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30 Best Birthday Pick Up Lines


“If I were a candle, I’d make a wish for you to blow me out.”

“If your heart was a birthday cake, I’d wish for a slice every day.”

“I don’t need to make a wish when blowing out the candles, because I already have you.”

“You look like a birthday present… because I can’t wait to unwrap you.”

“Are you a birthday cake? Because I want a piece of that.”

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“Do you believe in love at first wish? Because I made one when I saw you.”

“If you were a candle, you’d be the hottest one on the cake.”

“On your birthday, I want to say: you are the best gift life has given me.”

“You’re like the candles on a cake – too hot to handle.”

“Your birthday is the perfect reminder of how my life got brighter with you in it.”

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“Every day with you feels like it’s my birthday, but today is special because it’s all about you.”

“You’re not just a year older, you’re a year more beautiful and precious to me.”

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven on your day of birth?”

“I have a feeling your lips are sweeter than the icing on this cake.”

“If kisses were candles, I’d light up your cake all night.”

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“You’re like a birthday – worth waiting for all year.”

“You’re the best part of growing another year older.”

“I’d say ‘Happy Birthday,’ but you make every day happy.”

“Are you a birthday cake? Because you’re sweet and everyone wants a piece.”

“If wishes were kisses, I’d spend mine on you.”

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“Are you a birthday candle? Because I’m blown away by you.”

“If you were a birthday card, I’d never throw you away.”

“If my heart had candles, you’d light them all.”

“You’re the only present I need this year.”

“Do you come with gift wrapping? Because you’re the best present here.”

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“If I could make one wish, it would be for a moment with you.”

“If my heart was a cake, you’d be the cherry on top.”

“Is it my birthday? Because you just made all my wishes come true.”

“You’re not just another year older, you’re another year better.”

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How to Deliver a Birthday Pick Up Line to a Crush

When approaching your crush with a birthday pick up line, timing and delivery are key.

Confidence is essential, so stand tall, own your pick up line, and approach with self-assurance.


Choose a line: Pick a line that feels natural and suits their personality. It should be lighthearted and genuine.

Practice: Rehearse the line until it feels comfortable. This will help you feel less nervous.

In the Moment

Eye Contact: Establishing eye contact conveys interest and sincerity.

Body Language: Stand up straight, yet remain relaxed. Avoid crossing arms to keep an open posture.

Speak Clearly: Use a friendly tone of voice and articulate your words to ensure they understand you.

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Delivering the Line

Wait for a moment when they seem receptive—perhaps when they’re laughing or in a good mood. Avoid interrupting their conversations or forcing the line.

Use their name if possible, as personalization adds a unique touch.

Say the line without rushing, maintaining a neutral and clear tone.

If they respond positively, keep the conversation going naturally. If the response is lukewarm, it’s polite to wish them well and give them space.

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How to Deliver a Birthday Pick Up Line to Your Partner

Looking for funny and cute birthday pick up lines and jokes to say to someone who’s already your partner?

Then go ahead and choose a few of these lines that you know will make your partner smile and feel special.

Pick a moment when your partner is relaxed and receptive.

Consider your partner’s personality—some people might love a cheesy line while others prefer something more subtle.

Use a playful tone of voice, keep a relaxed posture, and get ready to serenate your partner with a series of cheesy, romantic lines.

Throw in some physical touch like a huge or kiss to enhance your line.

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Your words should be a gift, so wrap them up with the right emotion and present them with care.

A well-delivered pick-up line can be the icing on the birthday cake of an already special day.

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