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20 Best Mushroom Jokes


Why was the mushrooms so confident? Because he had great morel support.

Why did the mushroom take so long in the bathroom? He was taking a big shiitake.

Why don’t shrooms ever tie their shoes? Because they’re always tripping.

Why was the mushroom in mediocre shape? He only exercised spore-adically.

Why shouldn’t you ever leave mushrooms on the floor? You might trip on them.

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Why didn’t the fungi fit in his plane seat? There wasn’t mushroom.

Why was the mushroom the life of the party? Because he was a fungi.

What’s a mushroom’s favorite TV show? The Spore-ranos.

Why did the mushroom become a philosopher? To ponder morel dilemmas.

What do you call a mushroom that’s a great leader? A morel compass.

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What do you call a chanterelle that’s a chef? A “golden” gourmet.

What’s a mushroom’s favorite kind of car? A spore-tscar.

Why did the mushroom go to the gym? To work on his absorbent capacity.

How do you annoy a white mushroom? You push its buttons.

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Why did the king oyster mushroom go to the castle? To be “crowned” the king of fungi.

What do you call a mushroom that’s a great detective? A spore-lock Holmes.

Why did the shroom go to college? To get a “higher” education!

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