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9 Best Tinder Pictures for More Likes & Matches (Guys, Women)

If you’re looking for creative ways to get more likes and matches on Tinder, then this article is for you.

9 Best Tinder Pictures for More Likes & Matches (Guys, Women)

There are millions of people competing for attention on Tinder.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you’ll need to use your best pictures in your Tinder profile.

Profile pictures are the most important thing potential matches judge you on. People swiping on Tinder see a lot of the same types of photos over and over again across profiles. Basic headshots, gym selfies, fishing photos, sunglasses pics, and photos with heavy filters.

For your Tinder profile to catch someone’s attention and make a strong impression on potential matches, you’ll need to use photos that are unique and memorable.

Here are the 9 best photos to use on Tinder that’ll get you more likes and matches.

Best Tinder Picture #1: Photos taken in unusual settings

Use photos taken in unique or unusual settings, such as on top of a mountain or at a museum, a library, a recording studio, or an abandoned warehouse. When you use these types of photos in your Tinder profile, your profile can seem more authentic, be visually interesting, and spark conversations with potential matches about your experiences.

Photos from unusual settings can create a sense of intrigue and mystery. Unusual settings can pique the curiosity of potential matches and make you seem more enigmatic and complex. This can make people more interested in learning about you and potentially reaching out to start a conversation. These photos also tend to be more memorable.

Best Tinder Picture #2: Vintage or retro photos

A creative way to improve your Tinder profile is to use photos that have a vintage or retro feel, such as photos with a film grain filter.

Like candid photos, vintage photos can also bring out a pleasant feeling of nostalgia. Vintage and retro photos are a window into the past, giving us a sense of how we used to dress, live, and interact in the past. These photos can give us a warm feeling of good memories and simpler times. Using vintage photos in your Tinder profile can put your potential match in a good mood and make them more likely to send you a like.

Best Tinder Picture #3: A photo that shows off your unique sense of style

An effective way to showcase your personality on Tinder is by including a photo that shows off your unique sense of style. Most people on Tinder will have photos of themselves wearing fairly common, basic outfits. Showing off an eccentric outfit can make your profile stand out from the crowd.

Clothing is a form of self-expression, and a unique style can reflect your personality, creativity, and confidence. When someone wears clothing that is different from the norm, it can be a sign that they are comfortable in their own skin and willing to stand out from the crowd. Showing off your unique style on Tinder can show that you’re comfortable taking risks and being noticed, which can be attractive to others.

Best Tinder Picture #4: A photo with an unusual pet

While dog and cat photos are common on dating profiles, consider taking a photo with an unusual pet like a snake, tarantula, or hedgehog. This can show that you’re open to new experiences in life and can connect with animals.

Best Tinder Picture #5: A photo that highlights your eccentric hobbies

If you have any unique or eccentric hobby or interest, consider including a photo that showcases it in your Tinder profile.

Research shows that most people want to date someone who shares some things in common with them while also having a unique set of interests, hobbies, and skills. By showing that you have some unique hobbies your potential matches probably don’t share, you can make yourself more attractive and showcase your individuality, which can make people more excited to get to know you.

Hobbies are often something that people are passionate about, and when someone talks about their hobby with enthusiasm and excitement, it can be contagious and make others more interested in what they have to say.

Hobbies also often require skill and expertise, which can be impressive to others. If you’re skilled at an eccentric hobby, it can show that you have dedication and a good work ethic, which are attractive qualities in a romantic partner.

Best Tinder Picture #6: Action shots

Use photos that showcase you actively doing something you love, such as playing a sport, hiking, or dancing. Action shots can be more interesting than static photos and can show potential matches that you’re athletic, passionate, and adventurous.

Best Tinder Picture #7: Creative compositions

Use photos that are creatively composed, such as photos taken from interesting angles or photos that play with depth of field or color contrast. These photos can be striking and can show potential matches that you have a creative eye for detail and aesthetics.

Best Tinder Picture #8: Artistic photos

Use photos that showcase your artistic side, such as photos of you painting, drawing, or playing music. These photos can be visually appealing and can show potential matches that your creative side.

Creativity is attractive because it reflects your ability to think outside of the box and come up with new original ideas and solutions to problems. Creativity is also associated with other positive traits, such as confidence, openness to experience, and a willingness to take risks. These traits can be appealing to others because they make you seem more interesting, engaging, and enjoyable to be around.

Best Tinder Picture #9: Black and white photos

Black and white photos have been around since the early days of photography and are still considered timeless and classic. Using black and white photos on Tinder can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your profile, making you stand out from the crowd.

Black and white photos also tend to have a more dramatic and moody effect than color photos. This can be especially effective if you’re going for a certain vibe or aesthetic on your profile.

Another reason why black and white photos are good for Tinder profiles is that they can be more forgiving than color photos when it comes to skin imperfections, blemishes, and wrinkles. Black and white photos tend to have more contrast and shadows, which can hide flaws and make you look more flattering.

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Common Tinder picture questions:

What are the dimensions of Tinder photos? What is Tinder’s photo size?

Photos on Tinder are displayed with an aspect ratio of 7:10 and widen to a square aspect ratio of 1:1 when clicked on.

How many photos does a Tinder profile have?

A Tinder profile must have minimum of 1 photo and can have a maximum of 9 photos.

What are Tinder’s photo rules? What are Tinder’s photo guidelines?

Photos on Tinder cannot display nudity, sexual content, hate speech, promotion or solicitation, scamming, impersonation, unaccompanied minors, or copyright or trademark infringement.

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