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11 Tips for Making an Irresistible Hinge Profile


On Hinge, you’re as attractive as your profile makes you out to be.

Which is actually great news — because there’s a lot you can do to create a great Hinge profile.

Here are 11 tips for creating an irresistible Hinge profile:

How to Make a Great Hinge Profile

1. Select Your Best Profile Pictures

Your profile pictures on Hinge are by far the most important part of your profile.

In fact, the six photos you upload into your profile are the most critical factor that’ll determine your overall success on Hinge —whether you end up going on any good first dates and finding someone for you, or whether your time on the app will go wasted.

When selecting photos for your Hinge profile, choose high-quality pictures that are well-lit, avoid too many group photos or photos of you wearing sunglasses, avoid using selfies, and highlight a variety of your interests and what activities you do.

Throw in a pet photo or a travel pic for a bonus. Choose photos that offer good conversation starters.

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To have a professional Hinge expert select your best six photos for you, upload your photos to our dating photo analyzer and we’ll reveal which ones are your most attractive.

2. Show Off Unique Hobbies and Interests

Displaying any unique hobbies and interests you have can make your Hinge profile stand out and help you seem more attractive. There are a lot of people on Hinge; stand out from the crowd by saying something unique.

You can show off your hobbies and interests through photos or prompts. Ideally, use both to show what things you do that make you excited about life.

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If you don’t have any particularly unique interests, that’s ok. Share what interests and hobbies you have anyway, genuinely. If they’re common ones, that’ll help your profile by showing other users what you two have in common. Research shows that like attracts like.

3. Showcase Your Personality and Preferences Confidently

Being direct and confident in your profile can give potential matches a look into your personal character and dating goals and help them decide if they’d like to get to know you better.

Answer your prompts honestly, state your dating goal in your profile, and reflect on your unique qualities and what you’re looking for in a partner.

Use prompts like “I’ll fall for you if,” “I’m looking for,” or “The hallmark of a good relationship is” to give a sense of what type of person you’re looking for.

Remember to strike a balance between revealing personal details and maintaining a sense of mystery to spark interest and initiate meaningful conversations.

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4. Write Great Hinge Prompt Answers

Hinge offers over 100 profile prompts you can choose to answer. These prompts provide conversation starters and an insight into your personality.

Pick three prompts that can show off your humor, goals, quirks, personality, wit, emotional intelligence, open mindedness, and the qualities you value in a relationship. Be honest in your responses and try to write at least one or two of your prompts with lightheartedness.

Avoid using cliché answers, such as “I like traveling” or “making me laugh,” as these are way overused and off-putting.

Some examples of the best Hinge prompts are:

  • Two truths and a lie
  • My most irrational fear
  • One thing I’ll never do again
  • What if I told you that
  • The hallmark of a good relationship is
  • Together, we could
  • Best travel story
  • My simple pleasures
  • The dorkiest thing about me is
  • Therapy recently taught me
  • Unusual skills

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5. Leverage AI and Filters on Hinge

Hinge uses an AI-powered algorithm to help users find matches who share interests and values. To benefit from this feature on Hinge, make sure that your profile is complete and accurate and be thoughtful in how you swipe on other users.

Fill out your preferences thoughtfully, such as age range, distance, religion, and education, to help the app provide tailored suggestions.

Use Hinge’s filters wisely to find people who align with your preferences while remaining open to potential connections. Don’t set too many specific filters, as it’ll limit your opportunities to meet people you could really connect with well. Instead, focus on just the things that are absolutely crucial for compatibility to you; only filter your dealbreakers out.

Attracting the Right Matches on Hinge

6. Showcase Your Authentic Self in Your Profile

Of course, you want to select your very best, most attractive pictures to use in your Hinge profile (and you can use our dating photo analyzer for just that).

But when creating your Hinge profile, you also want to choose pictures that show who you are accurately.

Authenticity is key.

Choose photos that accurately depict your age, lifestyle, height, and appearance. Avoid photo filters, and do what you can to give potential matches a clear and honest view of what you look like, both your face and body.

In your prompts, showcase your sense of humor, hobbies, and interests in a way that’s true to who you are. That way, your profile will naturally attract matches with similar preferences who can easily connect with you.

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7. Avoid Common Hinge Profile Pitfalls

There are tons of common mistakes people make in their dating profile.

To make your Hinge profile as strong as possible, avoid attempts to stretch the truth, steer clear of clichés and vague statements, and use photos and prompts that say what you believe about yourself and not what you think other people want to hear.

Be original and specific in how you depict yourself. Remember, your Hinge profile is your first and only chance to showcase your personality to a potential match, so make it stand out in a genuine way.

8. Tailor Your Profile to Your Relationship Goals

On Hinge, you should make your intentions clear, whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term relationship.

In the app’s settings, you’ll find Hinge Intentions that allow you to express your relationship goals clearly in your profile for other users to see.

Be upfront about your preferences to attract matches who share the same relationship aspirations. It’s in your interest and theirs.

9. How to Make Your Profile Stand Out

To create a stellar profile that stands out on Hinge, consider incorporating some creative prompts into your profile that showcase wit and originality. For example, you might write a lighthearted response to the prompt “My Zombie Apocalypse Plan.”

Also think about creative and original ideas for which photos to use in your profile. For tips on that, see our guide on creative photos to use on Tinder — these same types of photos will work to make a Hinge profile pop out.

To increase your visibility and literally make your profile stand out, use a Hinge boost. While it’s not a long-term strategy for improving your profile, it’s worth a try now and then.

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Creating a Funny Hinge Profile

When it comes to making your Hinge profile stand out, humor is a key tool that can go a long way.

Let’s explore some ideas for funny Hinge prompt responses and profile pictures that will help you showcase your personality authentically and keep potential matches entertained.

10. Write Funny Hinge Prompt Answers

One way to write funny answers to Hinge prompts is to use wordplay and puns. Clever use of language can seem witty and playful and impress a potential match toward liking your profile.

A second tip for writing funny answers to Hinge prompts is to be relatable. Share your everyday life quirks or funny anecdotes that are easy for others to understand and connect with.

A third tip for writing funny Hinge prompts answers is to tell a self-deprecating story. Letting others on Hinge see that you’re humble and comfortable with your flaws is an attractive trait.

The general key to writing funny Hinge prompt responses is to be creative. Use your imagination and try to write something nobody else on Hinge could possibly have in their profile.

Here are some examples of funny Hinge prompt answers:

  • Together we could … train my cat to do stand-up comedy. Trust me, he’s got some killer material.”
  • Typical Sunday … Morning: I convince myself I’m going to run a marathon. Evening: I reward myself with a pizza marathon.”

These aren’t perfect, nor are they that unique. But hopefully they give some inspiration for how you can write your own prompt responses with a funny twist.

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11. Funny Pictures for a Hinge Profile

A funny profile picture can make your Hinge profile stand out and provide conversation starters to kick off the chat with a new match.

One tip for making your profile photos funnier is to use a photo that captures your hobbies in a clever, playful way. For example, if you love cooking, take a photo of yourself in a chef’s hat juggling fruit. If hiking is your passion, stage a silly pose on top of a mountain.

A second idea for a funny profile picture on Hinge is to include your pet. Cute pets make people smile, and including a photo of one in a funny pose or outfit can showcase your playful side.

A third tip for making your Hinge photos funnier is to recreate a pop culture reference. For example, you can dress up as your favorite TV show or movie character and recreate an iconic scene that a lot of people would recognize and appreciate.

Don’t forget that while humor can be a great way to make your Hinge profile more attractive, it’s essential to strike a balance between being funny, mature, and thoughtful, while showcasing your genuine self.

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More Hinge Profile Tips

In addition to the tips we’ve reviewed so far, here are some more pointers you should keep in mind to create a good Hinge profile.

Embrace Eye Contact

For your first profile picture, it’s often good to choose a photo where you’re making eye contact with the camera. Eye contact helps create emotional connection so a photo that lets other users see your eyes clearly can help improve your Hinge profile.

Include Action Shots in Your Profile

Include photos of yourself actively involved in a hobbies or activities, especially a sport or other physically active task. It’s an engaging way to make your Hinge profile more intriguing.

Avoid Selfies on Hinge

Selfies are awful photos for dating apps and are less likely to receive likes on Hinge, especially when taken in the bathroom or gym.

Let Other Hinge Users See Your Face

Avoid posting too many photos of yourself wearing sunglasses or hats, and especially avoid using this kind of photo as your main primary profile picture. When you hide your face, it makes it difficult for potential matches to get a clear view of what you look like, which will decrease the chance of them sending you a like on Hinge.

Dos and Don’ts for Prompt Answers

For your Hinge prompt answers, keep these tips in mind:


  • Be positive and lighthearted
  • Show off your authentic personality
  • Talk about what you’re looking for
  • Stay natural and genuine
  • Say something unique
  • Share a memorable life story


  • Be offensive or negative
  • Overcomplicate your answers
  • Make exaggerated or false claims
  • Overshare personal information
  • Make spelling mistakes
  • Write one-word answers
  • Use clichés

Want Help Creating a Great Hinge Profile?

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