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79 Hockey Pick Up Lines to Break the Ice


79 Hockey Pick Up Lines

1. “Are you a penalty box? Because I’m ready to spend some time in you.”

2. “I’m not a puck, but I’d still spin around for you.”

3. “Are you a hockey stick? Because I want to handle you all night long.”

4. “Do you play hockey? Because you’ve got a puck-er that’s out of this world.”

5. “I might not be a hockey player, but I can still score with you.”

6. “You must be a breakaway, because you’ve just stolen my heart.”

7. “Are you a goalie? Because you just caught my heart.”

8. “I’m not a puck, but you’ve just made me bounce off the walls.”

9. “You must be an overtime goal, because you’ve got me celebrating.”

10. “You’re like a power play – you’ve got me at a disadvantage.”

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11. “Are you the Stanley Cup? Because everyone’s fighting for your attention.”

12. “You must be a hockey puck, because I can’t stop chasing you.”

13. “I might not be on the ice, but I can still make a smooth move on you.”

14. “Are you a slap shot? Because you’ve just hit me hard with love.”

15. “If love was hockey, I’d get a penalty for roughing with you.”

16. “You’re like a hat-trick – scoring three times in a row.”

17. “Are you a Zamboni? Because you’ve just smoothed the ice in my heart.”

18. “Do you like hockey fights? Because I’d fight for you.”

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19. “You must be a hockey game – exciting, fast-paced, and always thrilling.”

20. “Are you a hockey rink? Because I’m lost in your curves.”

21. “You’re like a goalie glove – catching all my attention.”

22. “Do you play defense? Because you’ve just blocked my heart.”

23. “I’m not a puck, but I’m still getting slapped by your beauty.”

24. “Are you an ice rink? Because I keep falling for you.”

25. “You’re like a body check – you knock me off my feet.”

26. “If love is a game, I’d choose you as my MVP.”

27. “Are you a hockey net? Because I’m aiming right for you.”

28. “You must be a hockey coach, because you’re calling the shots in my heart.”

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29. “Do you like hockey sticks? Because I’m all about the curves.”

30. “You’re like a penalty shot – a chance to score big.”

31. “Are you a hockey jersey? Because I want your name on my back.”

32. “I’m not a referee, but I can call you mine.”

33. “You must be a goal horn, because you’re loud and I love it.”

34. “Are you a hockey game? Because I can’t wait for the next period.”

35. “You’re like a face-off – getting us closer together.”

36. “I might not be a hockey player, but I’m still good with my stick.”

37. “You’re like the final buzzer – you signal the end of my search.”

38. “Are you a hockey helmet? Because I think about you before taking risks.”

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39. “You’re like a shootout – it all comes down to you.”

40. “If we were playing hockey, I’d never put you on the bench.”

41. “Are you a hockey puck? Because you’re the goal of my dreams.”

42. “I’m not a goalie, but I’d dive for you any day.”

43. “You must be a hockey stick, because you’re essential to my game.”

44. “Are you a hockey game? Because you keep me on the edge of my seat.”

45. “You’re like a hockey highlight – replaying in my mind over and over.”

46. “Do you like hockey jerseys? Because I’d love to see my name next to yours.”

47. “You must be the Stanley Cup, because everyone wants to lift you up.”

48. “If love is a hockey match, I just scored an overtime winner with you.”

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49. “Are you a goalie? Because you just saved my heart from loneliness.”

50. “Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number.”

51. “Are you an ice rink? Because I keep slipping and sliding over to you.”

52. “You’re like a breakaway – fast, exciting, and scoring big.”

53. “Are you a puck? Because I can’t help but chase you around.”

54. “You must be a hockey ref, because you’ve just called a penalty on my heart.”

55. “Do you like the penalty box? Because I wouldn’t mind sitting two minutes for hooking you.”

56. “You’re like a power play – giving me the advantage.”

57. “Are you a hockey stick? Because we have great chemistry on the ice.”

58. “You must be a hockey game, because I can’t wait to see you go into overtime.”

59. “Are you a slap shot? Because you’ve just hit me hard with those looks.”

60. “You’re like a Zamboni – smoothing the way into my heart.”

61. “If love is a hockey match, you’re the MVP.”

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62. “Are you a hockey fan? Because you’ve got a winning smile.”

63. “You must be a hockey goalie, because you’re blocking all my advances.”

64. “If I were a hockey puck, would you slap me into your net?”

65. “You’re like a sudden death overtime – thrilling and unexpected.”

66. “Do you play hockey? Because you’re really good at breaking the ice.”

67. “You must be a hockey rink, because you have me skating circles.”

68. “Are you a hockey player? Because you look great on and off the ice.”

69. “I’m not a hockey stick, but I’d still like to spend time in your hands.”

70. “You must be a hockey goalie, because you’ve caught all my attention.”

71. “Do you like the cold? Because you’ve just given me chills.”

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72. “You’re like a hockey highlight reel – always replaying in my mind.”

73. “If I were a hockey puck, you’d be my goal.”

74. “Are you a hockey skate? Because you’re sharp and have me on edge.”

75. “Do you like hockey jerseys? Because I’d love to see you in mine.”

76. “You’re like a perfect shot – straight into the goal of my heart.”

77. “You’re like a hockey team – you have all the positions covered in my heart.”

78. “Are you a hockey stick? Because we could make a great pair on the ice.”

79. “If love were a hockey rink, I’d skate with you forever.”

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Crafting Hockey-Themed Pickup Lines


When approaching someone with a hockey-themed pickup line, you’ll want to skate smoothly into conversation using terminology that any hockey fan would appreciate.

For example, you might say, “Are you a defenseman? Because you certainly caught me off guard.”

Here, you’re equating the surprise and skill of a defenseman’s play with the effect this person has on you.

Likewise, involving terms like puck, stick, or even Stanley Cup can turn a casual chat into a moment of shared interests: “I may not be a professional puck handler, but with you, I’d love to take a shot at the net.”

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Effective Delivery and Timing

When it comes to hockey pick up lines, your approach and the moment you choose to deliver them can be as critical as the lines themselves.

Setting the Scene

To set the right mood, read the room to make sure the environment is conducive to humor and lightheartedness.

For example, if you’re watching a game and the energy is high after your team just scored a goal, the crowd’s excitement can be the perfect backdrop for a witty comment.

Picture the ice reflecting the lights as the Zamboni smooths over any rough patches; it’s the intermission pause where laughter and conversation fill the air—this is your moment.

Knowing When to Use Pick Up Lines

The moment you find someone checking out the game, and camaraderie is in the atmosphere, consider that your cue.

Avoid moments of high tension, like when the favorite player gets a penalty and is in the penalty box, making the mood less receptive.

Wait for those moments when spirits are high; perhaps after a spectacular save by the goalie, or when everyone is indulging in the fun of a break, you can pivot towards casually sliding in that pick up line.

Timing is key, aim to deliver your line naturally when it’s least expected but where it fits seamlessly into the ongoing banter.

Humor and Creativity

In the world of hockey, pick-up lines are a playful way to break the ice.

Whether it’s during a game or in a social setting, humor is a staple in hockey culture, often showcasing a blend of wit and creativity that is as entertaining as the sport itself.

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Humor in Wordplay

Funny wordplay shines through with lines that incorporate terminology from the game.

You might hear a line like, “Are you a defenseman? Because you’ve certainly blocked my heart from others,” using the concept of defense to suggest romantic exclusivity.

Or for a flirtier approach, “I must have scored a hat trick, because meeting you means I’ve hit the jackpot thrice over.”

The clever use of lingo like “cross the blue line” or “poke-check” can elicit a chuckle from someone who appreciates the language of the rink.

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Pickup Lines for Specific Scenarios

When you’re at a hockey game or a hockey-themed event, having the right pickup lines can make the difference between a cold shoulder and a warm conversation.

During the Game

If you’re gearing up to break the ice during a hockey game, your words need to be as smooth as the surface after a Zamboni pass.

Here’s how to shoot your shot:

  • Jersey Swap: “Is your name Stanley? Because every time I see your jersey, I think we should be champions together.”
  • Net Gains: “I might not be a pro player, but I’d love to score your number and maybe even net your heart.”
  • Puck Talk: “You must be a puck, because I can’t resist taking a shot at asking you out.”

At Hockey Events

Off the ice, the game of attraction still calls for strategy and finesse. Here’s how to make your mark with confidence:

  • Ice Breakers: “This ice may be cold, but our conversation could heat things up—interested in a power play?”
  • Love & Hockey: “Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to skate by again with my best slapshot smile?”
  • Scoring Points: “Let’s aim for a five-hole; dinner and a game with you would be the ultimate score.”

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