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30 Best Taylor Swift Pick Up Lines


“We’d never have a ‘Last Kiss’ in the story of us.”

“I’ve got a blank space in my phone. You should put your number in it.”

“Are you ‘The 1’? Because the greatest love of all time isn’t over yet.”

“I can’t believe Taylor Swift wrote a song about you. Ya know… Gorgeous?”

“I knew you were trouble when you walked in…”

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“I’m realizing all I ever wanted is right here in front of me.”

“Every time you smile, I feel like I’ve got a ‘Blank Space’ in my heart only you can fill.”

“I wanna be your end game.”

“Every time I see you, I have ‘Love Story’ playing in my head.”

“If you were a cardigan, you’d be my favorite.”

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“Be my next mistake?”

“If you were a Taylor Swift song, you’d be ‘Enchanted’ because meeting you is a fairytale.”

“I feel happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time without you.”

“I’d marry you with paper rings.”

“Sparks fly whenever I see you.”

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“Call it what you want, but I think you’re fit like a daydream.”

“If I had a blank space, I’d fill it with your name.”

“I found wonderland, and it’s wherever I’m with you.”

“Are you getaway car? Because you’ve stolen my heart.”

“Are you The Archer? Because you’ve definitely hit your mark in my heart.”

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“If you were a Taylor Swift album, you’d be Lover.”

“You’re the ‘King of My Heart’, ruling every beat and moment.”

“Everywhere you walk becomes ‘Holy Ground.'”

“I can’t wait to tell the story of us over and over again.”

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“I feel like there are 100 invisible strings tying me to you.”

“If you were a Taylor Swift lyric, you’d be ‘the best thing that’s ever been mine’.”

“You must be Betty, because you’ve got me apologizing for not meeting you sooner.”

“Like a mirrorball, you reflect all the best parts of me.”

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