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Dating Tips
Funny mushroom jokes: "Why was the mushrooms so confident? Because he had great morel support." "Why don’t shrooms ever tie their shoes? Because they’re always tripping." "Why was the mushroom in mediocre shape? He only exercised spore-adically."
Funny butt jokes: "What do you call a detective butt? Sherlock Bums." "What do you call a butt that's a judge? A deliverer of "just-ass.” "What do you call a butt in an art museum? A "twerk" of art."
Funny potato jokes: "How do potatoes resolve an argument? They "hash" it out." "What's a potato's favorite TV show? Starch Trek." "Why did the potato get high? It wanted to get baked."
Funny cowboy jokes: "What do you call a happy cowboy? A jolly rancher." "Why was the cowboy a good musician? He had a great range." "Why did the cowboy take an art class? To draw his gun."
Funny Tuesday jokes: "Why did Tuesday go to therapy? It had a lingering case of the Mondays." "Why is Tuesday the most optimistic day? It still believes the week will get better." "Why was Tuesday mad at the clock? It ticked off the whole day."
Funny big forehead jokes: "Your forehead is so big, you get sunburned from your desk lamp." "What do you call a big forehead? A fivehead!" "Your forehead is so big, mind readers charge you double."
Funny pokémon jokes: "Why did the Wailmer cross the ocean? To get to the other tide!" "Why did the Squirtle go to the party? It wanted to shell-abrate!" "Why was Hypno so energetic? He wasn’t Drowzee anymore."
Funny water jokes: "How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it!" "How do you know if a river is rich? It has two banks!" "What did the ocean say to the beach? Nothing, it just waved!"
Funny pumpkin jokes: "What's a pumpkin's favorite sport? Squash!" "What's a pumpkin's favorite genre of music? Vine-yl!" "Why was the pumpkin so good at math? Because it was a natural at pumpkin pi!"
Funny ocean jokes: "Why do fish live in salt water? Because pepper makes them sneeze!" "What's a fish's favorite country? Finland!" "Why are fish so smart? Because they live in schools!"