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11 Easy First Date Ideas & Tips for Introverts


First dates are tough.

And going on first dates can be especially tough for introverts.

Here are 11 first date ideas and first date tips that can help introverts have better dating experiences.

First Date Ideas for Introverts

When planning a first date as an introvert, the most important thing you can do is choose a calm setting where you feel comfortable, at ease, and authentic.

While every person is different, most introverts thrive when in a location that is less crowded and less noisy, where you can relax in your space and have more meaningful conversations.

Ideally, see if you can do an activity or be in a setting that aligns with your interests, provides a shared experience, or does something else emotionally evocative to strengthen the connection between you and your date.

1. Visit a museum

Visiting museums or art galleries can make for excellent first date ideas for introverts, as these settings typically provide quieter environments with an ideal amount of external stimulation.

That means less pressure on maintaining conversation and more comfort with silence.

These kinds of settings allow you and your date to explore various rooms and spaces together while talking about your interests, passions, and thoughts at your own pace.

2. Go for a walk or hike

Another first date activity that’s great for introverts is going for a walk or a hike. Really anything that involves spending time in nature.

The calming atmosphere of nature can help ease any nerves while you connect with your date and give you plenty of sights around you to talk about.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, then this kind of date venue can help you be yourself in a comfortable space that allows for easy one-on-one conversation.

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3. Explore a bookstore

If you both enjoy reading, visiting a bookstore can be a fun date idea as an introvert.

Being in a bookstore makes it easy to wander around, share your favorite books, discover each other’s tastes, and have a more stimulating and insightful conversation.

This type of date also makes it more natural to spend some time alone during the date as you can take time to explore the store separately.

4. Participate in a workshop or take a class together

Taking part in a shared learning experience, such as a pottery class, cooking workshop, or wine tasting, can be an enjoyable way to connect with someone on a deeper level on a first date.

This type of date also provides you with something active to focus on, rather than just worrying about maintaining conversation.

It’s best to choose activities that align with your personal interests and preferences.

Or, you can try something new together that’s out of both of your comfort zones. When you’re both going beyond your comfort zone, it’ll help you relax together since you share that feeling and empathize with one another.

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First Date Tips for Introverts

5. Keep the date on the shorter side

If you’re worried about feeling burnt out and drained after too much conversation, then it’s best to keep your date on the shorter side.

A good rule of thumb could be keeping your date at around 45 minutes, or up to an hour.

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6. Be gentle with yourself and date your own way

Give yourself permission to take breaks or moments of solitude, both before and after the date, so you have time to recharge and reflect on how you’re feeling.

There’s really no reason introverts can’t have as enjoyable and successful of a first date as extroverts.

Put yourself in a situation where you can present the best version of yourself in respecting and owning your own introverted mind.

Craft your dates to work with your introversion, rather than against it.

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7. Balance small talk with deep conversations

The best first dates strike a balance between small talk and deep conversations.

While small talk helps to break the ice at the start of the date and make each person feel at ease, deep conversations are essential for creating a genuine connection.

As an introvert, you likely prefer discussing ideas and interests over small talk. Don’t be afraid to take the conversation in this direction. It’s ok to go past the small talk pretty quickly on a first date. In fact, the other person will probably appreciate you for it.

But, if you need some icebreakers to get the conversation going, check out this list of 100+ funny questions to ask someone on a first date.

8. Work on active listening

Active listening is a key skill for having a successful conversation on a first date.

And as an introvert, adds are you’re naturally good at this. So, use that to your advantage and let it connect you with your date.

To listen actively, focus on what your date is saying and try to understand their perspective. What’s their point of view and the underlying emotions they’re communicating to you?

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Use nonverbal feedback when listening, such as by nodding and smiling or by mirroring your date’s emotions and body language. This demonstrates that you’re genuinely interested in what they have to say, and that will encourage them to feel more comfortable and open up more to you.

Remember that it’s ok to take some time to process what your date is saying and to think before you respond. There’s no need to start talking the second your date finishes talking. In fact, if you think before you speak, and slow down, your date will likely appreciate your thoughtful responses and feel more relaxed in your presence.

9. Ask open-ended questions

Asking open-ended questions is one of the best ways to keep the conversation flowing on a first date and to get to know someone. Open-ended questions will help your date feel valued and like they have the chance to express themselves more freely.

Questions that invite more thorough, detailed responses will give you and your date more opportunities to learn about one another, as the response one could give to an open-ended questions is unlimited.

When the conversation has unlimited possible directions to go in, it becomes easier for you and your date to find common interests that could set the stage for a deeper connection and future date ideas.

10. Dealing with awkward moments

First dates can be awkward.

If you find yourself in an awkward situation on a date, start by taking a deep breath and staying calm.

Remember that the awkwardness isn’t just about you; it takes two to make an awkward situation. So, your date probably feels awkward too.

And that’s ok. Awkwardness is only bad if you see it as bad, so just accept it as normal and embrace it.

In fact, try cutting the tension by cracking a joke about it to your date. Humor that breaks the third wall of social interaction and points out the unspoken obvious makes any situation become less awkward immediately.

Another way to deal with an awkward moment is just to sit with the awkwardness and show that you’re comfortable with eye contact and being present together in your own skin. That’s a confident move many people find wildly attractive.

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11. Connect over your introversion

If your date is introverted too, then go ahead and talk about that.

Let it be a commonality that bonds you together.

Understanding the Introvert Mind in Dating

Most simply put, being introverted means that you gain energy from spending time alone, while you lose energy if you spend too much time socializing with other people.

Introversion isn’t the same as social anxiety or shyness. It’s just about energy and where your energy comes from.

Clarifying Introvert vs Extrovert

As an introvert, your mind works differently from that of an extrovert.

While the main difference between introverts and extroverts is often thought of in terms of how outgoing a person seems, that’s not really what it’s about.

In reality, the key distinction between introverts and extroverts lies in how each group handles energy.

Extroverts recharge through socializing and spending time with other people, whereas introverts recharge by spending time alone or in more intimate settings with close friends/family.

First dates take a lot of social energy and be draining for introverts. That’s because first dates involve monitoring your social behavior, taking in a lot of cues and information from someone new, and having to carry out an extended conversation that may entail significant small talk.

Being aware of your energy levels and listening to your needs is important when planning and going on a first date.

How to get more first dates from dating apps as an introvert

Hopefully these tips give some insights into how to have a great first date as an introvert.

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