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20 Best Thursday Jokes

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Funny Thursday Jokes:

Why did Thursday drink so much water? It was thirst-day.

Where does Friday come before Thursday? In the dictionary.

Why did Thursday buy a camel? To commemorate the hump.

Why did Thursday carry a hammer? It thought it was Thor’s Day.

What’s Thursday’s favorite type of exercise? Running out the clock.

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Why did the Thursday have nostalgia? It was a Throwback Thursday.

What do you call a drunken Thursday? A blursday.

Why did Thursday buy a planner? To count down the minutes til Friday.

Why did Thursday go to therapy? It always felt like it was in Friday’s shadow.

Why did Thursday buy a time machine? To turn into Friday.

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What’s Thursday’s favorite song? “Almost Paradise.”

My boss asked me why I’ve been late 4 times this week. I replied: “because it’s only Thursday.”

Thursday Jokes for Work:

How does every Thursday meeting start? With “This could have been an email…”

What’s Thursday’s favorite office activity? Looking busy while planning the weekend.

How is Thursday different from Friday? Thursdays are full of memos, while Fridays are full of memes.

Why did the boss bring champaign into the office on Thursday? To celebrate Friday eve.

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How is Thursday different from Friday at work? On Thursday, everyone’s productivity peaks; on Friday, everyone’s browser history peaks.

How do you know it’s a Thursday in the office? There are constant glances at the clock.

Why do farmers skip work on Thursdays? They just don’t turnip.

What’s the biggest difference between Thursday and Friday? On Thursday, you work with coffee; on Friday, you work with countdowns.

What’s the worst thing about Thursday at work? Realizing it’s not Friday.

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