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How Many Likes Do You Get on Bumble?

Here’s everything you need to know about getting, receiving, and sending likes on Bumble.

How Many Likes Do You Get on Bumble?

How Many Likes Do You Get on Bumble Per Day?

How many likes can you send on Bumble per day?

On Bumble, you typically get a daily limit of 25 likes per day.

This means that you can swipe right on up to 25 profiles.

When Do You Get More Likes on Bumble?

Once you send 25 likes in a given day, you’ll have to wait 24 hours for your likes to reset.

Keep in mind that Bumble will sometimes allow you to send more or fewer than 25 likes in a day; your likes limit may vary depending on your activity level on the app and how quickly you swipe through profiles.

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What is the Average Bumble Likes for a Girl?

The average girl gets 5-10 likes a day on Bumble.

In the days right after they download Bumble for the first time, girls can average 99+ likes a day. This is because Bumble naturally boosts your profile for a short period when you’re a new user on the app.

How Many Likes on Bumble Is Normal or Good?

There’s really isn’t any “normal” number of likes on Bumble.

But to give an estimate here: On average, people receive one or two likes per day on Bumble.

The number of likes you receive on Bumble can vary greatly depending on your age, location, the quality of your profile pictures, the quality of your bio and profile prompts, and your activity on the app.

Note that you often receive more likes right when you create a Bumble account, and then you may find yourself receiving fewer likes over time.

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It’s best to focus on quality over quantity of likes on Bumble.

One great conversation with a match that leads to a first date in person is much better than having many poor conversations with tons of matches that lead nowhere.

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Getting No Likes on Bumble is Normal: Here’s How to Get More Likes on Bumble

It’s perfectly normal to get no likes on Bumble.

In fact, not getting any likes on Bumble is a far more common occurrence than you might think it is.

Many Bumble users out there right now are looking at a likes count of zero and struggling to get matches.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to get more likes on Bumble, from creating a great profile to using Bumble’s features strategically.

The first and most important thing you can do to get more likes on Bumble is to create a great profile.

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Creating a Great Bumble Profile

A great Bumble profile means using your best photos, writing a good bio, and writing engaging prompts.

Use your very best photo as your primary profile picture on Bumble:

Your main profile picture is the first thing people see on Bumble, and it’ll determine whether they immediately swipe left on you or whether the scroll down to consider sending you a like.

Be sure to use a high-quality image where you look attractive and confident. Avoid using selfies or group photos, as they will definitely decrease your chances of getting likes. Instead, use a well-lit, clear, and flattering photo of yourself.

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Write an engaging Bumble bio:

Your Bumble bio should be a 1-2 sentence blurb that is interesting, concise, and showcases at least one unique thing about you, such as what you’re looking for in a partner or a fun fact about yourself.

Avoid using clichés or generic statements. It can be good to talk about your hobbies or interests that make you stand out in your Bumble bio, so you give potential matches something to talk about when they message you.

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Write a few interesting Bumble profile prompts:

Bumble offers various profile prompts that you can use to complement your bio and make your profile more engaging and attractive.

Select two or three prompts that allow you to highlight your interests, sense of humor, or values, and answer them with a touch of creativity and wit.

Good prompts can drastically increase your chances of getting more likes on Bumble.

Showcase your interests through your photos on Bumble:

In addition to your main profile picture, you’ll also upload a few other photos into your Bumble profile.

Use these photos to showcase your various interests and life experiences. Include a variety of photos that highlight your hobbies, travels, and personal interests.

The more interesting, unique, and engaging your photos are, the more likes you’ll get and the more likely potential matches will be to strike up good conversation with you.

Professional Bumble Profile Help:

Let’s face it — creating a great Bumble profile is hard.

For professional help with improving your Bumble profile, including optimizing which photos you’re using and selecting & writing a good bio and engaging prompts, check out our dating photo analyzer and our professional dating profile writing service.

Swipe Selectively on Bumble to Get More Likes:

It may be tempting to swipe right on everyone you find at least somewhat attractive on Bumble, but avoid the temptation.

Know that Bumble’s algorithm rewards users who swipe selectively by giving them a higher likelihood of being seen by other users.

Being more thoughtful with your swipes and focusing on only people you’re genuinely interested in connecting with can help boost your visibility in the Bumble profile deck and get you more likes.

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Using Bumble Features to Get More Likes

Free vs. Subscription-Based Features

When using Bumble, you have access to both free features and subscription-based features that can help you get more likes. Upgrading to a subscription service on Bumble can offer you more opportunities to get likes and form matches, such as advanced filters and the ability to see who has liked your profile.

Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium

Bumble offers two premium services you can pay for that can help you get more likes: Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium.

Bumble Boost allows you to see your Beeline, which is a list of other users who have already liked your profile. This feature makes it easier for you to filter through and select your matches. Bumble Boost also gives you unlimited swipes, so you never run out of likes to send.

Bumble Premium offers an even higher level of benefits. It includes all the features of Bumble Boost, along with advanced filters to help you narrow down your search in selecting your matches. You can filter potential matches by things like relationship preferences or political views, making it easier to find compatible matches for you.

Another great feature available with Bumble Premium is Travel mode. Travel mode allows you to change your location to somewhere else so you can explore and swipe on users in different areas. This can expand your reach and increase your chances of getting more likes on Bumble, though be mindful that the likes may come from people who are far away from you, which may pose logistical difficulties for dating.

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Understanding Bumble’s Algorithm

Get More Likes on Bumble by Increasing Your Profile Visibility

Bumble’s algorithm takes many factors into account when determining how visible to make your profile on other users’ apps and when suggesting potential matches to you.

Bumble’s algorithm considers how active you are on the app. The more active you are, the more that Bumble deems you to be engaged and ready to make meaningful connections. A combination of frequent swipes, messages, and profile updates can result in increased visibility from Bumble’s algorithm, helping you get more likes.

Likes and Messaging on Bumble

When it comes to likes and messaging on Bumble, there are a few important things you should keep in mind. Here are some tips to help you get more likes and have better conversations with matches.

Optimize your Bumble profile:

Improve your chances of getting more likes by making your profile as strong as possible. Choose high-quality photos, write a unique and engaging bio, and write two or three intriguing prompts.

For professional help with optimizing your Bumble profile, including figuring out which are your best photos to use and selecting & writing a good bio and engaging prompts, check out our dating photo analyzer and our professional dating profile writing service.

Send the first message on Bumble:

On Bumble, in heterosexual matches, women must initiate the conversation within 24 hours of matching, or the match will expire.

If you’re a woman, make sure you only match with people you truly want to chat with, and be sure to message your match as soon as possible to show that you’re interested in them and to prevent the match from expiring.

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If you’re a straight man, be prepared to wait for women to message you on Bumble, and be sure to respond promptly when she does. Know that it’s quite common for women to match with a guy and then never message him, unfortunately.

Be genuine in your Bumble conversations:

Bumble aims to create meaningful connections between users, so be yourself when messaging a match. The more authentic you can be on the app, the better the app’s algorithm can optimize which other users it shows you, ultimately leading to a more accurate matching pattern and more likes for you later on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bumble Likes

What are likes on Bumble?

On Bumble, you can send another user a “like” as a way to express interest in matching with them.

You send a “like” on Bumble by swiping right on someone’s profile.

Instead of physically swiping right, you can send a like by tapping the checkmark icon.

Bumble’s matching system works by pairing up people who have mutually liked one another into a match.

When you “like” someone’s profile on Bumble, and they “like” you back, then the two of you form a match and can have a conversation through Bumble’s messaging system.

On Bumble, in heterosexual matches, only the woman has the power to send the first message.

How often do you get likes on Bumble?

You’ll receive likes from other Bumble users whenever another user likes your profile. Some people rarely get any likes on bumble, while other users get many likes every day. Creating an attractive profile—especially a great main photo—and using the app regularly can increase your chances of receiving likes.

When do you get more likes on Bumble? How long are you out of likes on Bumble?

Once you reach the daily limit of sending 25 likes on Bumble, you’ll need to wait for 24 hours before you can start swiping right again. Your likes will reset at the same time each day based on when you reached the limit.

Bumble likes hack? Increasing Bumble likes?

There is no known “hack” for getting more likes on Bumble. To get more likes to send to other users, you can pay for Bumble Boost or Premium. To receive more likes from other users on Bumble, you can improve your profile by choosing better photos and writing a better bio and prompts.

Bumble swipe limits?

Bumble has a daily limit of 25 likes per day for free users. Once you’ve reached that limit, you have to wait 24 hours for your likes to reset so you can swipe right again.

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