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25 Best Batman Jokes


What do you get when Batman skips church? Christian Bale.

What was Batman’s rap name growing up? Lil Wayne.

What do Batman and Will Smith have in common? They both attacked a joker.

What did the loaf of bread say to Batman? “Rye so serious?”

What is Batman’s favorite drink? Vigilan tea.

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What does Batman put in his beverages? Just ice.

What do you call Batman after he got into a Batmobile accident? Bruised Wayne.

What’s Batman’s favorite part of a joke? The punch line.

What does Batman wear to bed? A dark knight gown.

Where is Batman’s favorite place to visit? Capetown.

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Why did Batman and Robin stop playing cards? Because the Joker kept stealing all the aces.

What’s Batman’s favorite type of comedy? Dark humor.

How does Batman take his coffee? Black as the night.

Why did Batman break into the comedy club? He heard there would be a Joker there.

Why don’t you play hide and seek with Batman? Because no one hides from Batman.

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Why did Batman brush his teeth? To prevent bat breath.

Why are Batman and Superman so different? It’s like knight and day.

Why did Batman spend so much time on his computer? He loves surfing the dark web.

What was Batman’s nickname on his neighborhood baseball team? Bat-man.

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Why did Batman join NASA? He wanted to explore the batmosphere.

Why did Batman get promoted at work? He was always willing to work the knight shift.

What did Batman say to the calendar? “Your days are numbered.”

Why doesn’t Batman use Siri? Because he has Alfred.

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