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10 Signs He Wants to Make You His Girlfriend


10 Signs He Wants to Make You His Girlfriend

1. He Embraces Deep Conversations

When trying to understand if a guy wants to make you his girlfriend, you’ll want to start by looking at his communication patterns.

A key sign is how your partner behaves when you two are alone.

If you’ve been dating for at least a month or two, and he makes clear efforts to create a comfortable environment for deep conversations, it shows his genuine interest in connecting with you better.

Quality time to explore your inner thoughts alone also allows you both to explore your feelings and understand each other more intimately.

Those are clear signs he’s exploring girlfriend territory and might want to make things official soon.

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2. He Wants to Spends Weekends with You


Perhaps the biggest sign a guy is interested in a relationship with you is that he wants to spend his weekends with you.

Spending a weekend with someone is a big opportunity cost, as it means giving up potential time for hobbies, seeing friends, and dating other people.

If a guy is saving his weekends for you, then he definitely sees you as girlfriend material.

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3. He Cares About Your Interests

When a guy wants to make you his girlfriend, he’ll often show a lot of interest in you and your interests.

If he spends time asking about your hobbies, passions, social life, work life, and such, it’s a sign he’s genuinely seeing you as someone who could be his serious partner.

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4. He Initiates Public Displays of Affection

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Public displays of affection, like holding your hand, can show that a guy is comfortable acknowledging your relationship openly and wants to let others know you’re together.

This behavior often means that he’s proud of your relationship and wants to continue it, without dating anyone else.

That means…well…he’s pretty ready to make you his girlfriend.

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5. He Compliments You in Many Ways

Compliments play an essential role in showing interest too.

If he frequently compliments your talents or your personality, it’s a positive sign that he sees you as potential girlfriend material.

By giving you compliments, he’s trying to make sure you feel special and valued.

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6. You Two Share Inside Jokes

Sharing inside jokes is a powerful way that couples and close friends bond with each other.

Just like guys might flirt if they like you early on in dating, they’ll start to move from more generic flirting to unique inside jokes if they’re showing an interest in taking things further.

When a guy loves sharing inside jokes with you, it means he wants to build a special bond with you and views you as a significant other in his life.

7. He Maintains Steady Communication

Effort in maintaining steady communication is also an essential telltale sign a guy is committed to building a relationship.

If he reaches out to ask how your day went, shares interesting stories, or stays in touch regularly, there’s a good chance he sees you as more than just a casual partner.

As relationships grow, so does the importance of communication, and a guy who rises up to that new level of communication likely wants to build a strong foundation for a relationship with you.

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8. He Initiates Physical Touch in a Non-Sexual Way

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Body language and physical touch can be reliable indicators of a person’s intentions.

If a guy consistently initiates physical touch like holding hands, kissing, or cuddling for purposes other than sex, then it suggests a deeper interest in you that goes beyond casual dating.

Actions often speak louder than words, so observing your partner’s nonverbal cues can provide valuable insight into whether or not he sees you as a potential girlfriend.

9. He Puts in Clear Effort

Another way to recognize a guy’s interest in a serious relationship is through his actions aimed to impress you.

This could involve dressing up nicely when meeting you, planning activities that you enjoy, or even going out of his way to help you with tasks.

His willingness to invest time and effort in making you happy speaks to his desire for a deeper connection.

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10. He Integrates You Into His Life

Notice if he makes an effort to include you in his life, such as introducing you to his friends and family.

By doing so, he’s demonstrating his intention to create a stronger bond between you and the important people in his life.

Being integrated into his social circle further shows his desire to make you an official part of his life.

He wouldn’t do that unless he wants you to be his girlfriend.

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How Guys Communicate When They Want to Make You Their Girlfriend

When a guy is interested in making you his girlfriend, he’ll often become more open and comfortable in expressing his feelings.

In your conversations, notice if he opens up and shares more about his thoughts, emotions, and personal experiences.

This level of vulnerability can show that he trusts you and is willing to let you into his life.

He might also start engaging in deeper, more meaningful conversations about the future, which signal that he’s interested in a long-lasting relationship.

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As you try to understand his intentions, pay close attention to his tone and style of communicating.

A guy who wants to make you his girlfriend will tend to use a supportive, enthusiastic, and caring tone, reflecting his genuine interest in your well-being.

He won’t play games or play with your emotions.

The Importance of Time and Attention

When a guy is genuinely interested in making you his girlfriend, he’ll invest time and energy into the budding relationship.

He’ll make an effort to be around you regularly and he’ll give you his undivided attention when you’re together.

This means he actively listens to what you have to say, asks questions about your experiences, and shows genuine interest in learning more about you.

As the relationship progresses, you may notice a deeper connection forming through the time spent together.

If you find yourselves fondly reminiscing about past adventures or daydreaming about future ones, it’s a good sign that he views you as a potential long-term partner.

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Inclusion in His Life is Essential for Making You His Girlfriend

When a guy is interested in making you his girlfriend, one key sign to look out for is the level of inclusion in his life.

This means that he’ll start to invite you to various events and activities with his family, friends, and inner circle.

Involving you in social gatherings and special occasions shows that he’s proud to have you by his side and wants to share his life with you, and that he’s serious about your relationship.

If he’s ready for you to meet and hang out with his friends, it also suggests that he sees you as a potential long-term partner.

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Future Planning

A key sign of where your relationship is going is how you two talk about the future.

A guy who is truly interested in making you his girlfriend will make future plans and commitments, not just casually meet up with you.

For example, he might make plans for events with you weeks or months in advance or discuss taking a trip together.

Another sign that he sees you as a potential girlfriend is if he includes you in his decision-making process about big things.

If he’s changing jobs, moving, or planning a trip, he’ll likely run things by you or at least tell you about what he’s up to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if he’s serious about you?

You can tell if he’s serious about you by looking for signs of increased effort, consistency, and dedication.

This may include regular communication, making plans for the future, introducing you to his friends and family, and consistently expressing his emotions towards you.

What are signs that he sees a future together?

Signs that he sees a future together include talking about long-term plans, discussing important life goals, and mentioning how you’re an important part of his life.

If he starts considering your opinions and feelings when making decisions in his own personal life, it’s another sign that he sees a future with you.

What are the main things that make a guy want to commit to a relationship?

There are several factors that contribute to a guy’s desire to commit, including emotional security, similar values and goals, a strong connection, and genuine love for his partner.

A guy may also want to commit when he feels that the relationship enhances his personal growth and offers a stable, supportive environment for mental well-being and happiness.

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