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How to Have Better Hinge Conversations: 12 Tips

If you think it’s hard to get good matches on Hinge, well guess what — it’s even harder to have a good conversation with a match.

How to Have Better Hinge Conversations: 12 Tips

Having a good conversation with a match on Hinge is essential if you’re looking to go out on first dates.

But here’s the reality — most Hinge conversations suck.

People match with other users and never message them.

You send a thoughtful opener to a match, and they never write back.

Or, you actually get a good conversation going, and a first date looks likely, but then your match suddenly ghosts you and stops replying.

Very few Hinge matches yield good conversations that actually result in a first date.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

There are many reasons why Hinge conversations fail, and common mistakes people make that lead conversations to die out.

Here are 12 tips for having better conversations on Hinge.

Starting a Conversation on Hinge

Good Hinge conversations come from a balance of authenticity, playfulness, and showing genuine interest. And each conversation with a new match on Hinge starts with a first message: an “opener.”

1. Best First Messages on Hinge

Having a good conversation on Hinge starts with sending a good opening message.

If your first message stand outs and catches your match’s eye, then that’ll increase the odds of them responding.

Attractive people on Hinge get tons of messages coming in. Way more messages than they can possibly respond to. So if you want to get responses from matches, then you need to stand out from the huge crowd of other users.

Some of the most effective first messages on Hinge are ones that show the person you’re messaging that you read their profile carefully, are genuinely interested in them, and see something unique in them that sets them apart from anybody else you could be chatting with on the app.

A good tip for strengthening your opening messages on Hinge is to crack a joke, be playful, inject some light flirt, and overall just show your sense of humor.

No matter what, your opening line should genuine, fun, and easy to reply to.

For more tips on how to send a good first message on Hinge, read our full guide to crafting the best Hinge openers.

2. Using Conversation Starters on Hinge

To get a conversation started with a Hinge match or to keep the conversation flowing, you can use conversation starters to your advantage.

Conversations starters can feel generic, but they exist for a reason: to fuel conversation.

Good conversation starts for Hinge are those that pose an open-ended question that is eccentric and playful and allow for a wide variety of open-ended answers.

For instance, you could ask a match about their dream place to travel, what job they’d work if money didn’t matter, or what made-up field they would want to get a PhD in.

Have fun with writing your own quirky conversation starters to give your match a more memorable experience messaging you.

Nobody wants to have the same conversation over and over with every match on Hinge. So be the outlier and help change things up, for yourself and for your matches.

3. Ask a Hinge Match About Something in Their Profile

Starting a conversation on Hinge is all about using other users’ profiles as a source of inspiration. Get your conversation topics from your match’s profile.

As you look through a match’s photos and prompts, look for any shared interests, funny prompt responses, or anything that stands out. Look for something there’s likely to be an interesting story behind. This will help you craft more personal and interesting Hinge messages that will make your matches feel more seen, feel more engaged in conversation with you, and more likely to respond enthusiastically.

Show genuine interest in getting to know your match by asking them about specifics from their profile. The more specific, the better. Notice something none of their other matches have noticed about them before.

When messaging a match, be sure to sprinkle in your own relatable experiences or interests, provide some validation, and ask thoughtful follow-up questions, as this will help create a stronger connection between the two of you.

4. Finding Common Interests with a Hinge Match

Bonding over common interests can make or break a conversation on Hinge.

Discovering common interests is a key part of online dating and can help you have better Hinge conversations that actually thrive, instead of dying out.

As you chat with a match on Hinge, look for shared passions or experiences that can serve as a foundation for connecting, sharing a perspective, and opening topics for further conversation.

By focusing on common ground, you create a feeling of “we” out of “you” and “I” and increase your chances of keeping the conversation engaging and enjoyable for both you and your match.

Keeping the Conversation Going on Hinge

Starting a conversation on Hinge is hard, and because so many people on Hinge ghost after just one or two messages, keeping a conversation going is even harder.

5. Best Conversation Topics for Messaging on Hinge

On Hinge, your main goal is to find compatible matches and then establish an initial connection with those matches by having meaningful conversations.

Meaningful conversation stems from discussing topics that pique your match’s interest and your own interest at the same time.

Some of the best topics to talk about with a Hinge match are travel, hobbies, passions, funny life experiences, career goals, favorite movies and TV shows, and random hypotheticals.

6. Focusing on Shared Goals and Passions

It’s a common psychological phenomenon that people define themselves by what goals they have in life.

Discovering common goals, passions, and interests is key to keeping the conversation going and bonding on the Hinge app.

First off, use the information from your match’s Hinge profile to find shared goals and passions. Then, once the conversation gets going, expand the topics to see what else you may have in common. Focus on what you have in common to build chemistry.

7. Asking Open-Ended Questions on Hinge

To prevent Hinge conversations from stagnating, ask open-ended questions that encourage your match to elaborate and share their thoughts in a flexible way.

For instance, instead of asking, “Do you like movies?” try asking, “What are your favorite types of movies?”

Open-ended questions foster a more in-depth and engaging conversation that can go anywhere organically, changing from topic to topic more easily, depending on where you two want to take it.

8. Being Genuinely Interested in Your Match’s Responses

When your match shares their thoughts and opinions, actively listen and show genuine interest by responding thoughtfully and nonjudgmentally. You can be a bit judgmental in a clearly playful way to flirt, but overall it’s best to cultivate a feeling of validation and comfort in Hinge messages.

You’ll want to show your match that you value what they have to say and are curious about them as a unique person.

9. Injecting Positivity and Courtesy into a Hinge Chat

Positive Hinge conversations are more likely to lead to first dates than negative ones are.

Try to keep your conversations positive and respectful and avoid being overly argumentative or judgmental. You’ll want to make your match feel comfortable with you if you want a chance at going out on a date with them.

10. Infusing Humor and Wit

Humor is attractive, so go ahead and showcase your sense of humor through wit and lighthearted banter in your Hinge conversations.

Just be mindful to feel out your match’s humor style so you can tell what might be too offensive or insensitive. Also remember that sarcasm might be hard to read over text or through a Hinge chat.

11. Being Flirtatious on Hinge

Hinge is a dating app, after all, so some blatant flirting is appropriate and can help spark a more engaging conversation on the app.

Compliment your match and introduce some playful teasing without saying anything too inappropriate or aggressive.

12. Conversation Topics to Avoid on Hinge

Avoid topics that may be uncomfortable or too personal, such as religion, politics, or past relationships.

These conversations are great to have when you’re actually going on dates in person later on, but not yet when you’re still messaging on Hinge.

Having Better Hinge Conversations: Frequently Asked Questions

What are good conversation starters on Hinge?

To start a conversation on Hinge, send a thoughtful comment about your match’s profile and ask them an open-ended question.

Take a close look at the person’s interests, photos, and prompt answers. Avoid generic pick-up lines or a simple greeting like “Hi” or “How’s your day?”

Show genuine interest in your match’s profile and highlight something specific that caught your attention. This will increase your chances of getting a response.

How to engage in a witty chat on Hinge?

Wit is attractive, so take the time to craft thoughtful messages on Hinge where each word you use is chosen mindfully.

Find common ground or a shared interest you can playfully discuss with your match, showcasing your knowledge or unique experiences with it and asking clever questions to learn about your match’s perspective.

Bring humor and creativity to the conversation by using puns, wordplay, or anecdotes.

How can I keep the conversation going on Hinge?

Keep the conversation flowing by asking open-ended questions that encourage your match to share their thoughts and experiences.

Strike a balance between asking questions and telling your match about yourself. A Hinge conversation shouldn’t feel one-sided like an interview.

Show active listening by responding thoughtfully to what they have to say and relating to their interests or experiences with your own perspective.

How do I show genuine interest in a Hinge match?

To show genuine interest in your Hinge conversation, avoid generic questions and focus on crafting your questions and comments from specific details from their profile, such as their hobbies, experiences, or career.

Be curious and ask follow-up questions to dig deeper. While engaging in the conversation, show empathy and support to create a positive connection.

Above all, make your match feel seen, heard, and understood for who they are.

How can I create a memorable impression in a Hinge conversation?

To create a memorable impression on a Hinge match, be authentic, confident, and compassionate in your conversations.

Be responsive and attentive to what your match is saying and try to identify the underlying motivation, emotions, and perspective they bring.

Share your own experiences and perspective but do so without dominating the conversation.

Let your authentic sense of humor show, share personal stories from your life, and express your interests and passions confidently, being comfortable in who you are and what makes you unique.

Give your Hinge match a conversational experience they’d be excited to tell a friend all about.

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