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The Bumble Compliments Feature: What to Know

The Bumble Compliments Feature: What to Know

What Are Bumble Compliments?

Bumble Compliments are short personalized messages you can to someone on the app before you’ve matched with them.

This initial message can help break the ice and show them that you’re genuinely interested in their profile.

Your Compliment on Bumble can be a message about a potential match’s bio, a photo, or one of their profile prompts.

Here’s everything you need to about this feature, from how to send a Compliment on Bumble to how to improve your Bumble profile so you start getting more Compliments yourself.

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How Many Bumble Compliments Per Day Do You Get?

You get one free Compliment per day on Bumble.

When do Bumble Compliments Reset?

Bumble Compliments reset every 24 hours.

How to Use Bumble Compliments

Bumble Compliments can help you break the ice, allowing you to share what you like about another user’s profile before you match.

How to Send a Compliment on Bumble

To send a Compliment on Bumble, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll through someone’s profile and find the part of their profile that you’d like to compliment. This could be their bio, a photo, or one of their profile prompts.
  2. In the bottom left-hand corner of the selected profile element, you’ll see a yellow icon with a heart inside a speech bubble. Click on this icon.
  3. Write them a Compliment. Send a Compliment message that’s personalized, thoughtful, confident, and appropriate.
  4. Once your Compliment is ready to send, tap on the send button.

Remember, Bumble Compliments give you an opportunity to show genuine interest in a person who stands out to you on the app.

Use your best judgment when crafting a Compliment, thinking about how the other person will feel when they read your message.

Send a Compliment that’ll up your odds of interesting them in matching with you.

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Impressing a Potential Match on Bumble Through Compliments

By allowing you to share what you like about someone’s profile before the two of you match, sending a Compliment can help you stand out from the crowd.

When used effectively, Compliments can boost your chance of matching with someone, strengthen your potential connection off the bat, and increase the likelihood of a successful conversation that leads to a date.

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To get the most out of this feature, keep your compliments genuine and tailored to the person’s unique Bumble profile.

Avoid generic compliments or messages that could apply to anyone.

Instead, take the time to review your potential match’s profile and pick out a specific trait or interest that you genuinely appreciate.

Then, write them a Compliment about that specific trait/interest.

Sending a Genuine and Tailored Message via Bumble Compliments

When crafting your Compliments message, write something unique that’s just for the person you’re trying to impress and match with.

Reference common interests or shared experiences you can gather from their profile to help solidify a connection.

For instance, if you both like hiking, you could say, “I noticed that you also like hiking – Have you been to any good trails lately?”

This demonstrates genuine interest and attentiveness, and asking a question in your Compliment can start conversation.

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The Right Tone for a Compliment

Maintain a confident and balanced tone in your Compliment.

Avoid coming across as overeager or excessively flattering. Instead, show that you’re sincere and are feeling out the potential for a genuine connection.

Maintaining a thoughtful, personalized, and engaging tone in your Compliment allows your message to stand out from the typical uninteresting or generic message that people tend to receive on Bumble.

A genuine, tailored, and engaging message has a greater chance of sparking a conversation with a potential match and ultimately leading to a successful Bumble experience.

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Optimizing Your Bumble Profile to Get Compliments and to Match Through Compliments

When using Bumble, you’ll want to make your profile stand out to attract potential matches and increase your chances of getting that coveted right swipe.

And with a great Bumble profile, you’ll start getting more Compliments.

Write an Engaging Bio and Memorable Prompts

A captivating bio is crucial for making a strong Bumble profile.

It gives you a chance to showcase your personality, interests, and even a bit of humor or vulnerability.

Avoid generic lines or clichés. Instead, write something creative and specific that will act as a conversation starter.

For example, instead of writing, “I love traveling,” mention the time you ate at a famous pizzeria in Italy or the unforgettable hike you took in Peru.

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Keep the tone positive and respectful, and consider including one or more unique interests of yours.

A vivid, engaging bio gives others a chance to send personalized Compliments to you on Bumble.

Including unique and memorable prompts in your Bumble profile will also help boost your match rate and spark conversation, including getting you more Compliments.

To have a professional Bumble profile writer write your bio and prompts for you, you can use our professional dating profile writing service.

Choose Unique Bumble Profile Pictures

The photos you select for your Bumble profile play a key role in whether or not people will be interested in matching with you.

Use photos that are clear, high-quality, and provide a clear view of your face and body.

Include a variety of photos showcasing your hobbies and interests, like a hiking pic, travel photos, or a picture with a pet.

Active action shots work great on Bumble.

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If you have a unique tattoo or an eye-catching outfit, showcasing it in a Bumble profile pic can also act as a talking point and set you apart from other profiles, inviting people to send you a Compliment.

To find out which are your best photos to use in your Bumble profile, try our dating photo analyzer.

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Starting Conversations Through Compliments on Bumble

Creating a meaningful conversation on Bumble starts with displaying genuine interest and thoughtful writing.

Keeping a positive, confident, flirty tone in your messages will help you break the ice while being intentional and genuine.

Research shows that a sincere compliment can give someone the same positive boost as receiving cash.

That’s why you should definitely use Bumble’s Compliments feature to improve your success on the app.

Remember that your approach to messaging on Bumble is all about creating a shared experience and building a potential relationship.

Send Compliments that support this aim.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bumble Compliments

Do Bumble Compliments expire?

Bumble Compliments do not expire. Once you send a Compliment to a potential match, it will remain in their conversation history unless they decide to unmatch or delete the conversation.

How to reply to a Compliment on Bumble?

To reply to a Compliment on Bumble, you can either use the reply button in the notification you receive or simply continue the conversation within the chat.

How to receive more Compliments on Bumble?

To get more Compliments on Bumble, make sure your profile is optimized with high-quality and attractive photos, a well-written bio, and engaging profile prompts. A quality profile can prompt other users to send compliments about your style, interests, or any conversation starters you plugged into your bio or prompts.

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