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13 Signs There Will Not Be a Second Date

The harsh reality is that most first dates don’t lead to a second date.

But still, sometimes, It can be hard to tell whether the first date went well or not — and whether or not any second date lies ahead.

Here are 13 signs there will be no second date:

13 Signs There Will Not Be a Second Date

1. No Eye Contact

One of the most telling signs that there’s a lack of chemistry between two people is the absence of eye contact.

When your date avoids making eye contact with you on a first date, it indicates one of two things: either (a) they’re just an awkward person or (b) they’re not interested in getting to know you.

Maintaining eye contact is key in making meaningful connections and developing a sense of closeness with someone. That’s why many people find it difficult to make good eye contact on a date with someone they’re not interested in.

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2. Lack of Physical Touch

Not every first date has physical touch.

But, there being no physical touch at all on a first date can be a sign that there isn’t enough compatibility and interest for a second date.

Lacking physical touch can be an indicator of a low level of comfort and attraction between two people. If you notice that your date is avoiding touching you or seems uncomfortable with any form of physical contact, it’s a sign that the chemistry might not be there.

3. Weak Conversation

Good conversation is crucial for creating a bond with someone on a first date.

When your conversation stays in small talk, feels stiff, lacks depth, lacks any playfulness or flirt, and is filled with awkward silences, it’s a sign that there’s likely no connection between you and this other person.

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4. No Shared Interests

Shared interests create a foundation for a strong relationship.

If you can’t find any common interests or hobbies between you and your date, then it might mean you’re not compatible or able to connect, and a second date doesn’t feel so exciting.

Having something in common makes it easier to understand each other. When you and a date have nothing in common, it’s hard to feel close or even to think of ideas of what you’d enjoy doing together on a second date.

5. Differing Lifestyles

You and your date having drastically differing lifestyles can reduce the odds of having chemistry.

If you notice that your lifestyle preferences are vastly different from your date’s, it might be difficult to establish a connection or imagine a future together where you integrate one another’s lives into one.

It’s essential to find a partner whose lifestyle and beliefs aligns with your own, so as to build a healthy and compatible relationship where you can thrive and grow together.

6. Disinterest in Asking Questions

One of the first red flags you may notice on a bad first date is that your date isn’t interested in asking you questions.

Asking open-ended questions is so essential in creating a connection and showing interest on a first date.

Sure, some people aren’t that good at asking questions.

But if your date shows less and less interest in getting to know you as your first date goes on, and just doesn’t seem to be making the effort to ask questions, it’s a clear sign they’re not looking for a second date.

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7. Excessive Interrogation

Now, asking questions isn’t always a good thing on a date…

Excessive interrogation can also be a warning sign that there’s no second date ahead.

If your date continuously grills you with questions that make you feel under attack or judgment, it can make the date feel more like an interview or interrogation. This might show a lack of trust on your date’s part, which might make you uncomfortable and less likely to pursue a second date.

8. Inability to Schedule a Second Date

Even if you leave the first date thinking it went well, you might still have yet to realize there’s no second date in store.

After the date, it’s time to text.

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If your date seems unable or unwilling to schedule a second date, then they’re probably being avoidant because they’re not that interested in seeing you again.

If your date is continually evasive or non-committal about planning a second date, then it’s time to cut your losses and move on.

You could find yourself constantly trying to pin down a date without success, which will feel frustrating and confusing. It sucks. Some people just have difficulty saying no and instead act avoidantly because it feels easier or more polite to them.

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9. Ghosted After the First Date

Being ghosted after the first date is a major red flag.

If your date suddenly stops responding to your messages or completely disappears without explanation, well, that’s ghosting. And it can be hurtful and confusing.

This kind of behavior shows that the other person’s is unable to communicate maturely and respectfully. They’re not the person for you. As much as being ghosted by someone you like might hurt, it shows you that this person wouldn’t make a good partner for you anyway.

When someone ghosts you, especially recurrently, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever be ready to meet you for a second date.

10. Lack of Fun

First dates should be fun.

If you notice that neither you nor the other person seems to be enjoying a first date, then this is a red flag that a second date is unlikely.

A successful first date involves both parties having fun, feeling immersed in conversations, enjoying each other’s presence, and genuinely connecting with one another.

When a first date lacks fun, it means having stiff small talk, struggling through awkward silences, and feeling distracted by things that take attention off of one another.

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11. Negative Vibes

Another strong sign that there will be no second date is when the overall vibe during a first date is negative.

A negative vibe can come in many forms, like poor body language, boring conversations, or a general feeling of discomfort. Overall, you just won’t feel like a very good version of yourself around this other person.

If your date avoids eye contact, crosses their arms, turns their body away from you, doesn’t reciprocate when you share personal stories or interests, or looks tense, then that’s a negative energy hinting at no second date.

Try to stay present in the moment and be in touch with your feelings while on a first date. If the date isn’t an enjoyable experience for both you and the other person, it’s best not to have a second date. Trust your instincts and follow how you feel.

12. Body Language Signs

During a first date, try to observe your date’s body language to get a sense of how interested they might be in a second date.

For example, if their arms are crossed or they’re leaning away from you, it’s a sign that they might not be interested.

Avoiding eye contact can also hint at a lack of interest, as can a general feeling that your date looks bored and low-energy.

Low interest in or awkward receptions to physical touch are reliable indicators that the chemistry might not be there.

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13. Phone Distractions

An easy-to-notice sign that there won’t be a second date is if your date is constantly checking their phone or seems more engaged with their phone than with you.

This behavior shows a lack of consideration and respect for you and your time. It shows that they’re not engaged in conversation with you and they’re not invested in getting to know you better.

Remember to pay attention to your own behavior during the date, in addition to observing the other person’s behavior. When you practice open and positive body language and minimize your own distractions, you can take better control over a first date and increase the likelihood of it going well.

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Sometimes, It’s Just Not a Good Match

Knowing When to Move On

It’s important to recognize when you’re not a good match with someone.

Even if you had a pleasant first date, or great banter leading up to the date, certain signs are telltale in saying that a second date is unlikely.

If you feel that there is a low chance of seeing this person again for a second date, then it’s better to be honest with yourself and acknowledge this earlier rather than later so you can set your expectations realistically, instead of hoping for something that may never come.

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