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The Best Bees Feature on Bumble: What to Know

On Bumble, your “best bees” are a select set of profiles that are expected to be your most ideal matches.

Essentially, Bumble’s algorithm has deemed these users to be your “best bees” because it predicts that they’re the people you’re most compatible with.

The Best Bees Feature on Bumble Dating App: What to Know

Bumble’s Best Bees feature complements the regular deck of profiles you see when you swipe.

The goal of this feature is to connect you with your best potential matches, helping you match with compatible other users more efficiently.

How Do Best Bees Work on Bumble?

Every day, Bumble will show you four profiles within the “Best Bees” tab of the app.

These four profiles are your “best bees.”

To find your best bees on Bumble, click on to the diamond icon at the bottom of your screen within the Bumble app on date mode.

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What Does Best Bee Mean on Bumble?

These best bees are four other users who Bumble’s algorithm has chosen carefully for you, based on your preferences and previous matches.

These profiles are specifically tailored to each user, so your set of four best bees aren’t going to show up as anyone else’s four bees of the day. They’re unique to you.

You can swipe through these Best Bees profiles and send a like to one that you’re interested in.

If you’re using Bumble for free, you get one free like a week that can only be used for a Best Bee. With Bumble Premium, you can send more likes to your Best Bees.

If you’re using Incognito Mode on Bumble, you won’t appear in any other user’s set of Best Bees.

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How Does Bumble Select Your Best Bees?

Bumble selects your best bees by analyzing your preferences, past matches, and any information available on your profile to calculate which other users on the app are likely to be most compatible for you.

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Because Bumble’s algorithm uses your preferences in generating your list of best bees, you’ll want to set your preferences thoughtfully.

When setting your preferences for age, gender, distance, and other qualities, give some thought to what’s a dealbreaker for you and what’s a preference you might be open-minded on and flexible with.

By doing this, and by setting your preferences in a way that is genuine and accurate, you can help Bumble understand what kind of matches you’re looking for and allow it to curate for you the best possible set of best bees. That’ll give you better odds of actually matching and connecting with one of your best bees.

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When used well, Bumble’s Best Bees feature can save you time and effort on the app by doing the hard work for you.

The Best Bees feature allows you to focus on a smaller set of just four profiles that have a higher likelihood of being a good match for you, so it’s a big plus how you invest time in the app.

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