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12 Best Bumble Photos for More Likes & Matches (Guys, Women)

On Bumble, which photos you use can make the difference between getting tons of likes and matches vs. getting no likes or matches at all.


If you want to get more likes and attract high-quality matches on Bumble, it’s essential to choose photos that highlight your best qualities.

Here are the 12 best photos to use on Bumble:

1. A high-quality headshot that makes you pop


Though there are some exceptions, your first profile picture on Bumble should usually be a clear headshot.

A high-quality headshot that focuses on you, while making the background slightly blurry, is a timelessly excellent photo to include in your Bumble profile.

This photo should show your face in good lighting, be anywhere from the waist up to chest up, and show you smiling.

While it may be tempting to try to look cool and aloof in a headshot by not smiling, it’s generally best to smile if your goal is to spark chemistry and attract matches who are emotionally available.

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2. A full-body shot that shows your sense of style

A full-body shot makes for a great Bumble profile picture because it gives potential matches a clear sense of your overall appearance.

Profiles that include a full-body picture tend to be more successful at getting likes and matches.

The best way to incorporate a full-body shot into your Bumble profile is to use a photo in which you’re wearing a nice outfit. Whether that’s formal wear for a wedding or just a stylish outfit for a day with friends, a photo showing how you look in nice clothes is one of the best pictures for Bumble.

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3. An action shot


Including an action shot in your Bumble profile, such as hiking or playing a sport, can show off your interests and give potential matches an idea of what you enjoy doing in your free time.

Action shots make for especially good Bumble pictures because they appear candid and authentic. Much of the time, they also show off your athleticism, which is an attractive quality in a partner.

4. A travel photo

A travel photo can show that you enjoy exploring new places, experiencing different cultures, and are willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

Including photos of you on a recent trip in your Bumble profile can show that you live an adventurous lifestyle and can make for a great conversation starter.

Showing off a passion for travel is attractive in a dating profile, and it’s one of the best ways to get more likes and matches on Bumble.

5. A creative photo

The best profile pictures on Bumble are often those that get creative and show something unique.

A creative photo, such as one taken from a unique angle, in an eccentric setting, of you doing a quirky activity or unusual hobby, or just a photo that uses an interesting composition, can make your profile stand out and catch potential matches’ attention.

Using a photo that includes any of these features can signal confidence by demonstrating that you’re comfortable straying from norms, thinking for yourself, and expressing yourself in unique ways.

Creative photos can be especially great for your Bumble profile if you work a job that isn’t in a creative field. That way, you show potential matches that you’re a well-rounded person.

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6. A pet photo


Including a photo of your pet can be a great conversation starter and show your empathic side. A pet pic is especially one of the best Bumble photos for guys, as it helps show empathy and sensitivity.

Photos with a cute animal make you seem more warm, approachable, and emotionally in tune.

Whether it’s a dog, cat, or another animal, it definitely makes for one of the best Bumble pics.

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7. A swimsuit photo

If you’re comfortable with it, sharing a photo of yourself in a swimsuit can be a way to improve your Bumble profile and get more likes.

It’s best to limit swimsuit photos to one per profile. Ideally, any type of swimsuit or shirtless picture should appear candid and be taken at the beach.

8. A photo in an unexpected location


Photos taken in an unexpected location, such as a deserted alleyway, a rooftop, or a barren field, can make for great Bumble pictures.

Many people on Bumble are used to seeing the same types of photos over and over again across profiles, so throwing an unexpected photo their way can help take them off of swiping autopilot and feel intrigued by your profile.

9. A photo in a costume

Whether it’s a Halloween costume or a cosplay outfit, a photo in a costume can showcase your creativity, playfulness, and sense of humor.

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10. A photo with a celebrity

If you’ve had the chance to meet a celebrity and got it documented on camera, consider sharing that photo on Bumble.

This type of photo can be a good conversation starter and can attract people who share your appreciation for that celebrity.

Just be careful if the celebrity is a controversial figure, as that photo may then be a turnoff for many potential matches.

11. A photo of you playing a musical instrument


Including a photo of yourself playing a musical instrument on Bumble can show off your creative side and feature one of your talents.

People who play a musical instrument tend to be seen as more attractive because they seem more creative and passionate.

Plus, most people like listening to live music, so potential matches may be intrigued to hear you play for them and find themselves more interested in matching with you.

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12. A photo of you outdoors in nature

One of the best types of photos to use on Bumble in general is one taken outdoors in nature.

Whether you’re camping, hiking, skiing, or just hanging out, photos of you enjoying nature can make you seem more down-to-earth, adventurous, and environmentally conscious.

Outdoorsy active photos can be attractive because they show that you enjoy staying fit and healthy.

In addition, nature pics tend to be outright aesthetically pleasing, and a photo that shows some good scenery behind you can score you more likes and make you more attractive to potential matches.

Worst Photos for Bumble: Avoid These Pictures at All Costs

Now that we’ve covered the best photos to use on Bumble, let’s highlight some photos you should never post in your profile.

Some of the worst photos to use on Bumble are…

  • gym selfies
  • photos that use strong filters
  • hunting photos
  • fishing photos
  • photos of you with an ex

Some other common photos mistakes people make on Bumble are…

  • not including enough photos in your profile (your profile should have at least 4 photos)
  • posting too many group photos
  • wearing sunglasses in too many of your photos

Want Help Selecting the Best Photos for Your Bumble Profile?

Hopefully these tips offer some help with choosing the right Bumble photos. But every person is different. What works to get one person more likes and matches on Bumble might not work for another person.

Fortunately, we have a way you can get personalized Bumble profile picture help. After years of research, we at The Match Lab have developed a dating photo analyzer that uses an algorithm to select any person’s best photos for Bumble, or any other dating app.

If you’d like to find out which are your best photos to use on Bumble, give our dating photo analyzer a try. Just upload some photos of yourself, and our algorithm will reveal which photos you should be using in your Bumble profile and the ideal order they should go in.

Want Help Writing Your Bumble Bio and Prompts?

Having a good Bumble bio and prompts alongside your photos is important when it comes to attracting plenty of likes and high-quality matches.

At The Match Lab, we offer professional dating profile writing services. Our professional Bumble profile writer write your bio and prompts for you.

It’s hard to write a good Bumble bio and good prompts that sounds attractive and remains authentic. We’re here to help make it easier by writing your bio and prompts for you.

Common Bumble photo questions:

What are the dimensions of Bumble photos? What is Bumble’s photo size?

Your first profile picture on Bumble is displayed with an aspect ratio of 0.62:1. There is no strict aspect ratio for your other photos.

How many photos does a Bumble profile have?

A Bumble profile must have minimum of 1 photo and can have a maximum of 6 photos.

How many photos should a Bumble profile have?

From our research, we have found that 4-6 photos is the ideal number of photos for a Bumble profile.

What are Bumble’s photo rules? What are Bumble’s photo guidelines?

Your face has to be clearly visible in each photo you upload to Bumble. Photos on Bumble cannot display nudity, pornography, illegal activity, unaccompanied minors, or copyright or trademark infringement. Bikini, swimwear, and shirtless photos are allowed if they are taken outdoors but are not allowed if they are taken indoors.

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