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25 Best Cowboy Jokes


What do you call a happy cowboy? A jolly rancher.

Why did the cowboy take an art class? To learn how to draw his gun.

Why was the cowboy a good musician? He had a great range.

What does a frozen cowboy say? “Yee thaw!”

What’s a cowboy’s favorite road? Rodeo Drive.

Why is it so hard for cowboys to be humble? They love tootin’ their own horn.

Why don’t cowboys need pick up lines? They have pick up trucks.

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What do cowboys say to their cows at night? “It’s pasture bedtime!”

What’s a cowboy’s favorite car? A Range Rover.

What do you call a cowboy with a sore throat? A hoarse rider.

What does a cowboy put on his salad? Ranch dressing.

How do cowboys write secret messages to each other? In horse code.

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What’s a cowboy’s favorite type of cat? Cattle.

How do cowboys like their eggs? Sunny side up.

What’s a cowboy’s favorite instrument? The “harp”monica.

Why did the cowboy get a sheepdog? To “herd” his thoughts.

Why did the cowboy bring a lasso to the dance? To “rope” in a partner.

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Why did the cowboy go to the library? To check out a book’em.

Why did the cowboy go to the bank? To make a withdrawl.

What’s a cowboy’s favorite snack? Trail mix.

Why are cowboys so good at basketball? They’re very familiar with HORSE.

How do cowboys keep their hair in place? They tie it in a lasso.

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What do you call a cowboy’s hat in the summer? A “sun”-brero.

What’s a cowboy’s favorite type of salad? Cobb, with ranch dressing.

Why did the cowboy go to the gym? To get more horsepower in his lifts.

Why did the cowboy get in trouble? He was horsin’ around.

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