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Is Going for a Walk a Good First Date?

Is Going for a Walk a Good First Date?

Is Going for a Walk a Good First Date?

Yes, absolutely!

Going for a walk is a fantastic first date idea.

Going for a walk in a park can be a great way to get to know someone on a first date, while enjoying some light activity and nature.

If you’re tired of coffee dates or drinks dates, and don’t want to go out to dinner for a first date, then going for a walk can be a nice low-key alternative.

First dates are tough, and it can be difficult to find an activity that feels casual yet still romantic and comfortable yet still exciting.

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Walking may just be that perfect kind of activity.

Being in a park on a nice day can offer a peaceful and scenic environment that sets a relaxed and positive tone for the date, and walking together can be a great way to build rapport, navigate your environment side-by-side, and create a sense of connection.

Let’s delve into some reasons why going for a walk makes for a great first date, and how you can set yourself up to have a perfect walking date.

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Why a Walking Date is a Great First Date

Walking is a low-pressure activity

One of the main reasons why going for a walk can be a great first date is that it’s a low-pressure activity that doesn’t require too much planning, preparation, or expectations. Unlike going to a fancy restaurant or bar, walking is a casual, versatile, and simple activity that feels accessible, safe, and open.

Walking dates are low-cost and flexible

Almost any park is free to walk through, so a walk is perhaps the cheapest first date you can come by. Plus, a walk can be as short or long as you and your date feel comfortable with.

A first date walk is versatile as it can be adapted to your particular interests, preferences, and fitness level. Whether you’re looking for a short stroll or a longer hike, a city environment or a picturesque landscape, walking dates can come in a variety of forms.

Walking allows for easy conversation

First dates are all about making conversation and getting to know one another. When you’re walking side by side with someone, it’s easy to have a conversation and develop a connection.

Sitting across from each other at a table at coffee or dinner can feel stiff and awkward. Walking can feel less formal and more natural. Instead of focusing solely on conversation, walking can provide a shared activity that can help to build a sense of camaraderie and companionship.

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Being active means a constantly changing environment

When you go for a walk with someone, you’re moving around a place together, which means you’ll get to experience a constantly changing environment. There’ll be new sights, sounds, and experiences you can talk about as you move through different areas.

This can be a great way to keep the conversation flowing, feel connected, and find common ground.

Walking can be romantic and scenic

Going for a walk on a date can be a romantic activity that allows you and your date to enjoy the beauty of nature together. Whether you’re walking through a park, being surrounded by trees and fresh air can be a great way to spend time together in a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.

Explore new areas together

If you go for a longer walk, you and your date can have the opportunity to explore new areas and discover hidden gems together. This can help to create a sense of adventure and excitement that can make for a memorable first date.

Novelty is key to positive relationships, so seeing something new together on a first date is an excellent way to kick things off.

Walking is a healthy and active date

Going for a walk on a first date is a healthy and active activity that can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and benefit overall health. If health is important to you, then you can set that tone by suggesting a walk as a first date.

Walking might just benefit the success of the first date itself. The relaxed pace and active nature of walking, as well as just being outside in nature, can also make you and your date feel less nervous and more comfortable, which can help the date go well.

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Walking can make for a multi-part date

When you and your date are walking around together, instead of wondering aimlessly, you can walk with a route in mind to see other things. You can incorporate other activities, such as a picnic, a visit to a nearby café, or a stop at a bookstore, into your date itinerary. This can help make the date feel more dynamic, intimate, and engaging, and provide more opportunities for you two to connect.

Tips for Having a Great Walking Date in a Park

When choosing which park to go to, it’s important to consider its location, size, amenities, aesthetics, and crowdedness. Some parks are more suited to leisurely strolls, while others offer hiking trails, sports fields, or other activities.

You should consider the time of day and the weather conditions, as these can greatly affect the overall experience of the date. Walking dates can take place any time of day, so go with your natural preference of when you feel at your best.

Once you’ve chosen the park, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and visit the park before the date if you haven’t been there yet. You’ll feel more comfortable on the date if you’re familiar with the setting.

On the date, consider bringing water and sunscreen if it’s sunny out. Wear comfortable shoes that are meant for walking long distances.

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As you start your walk with your date, take the opportunity to observe your surroundings and appreciate what’s around you. You can use things around you to connect with your date, such as by pointing out interesting features of the park or people watching.

As you walk and talk, be present in the moment and appreciate the nature around you. Being mindful of nature can reduce stress and anxiety, making you feel calmer and more relaxed on the date.

One of the best reasons why going for a walk is a good first date is that it allows for a natural transition to other activities. If you find that you’re enjoying your date’s company and would like to continue spending time together, you can easily suggest getting drinks, going out for coffee, or grabbing a bite to eat at a nearby spot.

What to talk about on a first date walk

The best thing you can do to make conversation on a walking date is to ask your date about their interests.

Find out how they spend their free time and what they’re passionate about. Talk about your favorite things and interests in response and see what you have in common. Think about things like favorite books, movies, TV shows, or podcasts, as well as sports, career, arts, museums, theater, recipes, and restaurants.

Ask about your date’s family and friends, their travel experiences, and their goals and dreams. This can help you understand your date’s background and what’s important to them.

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How to flirt on a first date walk

Use playful banter to break the ice and make your date feel comfortable. You can tease your date in a light way and compliment your date to balance it out.

Make some physical contact to add some flirt and show intention. You can lightly touch your date’s arm, shoulder, or back as you walk or lean in closer to them when you’re talking. Be sure to be respect their personal space and be attentive to how they respond to you. If it feels right, hold hands as you walk to create a feeling of closeness and intimacy.

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What to Wear for a Walk in the Park Date

Here are some things to consider when planning your walking date outfit.

Dress for the weather

The most important consideration when choosing what to wear for a walk date is the weather. If it’s a hot day, you’ll want to dress in cool, breathable clothing that will keep you comfortable and dry. Opt for lightweight materials and athletic attire. If it’s a cooler day, you’ll want to dress in layers that you can easily remove if you start to feel too warm after walking a bit.

Choose comfortable shoes

Don’t forget about footwear. You’ll want to wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in for an extended period of time, ideally at least an hour to be safe. If you might be walking on uneven terrain or hiking trails, then choose shoes with good traction that will provide stability and prevent slips and falls.

Keep your walking outfit casual

It’s best to keep things casual when planning what to wear to a park date. This isn’t a fancy dinner, folks. Avoid wearing any formal clothing, as this would feel out of place in a casual park setting. Wear an outfit that is comfortable and practical. Jeans, shorts, and t-shirts are all good options for first date walk in the park outfit, as well as sundresses or maxi dresses.

Accessorize with practical items

Accessories can add a finishing touch to your outfit and make the walk more enjoyable too. Sunglasses are a must for sunny days, while a hat can help to keep the sun off your face and prevent sunburn.

How Long Should a Walking Date Last?

Anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour can be a good length for a first date walking date.

It’ll depend on a number of factors, like your personal preferences, the weather, the type of park or walking spot, and any other plans you may have for the day.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding how long your walk date should last.

Start with a shorter walk

When in doubt, shorter is better for a first date. Consider planning a walk at a smaller park or a do a loop around a nearby lake or pond. Plan for 30 minutes of walking at most, with some time for leisure and sitting in there too.

Take breaks as needed

During your walk, it’s important to take breaks to keep the date interesting and varied and to maintain your energy levels. If your date seems tired or needs to rest, take a break and sit down on a bench or find a shady spot to relax. You can use these breaks as an opportunity to chat, get to know each other better, or simply enjoy the scenery. Taking breaks is also a way to extend the date so it takes longer to complete your path.

Consider the weather

The weather can have a big impact on how long your walk last. If it’s a very hot or very cold day, neither you nor your date will want to be outside moving for too long, so it’s best to keep the walk shorter. If it’s a more moderate day, you may be able to walk for a longer period of time and feel comfortable.

See how well the date is going

One of the best things about a walking date is how versatile the timing is. If you walk a loop around a park and find the date is going well, then you can keep the date going longer by suggesting another loop around. On the other hand, if you’re not feeling interested or sense that your date seems ready to call it a day, then you can easily end the date early and walk back toward where you started.

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How to use dating apps to land more first dates

Hopefully these tips give some insights into whether a walking date is for you and how to have a great first date when going for a walk.

When planning a first date with someone you met on a dating app like Hinge, Tinder, or Bumble, it’s important to plan ahead and do what you can to make it go well.

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