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35 Cat Pick Up Lines for a Purrfect Flirt


“I’m feline a connection between us.”

“If we were cats, I’d spend all nine of my lives with you.”

“You look pawsitively adorable.”

“If we were cats, I’d purr every time you’re near.”

“If we were to date, we’d be the purrfect match.”

“Do you believe in love at first meow?”

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“If we were to date, I’d be your scratching post – always there for you.”

“You’re like catnip to my heart.”

“If I were a cat, I’d spend all my nine lives cuddling with you.”

“You’ve stolen my heart like a first glance at a kitten.”

“You’re like a cat’s purr – soothing and mesmerizing.”

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“If you were a cat, you’d be the pick of the litter.”

“You’re like a catnap – short, sweet, and leaving me wanting more.”

“I’m like a cat – I always land on my feet when I’m with you.”

“If you were a cat, I’d want to be your favorite sunspot.”

“You’ve got me feline fine.”

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“You make me feel like a cat, because I want to spend all my time cuddled up with you.”

“You make me feel like a kitten – I just want to snuggle up with you.”

“You’re like a cat’s meow – impossible to ignore.”

“You’re like a kitten – small, cute, and impossible to resist.”

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“You look purrfectly cuddly.”

“If you were a cat, I’d spend all my lives trying to make you purr.”

“If you were a cat, you’d be the only one I’d want to chase.”

“If I were a cat, I’d curl up in your lap.”

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“Your voice is like a cat’s purr – calming and addictive.”

“Are you a cat? Because you’ve got me feline good.”

“You’re like a cat’s stretch – graceful and mesmerizing.”

“If I were a cat, I’d want to spend all nine lives by your side.”

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Crafting the Purrfect Cat Pick Up Line


Pick up lines about cats are great for flirty fun if you’re looking to woo a cat owner.

Creating the purrfect cat pick up line involves a delicate balance of showcasing your wit with feline flair, ensuring the timing of your delivery is spot on, and keeping your approach relevant to the context.

This is about striking a chord with fellow cat enthusiasts through clever wordplay and charm.

Incorporating Feline Traits

When using these cat pick up lines or writing your own, the trick is to embed distinctive feline characteristics into your words.

Cats are known for their purring, agility, and playful yet mysterious nature.

Effective lines often play off these traits using puns and wordplay that evoke a sense of familiarity with these furry creatures.

Timing and Delivery

The impact of your pick up line depends heavily on timing and delivery.

Wait for a moment in the conversation when the atmosphere is light and the other person seems receptive to humor.

Deliver your line with confidence but keep it lighthearted; your body language should be as easygoing as a cat lounging in the sun.

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Contextual Relevance

Adapt your cat pick up line to the context of your interaction.

Always ensure that the line is appropriate to the setting and the person’s interest in cats to avoid an awkward situation.

When to Use Cat Pick Up Lines


Cat pick up lines can be a whimsical way to connect with someone who shares your affection for felines.

It’s important to choose the right moment and setting to deploy these lines effectively.

Appropriate Settings

  • Social Gatherings: A casual party or get-together can be the perfect venue for trying out your cat pick up lines. If the environment is relaxed and socializing is the main activity, a well-timed, lighthearted line can serve as a charming icebreaker.
  • Cat-themed Events: Whether it’s a cat show or an animal charity event, these cat-centric occasions are ideal for meeting fellow cat enthusiasts who might be more receptive to your feline-flavored flirtation.
  • First Dates: If you’re on a first date with a cat owner, try one of these lines for a cheesy conversation starter.

Knowing Your Audience

  • Cat Lovers: It’s essential to gauge whether your intended is a cat lover. Look for indicators like cat-themed apparel or jewelry, or listen for mentions of their pet. A shared interest in cats increases the likelihood of your line being received well.
  • Reaction to Humor: A person’s response to humor around them can be telling. If they seem to enjoy playful banter and lighthearted jokes, they might be more apt to be charmed by your cat pick up lines.

More Tips


When using cat pick-up lines, it’s crucial to personalize your approach to match the person’s interests and be attentive to their body language and reactions.

This enhances your chances of creating a cute and purr-fect connection.

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Observing Body Language and Reactions

Observing body language can signal whether your pick-up line is well-received.

If they lean in, smile, or maintain eye contact, these are good signs to continue the conversation.

For example, if you notice their eyes light up when discussing cats, you could use, “I’m glad you love cats, because I’m feline a connection between us.”

The Subtle Art of Suggestive Language

Suggestive language is your indirect tool for initiating flirting without being overt.

It allows you to gauge interest and compatibility with someone who appreciates your fondness for felines.

When you use phrases that imply a deeper meaning, always ensure they can stand alone as innocent remarks.

For example, commenting on a person’s feline agility at a social gathering can imply admiration for their poise while keeping the conversation light.

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