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30 Funny Bumble Prompt Answers (for Guys & Women)


30 Funny Bumble Prompt Answers:

1. I’m known for… starting a diet every Monday and ending it by Tuesday lunchtime. Consistency is key.

2. Two truths and a lie… I’ve been to North Korea, I love peanut butter on pizza, I’ve never been late to a meeting.

3. My zombie apocalypse plan is… to become a zombie. Seems much less stressful. Plus, you get to be part of a community.

4. I guarantee you that… trying to cut your own hair after watching a 5-minute YouTube tutorial doesn’t end well.

5. It’s meant to be if… you can beat me at Mario Kart. But fair warning: I’ve been training since the 90s.

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6. A review by a friend… “Great listener, even better at misplacing their keys. Has a PhD in binge-watching series and a master’s in dad jokes.”

7. My zombie apocalypse plan is… step 1: barricade myself in a Costco, step 2: master the art of katana-wielding, step 3: eat my way through said Costco.

8. My most useless skill is… I can assemble a pillow fort in under 10 minutes.

9. After work you can find me… taking an evening stroll in the park, making friends with any passing squirrels.

10. My personal hell is… when people use speakerphone in public places.

11. My most useless skill is… I can balance a spoon on my nose for an absurdly long time.

12. If I could have a superpower, it’d be… to refill things: bank account, coffee cup, pizza box—you name it.

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13. I’m a real nerd about… giving names to my plants. You can meet Bob, the cactus. He’s a prickly character.

14. My most useless skill is… I can say ‘hello’ in 15 languages and ‘where’s the bathroom’ in 10.

15. It’s meant to be if… you can beat me in a game of rock-paper-scissors. Warning: I’ve trained under mountain monks.

16. A non-negotiable… must love dogs. And by dogs, I mean my stuffed animal collection.

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17. I quote too much from… my fortune cookies: ‘a thrilling time is in your immediate future.’ So, when’s our date?

18. I guarantee you that… vampires can’t see their reflection so there’s no way they’re always so well-dressed without someone’s help.

19. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life… is all-you-can-eat buffet an option?

20. My real-life superpower is… speedreading cookbooks. The secret is, I only look at the pictures.

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21. Two truths and a lie… I once won a hot dog eating competition, I can recite the entire script of Titanic, my dad was once my substitute teacher.

22. I guarantee you that… my missing socks are starting a new life in a parallel universe. I hope they’re doing well there.

23. If I could have a superpower it’d be… winning an argument with my cat… he always wins.

24. I’m a real nerd about… reciting pi. Not the number, the dessert menu.

25. What makes a relationship great is… having two blankets – that way, you can steal all the covers and still be considered a thoughtful partner.

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26. I’m known for… my ability to remember useless trivia and forget important dates.

27. As a child, I was really into… defending my title as CEO of the ‘napping under the desk’ club.

28. I’m a great +1 because… I can touch my nose with my tongue, and people find it amusing to see in action.

24. A pro and con of dating me… I laugh easily. Which will boost your self-esteem but will also give you a false sense of comedic talent.

30. What makes a relationship great is… mutual love for pizza. It’s not just about sharing a pie; it’s about understanding when to order extra cheese.

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Why You Need to Make Your Prompts Funny on Bumble


A funny Bumble prompt answer can go a long way in getting you more likes, better matches, and starting up conversation.

A good sense of humor is sexy on Bumble, so let your prompts boost your appeal for you through laughter.

No matter what type of relationship they’re looking for, people on Bumble want to have a good time swiping and they want to meet someone who will be fun to be around.

Making your profile lighthearted with a witty prompt or two can take your game to the next level.

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Make Your Prompt Answers Funny – But Stay Genuine

To make the most of your time on Bumble, you’ll want to choose prompts that resonate with you and allow you to share something authentic and genuine about yourself.

While thinking about which prompts to use and how to answer them, draw inspiration from your life experiences, hobbies, and unique qualities.

Staying authentic is key. Otherwise, you might get a bunch of matches but they won’t last through any meaningful connection.

So, don’t just write prompt answers that will just sound cool or impress others. Remain true to yourself so you can attract like-minded, compatible matches.

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Show Your Interests and Personality Traits

A great way to improve your Bumble profile authentically is by using your prompt answers to showcase your hobbies and passions.

For example, if you’re an avid reader, answer a prompt in a way that highlights your love for reading, like “Every time I find a new book series, I spend sleepless nights binge-reading until I finish it.”

If you can write something people on Bumble haven’t seen before in anyone else’s profile, then that’s a huge move toward standing out on the app.

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Keep It Short and Sweet

Generally, brevity is key in your prompt responses.

Avoid overly long answers, unless you truly need that many words for someone to understand what you’re saying.

Drop Conversation Starters

The best Bumble prompts are those that directly invite conversation, giving people specific things to write to you about.

Design your prompt answers to encourage potential matches to ask follow-up questions or share their own thoughts with you.

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