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25 Best Airplane Jokes


What do you call it when you’re sick of being at the airport? Terminal illness.

Why did the airplane go to therapy? It had too much baggage.

What’s the worst part about pilot school? The crash courses.

What do you call an aging airplane that flies backwards? A receding airline.

What kind of yogurt do they sell at the airport? Plane.

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What’s the difference between a long-distance flight and a long-distance relationship? On a long-distance flight, there isn’t always turbulence.

Why did the airplane break up with the airport? It needed more space.

Where does a mountain climber keep his plane? In a cliff-hangar.

Why do airplane memes always go viral? They know how to take off.

How does an airplane change course at the last minute? By winging it.

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Why did the passenger get along so well with his seatbelt? They just clicked.

What’s the difference between airplane food and an artist? At least airplane food can feed a family of four.

Why was the software engineer so cold on the airplane? He left his Windows open.

What the kid say to his mom during the long flight? “Are we there jet?”

Why don’t airlines charge you to use the restroom? They don’t want to cause a stink.

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How do pilots cool off? By using their propeller fans.

Why was the airplane so pessimistic? It had a bad altitude on life.

Why does it take an optimist and a pessimist to build an airplane? You need an optimist to build the plane and a pessimist to remember the seatbelts.

Why don’t pilots ever become movie stars? Because they can land a plane but they can’t land a role.

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Why don’t pilots tell jokes? Because if they did, their jokes would fly over people’s heads.

Why did the passenger with no luggage get charged a luggage fee? She was carrying on too much emotional baggage.

Why did the ghost get on the airplane? It wanted to lift its spirits.

Why should you always take a pilot to the bar? He’ll be a great wingman.

What did the airplane get fired after going to therapy? It became too grounded.

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