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9 Tips for Having a Great Mini Golf Date

9 Tips for Having a Great Mini Golf Date

Mini golf is a fun and playful activity that be perfect for a date.

But having a great mini golf date is easier said than done.

9 Tips for Having a Great Mini Golf Date

1. Choose the right course

The first step you can take toward having a great mini golf date is to choose the right mini golf course.

Look for a course that has a clean aesthetic and nice ambiance, with cute features and a romantic feel, as well as a good mix of easy holes and challenging ones.

You want the course to be challenging enough to keep things interesting, but not so difficult that it becomes frustrating. Struggling together at times can be a great bonding experience and show humility, while nailing some easy holes can boost confidence.

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2. Set an ideal time for the date

Once you’ve found the perfect mini golf course, it’s time to get planning the logistics of your date. Consider the time of day and weather.

Going mini golfing in the evening will set the most romantic tone and will be ideal for escaping the peak heat on hotter days. Setting the date for 7pm or 8pm is a good time, as this can make for a fun activity after dinner and around or after sunset.

Ideally, choose a day that’s not too cold that you’ll need to bundle up but not too hot that you’ll worry about getting too sweaty.

3. Be prepared for any weather

Mini golf courses are usually outdoors, so it is important to check the weather forecast beforehand and be prepared for the terrain.

If it’s a sunny day, apply sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. It can be a thoughtful gesture to bring extra sunscreen for your date too. If it’s raining or there’s a chance of rain, bring an umbrella or rain jacket.

Bring comfortable shoes in case the terrain is uneven or if you have to stand on awkward surfaces to hit balls that become oddly placed.

4. Be competitive but not too competitive

Some playful competition is a great way to make a mini golf date more intimate and romantic. Mini golf can naturally be a competitive activity, so it’s a perfect date for people with a competitive side.

But it’s important to remember that the priority is to make sure the date is fun, above all. Even when being competitive and teasing your date, keep things lighthearted. Don’t take the game too seriously; remember to laugh, enjoy yourself, and show your date a good time.

5. Consider taking a break or two during the date

Depending on the course, mini golf can be a long activity, so it may be beneficial to take breaks to keep the date enjoyable and to cherish each moment.

Stepping off course or sitting down for a few minutes can provide a good chance to chat with your date and relax in between holes. This can help to prevent fatigue, make sure you don’t go from hole to hole mindlessly, and ensure that you are both able to fully enjoy the experience.

Taking breaks can also provide an opportunity to get to know each other better on a mini golf date.

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6. Remember to talk to each other

Mini golf is a great opportunity to chat and get to know your date better. While it can be fun to focus on the game throughout the date, be mindful not to let that distract you entirely from getting to know your date.

Use the time between shots and holes to ask questions and share stories. Talk about your hobbies, interests, passions, lifestyle, and goals.

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7. Be a good sport

The reality is that a round of mini golf will have a winner and a loser. If you or your date is losing, don’t get upset or take it too seriously. Be a good sport.

If you win, be humble about it. And if you lose, congratulate your date for winning. Be playful and flirty, but don’t be sour or disrespectful. Remember, the goal is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company, not to win at all costs.

8. Be patient and encouraging

If your date is new to mini golf or isn’t as skilled as you are, be patient and encouraging. If it’s well-received, offer some tips on how they can improve their game.

Don’t get frustrated if they are struggling with a particular hole; enjoy it as an opportunity to spend more time together.

Remember, mini golf is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Take your time and enjoy the date.

9. Try creative shots

Don’t be afraid to try different and creative trick shots.

Show off your fun and confident side by experimenting with different angles and putter positions. Try hitting some balls through your legs, behind your back, or with your eyes closed.

A good mini golf date is all about having fun and being creative.

Is Mini Golf a Good First Date?

Absolutely yes, mini golf is a great first date.

Here are some reasons why mini golf can be a good choice for a first date and provide a great alternative to getting drinks or coffee.

Getting active and outdoors

Being physically active releases endorphins and improves mood, while also making people feel more energetic, sociable, and relaxed. The same happens when people spend times outdoors and breathe in fresh air.

Mini golf is a great first date activity because it starts off a potential connection and relationship with each person in a feel-good mind and body.

Low-pressure environment

Mini golf is good first date because it’s a low-pressure activity. A mini golf date allows you and your date to do fun activity together without feeling the need to impress each other or compete too intensely.

Good for conversation

Mini golf provides plenty of opportunities for conversation, as you can chat and joke around between holes and have a fairly private feeling of you two being together.

Having the mini golf game to focus on can help break the ice and make you both feel more comfortable with each other, leading to less feelings of awkward silence.

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Playful and lighthearted

Mini golf is a playful and lighthearted date activity that can help you and your date relax and have fun. By being self-deprecating or teasing your date, you can show your sense of humor without the pressure of a more formal or serious date.

Is Mini Golf a Good Second Date?

Mini golf also makes for a great second date option, especially if your first date was something sedentary like drinks, coffee, or dinner.

In fact, a second date may just be the ideal timing to go out for mini golf.

Provides opportunities for physical touch

Mini golf offers plenty of easy opportunities to initiate and engage in physical touch with your date, such as high-fives, playful pats on the arms or back, and a classic move of helping your date with their golf stroke.

These kinds of touch can help build intimacy and connection between you and your date.

Can help you learn more about each other

As you play mini golf, you and your date will learn new things about each other’s personalities, such as how competitive or playful you are. This can help you both learn more about each other, strengthen your connection, and give you ideas for what type of third date would be a good idea.

Why Mini Golf is a Good Date in General

Mini golf can be combined with other activities for a longer date

If you want to build multiple parts into the date to keep things interesting and to spend more time together, you can easily combine mini golf with other activities, such as going out for dinner or drinks before or afterwards.

Great opportunities for physical touch and flirtation

Especially if it’s a second or third date, you may want to start exploring physical touch and increasing how flirty you are with your date.

If you haven’t engaged in touch and flirt yet, mini golf can be a good catalyst for breaking that ice. If you have broken that barrier by the end of the second date, then you can use mini golf as a good third date for continued touch to cultivate more feelings of closeness.

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Shows you’re willing to put in effort and plan fun dates

Choosing mini golf as a date activity can show your date that you’re willing to put in effort to make your time together special and will continue to do that on future dates. Show your date that you’re invested in the relationship and making it work.

What to Wear on a Mini Golf Date

When it comes to planning the ideal mini golf date outfit, you want to find a balance between looking stylish and feeling comfortable. Here are some tips for what to wear on a mini golf date:

Dress comfortably

You’ll be on your feet for a while and walking around the course, so it’s important to wear comfortable shoes that you can move around in easily for long periods of time. Consider wearing sneakers or sandals that are easy to walk in. Avoid high heels or uncomfortable dress shoes that can make it difficult to play. You want to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.

Dress for the weather

Always check the weather before going out for a mini golf date, since you’ll likely be outside for most of the date. If it’s hot outside, consider wearing light and breathable clothing, such as shorts and a t-shirt.

Keep it casual

Mini golf is a casual activity, so there’s no need to dress up too much. In fact, dressing up for a mini golf date may be off-putting and feel out of place. Consider wearing casual clothing, such as jeans or shorts and a t-shirt.

How to Make a Mini Golf Date Romantic

Go in the evening

Choosing the right time of day can make a big difference in setting the mood for a romantic mini golf date. It’s best to have the date in the evening, as the sun is setting (or has already set) and the course is lit up with twinkling lights. This can create a romantic atmosphere for your date. A mini golf date night can be a relaxing way to end a busy day on a high note.

Choose the right course

Not all mini golf courses are created equal when it comes to a romantic ambiance. If there are multiple courses to choose from in your area, then look for a course that is well-maintained and decorated with romantic touches, such as flowers, candles, or lights. Some courses may even have waterfalls or other features that can add to the romantic ambiance.

Dress up a little

While mini golf is a casual activity, dressing up a little can add to the romantic atmosphere if that’s your authentic style and if the weather permits. Consider wearing a dress or skirt for women, or a button-up shirt for men. You can also add some personal style with accessories, such as a hat or jewelry.

Sprinkle in some physical touch

Mini golf is one of the best dates for creating opportunities for playful touches and flirtation, which can help build intimacy and connection. You and your date can hold hands or you can put your arm around your date while playing, or playfully tease each other during the game. You can help your date hit a shot, or you can retrieve your date’s ball from the hole for them and intimately put it back into their hand.

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Take a break and stargaze

If the mini golf course is located in a place with a clear view of the sky, and if you have the date after sunset, then you can take a break during the game and stargaze. This can be a romantic and intimate moment where you can talk and enjoy each other’s company under the stars.

Finish the date with a romantic gesture

Ending a mini golf date with a romantic gesture can leave a lasting impression on your date and end it strong. You can surprise your date with a small gift or take them to a nearby spot with a view to watch the sunset.

How to Flirt While Playing Mini Golf

Flirting while playing mini golf is all about using playful touches, teasing each other, making eye contact, using the game to your advantage, complimenting your date, using body language, and being confident.

Use playful touches

Putting your arm around your date or holding hands while walking between holes are great ways to create a sense of intimacy and flirt while playing mini golf.

Tease each other

Playful teasing is a key aspect of successful flirting and can be a fun way to feel connected with your date during the game. You can make lighthearted jokes or playful comments about each other’s golfing skills.

Make eye contact

Eye contact is a powerful tool for flirting and building intimacy. During the game, even when you’re focused on your own golfing, make sure to maintain plenty of eye contact with your date, especially during moments of shared laughter. For a bold move, try hitting a no-look shot while making eye contact with your date.

Use the game to fuel your flirt

Mini golf gives a lot of chances to create playful challenges and dares, which can be a fun and flirtatious way to spark up a mini golf date. You can challenge your date to make a difficult shot or promise them a kiss if they make a hole-in-one.

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Compliment your date

Complimenting goes right along with teasing to create powerful flirting. Complimenting your date on their golfing skills, their outfit, their laugh, or their personality can be a simple but effective way to show your interest, make them feel good, and build a connection.

Use flirty body language

Your body language can convey a lot about your personality, self-esteem, and attraction to your date. To create some flirt while on a mini golf date, try leaning in when talking to your date, smile and laugh often, and maintain an open and relaxed posture. Let your body language show confidence and comfort.

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