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6 Things You Need to Know About Going on a Hinge Date

6 Things You Need to Know About Going on a Hinge Date

When you land a first date with someone from Hinge, you should feel good about it.

It’s natural to feel nervous before a first date, and in fact most people do.

Here are 6 tips for making your first Hinge date go well.

6 Tips for Going on a First Date with a Hinge Match

1. Good Ideas for a Hinge First Date

When planning a first date with your Hinge match, consider activities that will allow both of you to have good conversation and get to know each other better, while also having fun and doing something engaging.

Here are some ideas for what to do on a Hinge first date:

  • Visit a local park or botanical garden: A scenic outdoor setting allows you both to enjoy nature while having good opportunity to talk. Plus, being outdoors reduces stress and improves mood.
  • Go to a coffee shop or tea house: Opt for a cozy and intimate setting rather than a noisy or crowded venue. This makes conversation easier. This date idea is also quick, cheap, and easy to get out of if the date is going poorly. Read our coffee date guide for more tips.
  • Do an interactive activity: Whether it’s a museum, art gallery, or themed escape room, engaging in an interactive shared experience can make the conversation flow more naturally and add an element of excitement to the date, while helping you bond as you navigate your space as a team.
  • Attend a local event or festival: Exploring an event happening in your area allows you to bond over a new experience.
  • Go out to a restaurant: Sharing a meal is a classic first date idea. It can be more expensive, lengthy, and feel more serious, though, so keep that in mind.
  • Go on a hike: Going on a hike is a great first date if you’re both nature lovers. Read our hiking date guide for more tips.

No matter what you do, your goal for a Hinge first date is to create a comfortable environment where you and your match can build on the connection you’ve initiated through the app.

Choose a date that feels like a natural extension of your Hinge conversation and feels compatible with each of your personalities.

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2. Meeting in Person Safely

Prioritize your safety when meeting a Hinge match in person.

Make sure you first communicate and establish trust through the app and exchange a few messages to get a sense of the person.

Meet in a public place where you’ll be surrounded by other people.

You can let someone close to you know about your plans, including the date, time, and location for extra safety.

3. Making a Great First Impression

First impressions matter on a Hinge date. Your conversation on the app isn’t the only first impression; your first impression in person matters too.

Present yourself confidently and authentically. Dress appropriately for whatever date activity you go with and be on time. When you greet your date, extend a handshake or hug, maintain eye contact, and consider offering a genuine compliment.

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4. Conversation Topics for a Hinge Date

A good conversation is the basis for a good first date, whether with someone you met on Hinge or anywhere else.

Make sure to listen actively and ask open-ended questions to encourage your date to share more about their experiences and interests.

Discuss topics that have to do with interests, hobbies, and experiences you two have in common and avoid controversial topics like politics or past relationships.

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Some great conversation starters for a Hinge date include discussing travel experiences, hobbies, passions, life goals, books you’ve read, TV shows, movies, career goals, pop culture, and any common ground you discovered through the app.

Remember, being genuine, present, attentive, and relaxed as well as showing interested in your date will help make your first Hinge date enjoyable and memorable.

5. Reflecting on Compatibility and Dating Goals

After a Hinge date, you should reflect on whether you and your date were compatible and seem to have to same dating goals. You might not know for sure after just one date, so if you enjoyed your time with the other person, then be open to a second date to feel things out further.

Ask yourself if your values and interests align, and if there’s potential for developing a deeper connection and having this person be a positive addition to your life.

Consider what you’re looking for in a partner more broadly and if your Hinge date seems to match those expectations or if they aren’t aligned with your ideal partner.

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6. Deciding to Pursue a Second Date

When deciding if you want to pursue a second date, keep in mind that chemistry might not always be instant from a first date (though be attentive to these key signs).

Sometimes, it takes more than one date to feel connected with someone.

However, if there was no feeling of chemistry at all, if you were totally disinterested, or if you had clashing values and opinions, it would be better to move on and skip on a second date.

When planning a second date, consider choosing an activity that has to do with a shared interest you two have or something else that builds on the first date and takes you two into a different type of setting.

Not sure whether your Hinge date is interested in a second date or not?

Check out these signs they’re probably interested and these signs they’re probably NOT interested.

How to Get More Hinge Dates

Send an Engaging Opening Line to Your Hinge Match

Once you match with someone on Hinge, the most important thing you need to do is send a great opening line that stimulates interest and starts conversation.

Avoid generic messages like “Hey” or “What’s up?” These openers kill conversations; they don’t start then.

You’ll want to tailor your opening line to your match’s profile, highlighting a shared interest or commenting on or asking about one of their photos or prompts. This demonstrates that you’ve taken the time to read their profile, increasing the likelihood of getting a response from them.

For some proven examples, check out these Hinge conversation starters that are known to be effective.

Keeping the Conversation Going with Good Hinge Questions

One way to maintain a lively and interesting conversation and keep your Hinge match responding to your messages is by asking great questions.

Open-ended questions work best, as they give the other person more room to share insights or experiences.

Remember, if your conversation dies out, you lose your chance of landing that coveted Hinge date.

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Building a Genuine Connection with a Hinge Match

Creating a genuine connection with someone on Hinge requires active listening, playfulness, emotional maturity, and authenticity.

Show interest in your match’s values, beliefs, and experiences by asking thoughtful questions, and share your own stories and experiences to help establish common ground and avoid the conversation feeling like a one-sided interview.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable; sharing personal information is a key way to deepen the bond between you both, even when just messaging on a dating app.

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Moving from Hinge to a First Date

When you feel that your Hinge conversation has reached a high point where you’re both genuinely interested and have built some rapport, it’s time to initiate the plans for a first date.

Express your intentions clearly and confidently.

For example, you could say, “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you on here, and it’d be nice to chat more. Would you like to meet for coffee sometime soon?”

If they’re interested in going out on a date, then follow up by making specific plans (e.g. place, date, time) to avoid any uncertainty and to prevent ghosting.

Creating a Great Hinge Profile to Get More Dates

Before even matching with anyone on Hinge, the first thing you need to do to get more dates is to create a good profile.

This means selecting six great photos and writing three great prompts.

We’ve published guides on what makes for a good Hinge profile picture and what makes for a good Hinge prompt, which you can read by clicking on the links here.

Hinge Profile Pictures

Use a variety of photos in your Hinge profile to express different aspects of your life. Your profile pictures should reflect your personality, values, and lifestyle, as this will help attract matches with shared interests and compatibility.

To have our advanced dating photo selection algorithm pick out your best six profile pictures for you, you can use our dating photo analyzer.

Hinge Prompts

Hinge prompts are an essential tool to spark conversation and give matches insights into your personality, values, and interests. Choose prompts that genuinely reflect who you are, whether that’s related to your hobbies, background, job, values, travel experiences, life goals, quirks, or anything important to you.

To have a Hinge profile expert select your three prompts and write prompt answers for you, you can use our dating profile writing service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hinge Dates

How to prepare for your first Hinge date?

Before going on your first Hinge date, take some time to understand the other person’s interests and preferences through their Hinge profile and from the conversation you had with them on the app or over text.

Choose a comfortable and public location for the meeting, dress comfortably and confidently, and have some possible conversation topics and questions on hand. Knowing about any shared interests you and your date have can be helpful for easing any worry about not knowing what to talk about.

How to ensure Hinge date safety?

To ensure safety on your Hinge date, meet in a public place with plenty of other people around, such as a café, bar, restaurant, museum, or a crowded park.

Let a close friend or family member know your plans and share your location with them. Don’t be hesitant to end the date early if you feel uncomfortable. Trust your instincts and prioritize your safety.

Ideal first Hinge date duration?

The ideal length of a first Hinge date varies depending on personal preferences and how well you connect as well as what type of activity you’re doing.

A Hinge first date generally should be between 45 minutes to two hours. This is enough time to get to know each other but not overwhelming or overly invested. Remember that quality time is more important than the length of the date.

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Effective Hinge conversation starters?

Starting a conversation on Hinge can be as simple as asking about your match’s favorite hobbies, movies, or vacation spots.

You’ll want to take inspiration from their profile, including their photos or prompt answers, to initiate a meaningful conversation. For example, if you both have a shared interest in hiking, ask about their favorite trails and experiences.

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How to ask for a second date after a good first date from Hinge?

If you enjoyed your first Hinge date and want to see the person again, express your interest and suggest another date idea.

Text them within 24 hours of the first date.

Your second date can be an activity you discussed during the first date or something related to your shared interests.

Be genuine and confident when asking them out, and allow them some time to respond and decide if they need it.

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Want Help Creating a Great Hinge Profile?

We at The Match Lab have spent years studying the science of how to write good Hinge prompts and how to select the right photos to use in a Hinge profile.

After years of research, we have developed a dating photo analyzer that uses an algorithm to select any person’s best photos for Hinge, or any other dating app. Just upload some photos of yourself, and our algorithm will reveal which photos you should be using in your Hinge profile and the ideal order they should go in.

We also offer professional dating profile writing services. Our professional Hinge profile writer can write your Hinge prompts for you and help your profile stand out from the crowd.

Get started now, or learn more about us on our website, so you can start getting more likes and better matches on Hinge.

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