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8 Best Bumble Conversation Starters for Chatting Up a Match

Starting a conversation on Bumble is hard.


An engaging conversation starter is key to pique a match’s interest and getting a response on Bumble.

Whether you’re a woman sending the first message or a guy sending a response, it’s important to put some thought and effort into crafting a good conversation starter.

Your conversation starter will set the tone for the entire interaction.

Bumble conversation starters should be personalized to your match, with a balance of being funny, flirty, thought-provoking, or just warm and friendly.

So, here are the best Bumble conversation starters you can go ahead and use on the app.

The 8 Best Conversation Starters for Bumble

1. Two Truths and a Lie

This classic icebreaker game can be an excellent conversation starter on Bumble.

To kick things off, share two truths about yourself and one lie.

Then, ask your match to guess which statement is false.

This will not only encourage a playful convo but also provide a chance to learn new and interesting facts about each other that’ll keep the conversation going.

For example, a two truths and a lie could look like: “I’ve been skydiving twice, I won my hometown’s annual cooking competition, I’ve traveled to 5 continents.”

2. Would You Rather…?

The “Would you rather…” game is another fantastic way to engage your Bumble match in an open-ended discussion.

By posing interesting and creative scenarios, you allow your match to share their preferences, opinions, and values—giving you additional insight into their personality.

Some examples for “Would you rather” questions include:

Would you rather have the ability to teleport or be able to time travel?

Would you rather never have to work again but be broke or work every day but be rich?

Would you rather live without your phone for a month or without your favorite food for a year?

3. Hidden Talents

People love to talk about their unique skills, hidden talents, or quirky hobbies.

Asking your Bumble match about their hidden talents or unusual hobbies can lead to interesting conversations.

Encourage them to share their stories or experiences and be sure to share your own talents as well in response.

Questions to ask about hidden talents include:

What’s a unique skill or talent you have that most people don’t know about?

What’s a skill you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the chance?

By using these types of questions and focusing on open-ended questions, you increase the likelihood of conversations on Bumble that flow naturally and are less likely to die out.

4. Discussing Travel Experiences

Travel experiences can reveal a lot about a person’s interests, passions, and lifestyle.

Asking questions about a Bumble match’s favorite trip or bucket list destination can show genuine interest in their life and encourage them to share their adventurous side.

For instance, try asking questions like:

What’s been your most memorable travel experience?

Which travel destination is on the top of your bucket list and why?

As you listen to their stories, share some of your own experiences as well.

This exchange can create a strong bond, fostering a sense of authenticity and making it easy to identify mutual interests and shared experiences.

5. Exploring Food Preferences

Food is a universal language that can help people connect.

A conversation around food can reveal culturally diverse and personal experiences, creating opportunities for passionate discussions.

By talking about favorite dishes, unique recipes, and memorable meals, you can uncover shared tastes and even plan future food adventures together.

Consider opening up this topic with questions like:

What is your favorite comfort food and why?

Have you ever tried a unique dish that you’ve since been dreaming of having again?

If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Use these conversation starters on Bumble to establish a more meaningful relationship with your matches.

You’ll find yourself more engaged and invested in the ongoing conversation too.

6. Corny Pickup Lines

Corny pickup lines might be cheesy, but they can also be a lighthearted way to break the ice with a match on Bumble.

They put a smile on the other’s face and show that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Try using a classic dad joke or even create a silly wordplay based on your match’s profile.

Here are some examples of corny pickup lines:

“Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at your profile, everyone else disappears!”

“Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for.”

Remember, your goal is just to make them laugh and be more open to a fun conversation.

7. Truth or Dare

Another way to use humor to create a good Bumble conversation starter is through a game of truth or dare.

This can be an exciting way to get to know each other by being playful and a bit flirty.

Make sure your questions and dares have a lightness to them and don’t feel intrusive.

For example, you can start with:

Truth: “What was your most embarrassing moment that still makes you laugh?”


Dare: “Send me a funny selfie with your best duck face.”

8. Highlight of the Week

One way to spark conversation and show genuine interest in a Bumble match is by asking them about the highlight of their week.

This encourages them to share a positive experience and allows you both to bond over their recent memorable moments.

Starting Conversations on Bumble: 7 Best Tips & Tricks

When it comes to starting conversations on Bumble, having a few key tips and tricks on hand can help you kick off more engaging interactions with matches.

Let’s cover how you can start a conversation that effortlessly flows and keeps your match interested.

Bumble Conversation Tip #1: Using a Role Reversal

A confident approach to starting a conversation on Bumble is to engage in a role reversal.

This involves flipping the script and having the other person take the lead by asking open-ended questions that give them a chance to express their personality.

One example is to ask something like, “If you were in charge of planning our first date, what would you do?”

By giving your match the opportunity to be creative and take control, you’re encouraging an engaged exchange and opening the door for clear communication.

Bumble Conversation Tip #2: Emoji Usage

A simple and funny way to kick off a Bumble conversation with a new match is by incorporating emojis in your messages.

This helps to convey your emotions and personality in a lighthearted manner.

For example, you could start a conversation with a playful emoji paired with a question about your match’s weekend plans such as “Any exciting adventures planned for the weekend?” with a plane emoji, a drinks emoji, and a mountains emoji.

The use of emojis here adds a touch of humor and softens the tone, making it easier for the other person to respond and engage in conversation.

Bumble Conversation Tip #3: Open-Ended Questions

When it comes to starting and keeping a conversation flowing on Bumble, open-ended questions are essential.

They encourage your match to share more about themselves and lead to thoughtful discussions.

Bumble Conversation Tip #4: Personalizing Your Opening Message

One way to increase your chances of starting a meaningful conversation on Bumble is to personalize your first message.

By tailoring your opening lines to the person’s profile, you show that you’ve taken the time to understand them and their interests.

Bumble Conversation Tip #5: Commenting on Concert Photos

Concert photos are super popular on Bumble.

And they can offer an excellent opportunity for connecting with someone on a personal level.

If you notice a match’s profile contains images from a concert or music festival, use this as a conversation starter.

For example, you could say, “I noticed you were at the [band name] concert last summer! I’m a huge fan too – what’s your favorite album?”

By referencing their photos, you’re demonstrating genuine interest and a shared passion for music.

Or, to start conversation, just ask them, “What’s the best concert or live event you’ve ever been to?”

Bumble Conversation Tip #6: Relating to Shared Interests

Another way to tailor your first message to a match is by identifying their interests in their bio, photos, or prompts, be it hobbies, travel destinations, or any unique fact about them.

When you discover a shared interest, you’re in a perfect place to start a conversation by asking about their experiences or sharing your own insights.

For example, if you both love hiking, you could ask, “I saw in your bio that you’re into hiking! What’s your favorite trail or hiking spot in the area?”

Or, if you both have a passion for cooking and trying new recipes, you could ask, “I noticed you love cooking too. Do you have any go-to recipes?”

By personalizing your message based on their profile and interests, you can express curiosity about their lives, which heightens their investment in the match.

Bumble Conversation Tip #7: Being Positive & Engaging

Make sure your opening message is positive and engaging.

Avoid sending generic greetings like “hey” or “what’s up?”

Instead, try using personalized and creative conversation starters that show you’ve read your match’s profile and are genuinely interested in their positive traits.

For example, ask about their hobbies, compliment a unique aspect of their appearance, or acknowledge a shared interest. Make them feel good for who they are.

Don’t be afraid to show your sense of humor too. Be playful when you can.

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