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How to Answer the ‘We’ll Get Along If’ Hinge Prompt


Hinge is all about creating meaningful relationships between users, focusing on shared interests, values, and passions.

That’s why “We’ll get along if” is one of the best Hinge prompts.

Understanding the ‘We’ll Get Along If’ Hinge Prompt

This prompt focuses on your passions and interests, especially those that you can do enjoy with a partner.

It can also focus on any opinions, values, or hot takes you have.

A good answer to this prompt helps your potential matches get a sense of what you’re excited about and what matters to you.

This not only helps them understand who you are, what you value, and how you spend your free time, but it also gives them a chance to see what you two might have in common.

3 Best Ways to Answer the ‘We’ll Get Along If’ Prompt on Hinge

1. Share Your Interests

Sharing your interests and hobbies helps draw in people with similar passions.

This prompt is a great opportunity to say what things you enjoy doing for fun and what activities you see yourself doing with a partner.

Be specific to create a stronger prompt answer that’ll invite someone to message you.

Here are some example prompt answers:

We’ll get along if … you’re into hiking, camping, and anything down and dirty outdoors.

We’ll get along if … you love getting lost in a good book and sharing your latest reading recs.

We’ll get along if … you’re a foodie who loves trying out new restaurants.

We’ll get along if … you have a knack for DIY projects and enjoy making things with your hands.

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2. Showcase Your Personality

Fill your response with traits that make you unique.

Give potential matches a clear taste of what kind of person you are, from what values you have to what lifestyle you live or what odd quirks you have.

That’ll help your profile stand out on Hinge.

For example, write something distinct like:

We’ll get along if … you’re an animal lover and don’t mind pet hair as a fashion accessory.

We’ll get along if … you enjoy trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone.

We’ll get along if … you can handle my obsession with collecting rubber ducks. It’s a surprisingly serious hobby.

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3. Incorporate Humor

Humor can be an attractive way to make your prompt answers pop.

A good sense of humor is a trait almost everyone looks for in a partner.

Here are some examples of funny prompt answers:

We’ll get along if … you don’t mind me narrating my pet’s thoughts in a funny voice. It’s a talent.

We’ll get along if … you’re okay with me using a GPS to navigate our own neighborhood. I’m directionally challenged.

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More Example Answers to the ‘We’ll Get Along If’ Hinge Prompt

When answering this prompt, you want to mention any opinions, values, hobbies, lifestyle habits, or hot takes you’re passionate about.

Here are some example prompt answers:

We’ll get along if…

You’re up for spontaneous adventures, whether it’s a last-minute road trip or trying a new restaurant.

You value honesty and communication in a relationship.

You’re prepared to lose at Mario Kart. I’m a champion, just saying.

You love trying out new recipes and sharing a homemade meal.

You’re ready for intense debates about which cereal is the best. Team Lucky Charms here.

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You enjoy deep conversations as much as you enjoy silly banter.

You’re a fan of cozy nights in with Netflix and takeout as much as nights out exploring the town.

You don’t mind my habit of quoting movies in everyday conversation.

You’re a bit of a nerd and get excited about things like science, history, or technology.

You’re ambitious and are a bit of a dreamer.

You’re a foodie who loves experimenting with new recipes and cuisines.

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