

A Like on Tinder is a basic right-swipe, indicating that you’re interested in someone.

A Super Like, on the other hand, is a more powerful expression of interest, as it lets the person know that you’ve taken the extra step to Super Like them.

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