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8 Things to Know About Bumble SuperSwipe


On Bumble, you can swipe through a seemingly infinite number of profiles and send a like to those you want to match with.

With so many options out there for you and other users on Bumble, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd and match with the people you really want to meet.

That’s where the Bumble SuperSwipe comes in.

What is a SuperSwipe on Bumble?

On Bumble, the SuperSwipe is a premium feature that allows you to express a specially higher level of interest in another user.

A SuperSwipe is more than just a regular “like.”

By sending someone a SuperSwipe, you’re showing them that you’re more invested in their profile and want to match with them more than anyone else on your feed.

But how exactly do you use SuperSwipe on Bumble, does SuperSwipe help your odds of matching with someone, and when exactly should you send a SuperSwipe vs. a normal like?

Here are 8 key things to know about Bumble SuperSwipe.

1. The Function of SuperSwipe on Bumble

SuperSwipe is a “like” on steroids.

It’s a way to tell someone on Bumble that you’re really interested in matching with them.

When you SuperSwipe someone’s profile, they receive a notification that you’ve SuperSwiped on them.

This will make your profile stand out to them, increasing the chances of forming a match and sparking a conversation.

2. What is the Heart Icon on Bumble?

On Bumble, the heart icon at the bottom of a profile represents the SuperSwipe feature.

To use a SuperSwipe, you can simply tap the yellow heart icon and confirm your request.

This sends a notification to the recipient, letting them know you’ve SuperSwiped on them.

3. How to Use Bumble SuperSwipe

Purchasing Bumble Coins and SuperSwipe

To get started with Bumble SuperSwipe, you first need to have Bumble Coins.

These coins are the currency used for purchasing premium features within the app.

You can buy Bumble Coins in bulk to save money compared to buying them one at a time.

If you don’t want to purchase SuperSwipes on their own, you can access SuperSwipes by signing up for Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium.

Sending a SuperSwipe

Once you have Bumble Coins or a subscription, performing a SuperSwipe is easy.

First, find a profile that interests you a lot.

Second, tap the yellow heart icon on their profile.

Third, confirm the SuperSwipe request.

Congrats! You’ve now sent a SuperSwipe.

4. Your Potential Match Gets Notified When You SuperSwipe

After performing a SuperSwipe, the potential match will receive a notification letting them know someone has SuperSwiped on their profile.

Don’t worry; that’s a good thing.

In fact, it’s the whole point of SuperSwipe.

This bold first impression can spark curiosity, make the person feel valued, and increase the chances of a forming a match.

5. Bumble SuperSwipe Cost and Options

Bumble Coin Packages

To use SuperSwipe, you will need to purchase Bumble Coins.

The cost of a single SuperSwipe varies depending on your location, but generally, it requires one Bumble Coin which costs a few dollars each.

There are different Bumble Coin packages available to help you save money when buying in bulk, whether buying 5, 10, or 20 coins at a time, for example.

When purchasing Bumble Coins in bulk, you can save a lot of money compared to buying them one at a time.

Bumble Subscription Services

Aside from Bumble Coins, you can also access the SuperSwipe feature by subscribing to Bumble’s premium services: Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium.

Each subscription service includes additional benefits besides SuperSwipe, such as unlimited swipes, profile extensions, and more.

Bumble Boost offers features like the ability to see who has already swiped right on your profile and the option to rematch with expired matches.

Subscribing to Bumble Premium grants you access to even more features, including the ability to see who has already liked your profile, apply advanced search filters, and have unlimited swipes.

6. How SuperSwipe Compares with Spotlight on Bumble

Another premium feature of Bumble is Spotlight, which makes your profile more visible to other users in your area for 30 minutes.

Like SuperSwipe, Spotlight is a single-use feature that requires purchasing Bumble Coins.

The key difference is that while SuperSwipe focuses on sending high interest to a single other user, Spotlight aims to attract more potential matches to your profile by getting more eyes on your profile.

In other words, SuperSwipe is for expressing interest in one specific user, while Spotlight increases your profile’s visibility for a short period so you can get more likes and matches.

7. Benefits and Drawbacks of Bumble SuperSwipe

Pros of Using SuperSwipe

A major benefit of using Bumble SuperSwipe is that it allows you to convey a higher level of interest in someone’s profile compared to a regular like.

By SuperSwiping, you’re essentially telling the person that you are confidently interested in them and that you’ll invest in them if you do match. You won’t waste their time.

SuperSwipe has been shown to increase the chances of getting a like in return and therefore matching.

Cons of Using SuperSwipe

Now, there are some drawbacks to using SuperSwipe.

The main concern is the perception of desperation.

Some people view sending SuperSwipes as desperate, which could potentially be off-putting to someone you send a SuperSwipe to.

Plus, SuperSwipe requires you to spend real money, which may not be feasible or worthwhile.

8. How Bumble SuperSwipe Compares to Features on Other Dating Apps

Tinder Super Like

Tinder, another popular dating app, offers similar functionality to Bumble’s SuperSwipe with its Super Like feature.

Like Bumble’s SuperSwipe, Tinder’s Super Like notifies the recipient of your heightened interest.

SuperSwipe (Bumble) and Super Like (Tinder) are equivalents across the two apps. They mean the same thing.

Summing Up Bumble SuperSwipe

Bumble SuperSwipe is a premium feature that can help you stand out from the crowd and show your high interest in a potential match more confidently.

By using SuperSwipe, you’re sending a clear message that you’re more interested in this person than others you’re swiping right on.

To make the most out of SuperSwipe, it’s essential to have a well-crafted profile, as this feature can only boost your chances if your profile is already attractive.

Ensure that your photos are high-quality and showcase your personality.

Pro tip: Try our dating photo analyzer to find out which of your photos are best for your Bumble profile.

Also make sure your bio clearly communicates your values and interests.

Bear in mind that SuperSwipes are not free, and you’ll need to spend some money to get them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bumble SuperSwipe

What is the difference between SuperSwipe and compliment?

A SuperSwipe is a super like that shows an increased level of interest in someone’s profile.

It sends a notification to the other person, making your profile stand out to them.

A compliment, on the other hand, is a free feature that allows you to send short, pre-written messages to start a conversation.

Both features can be used on Bumble to connect with other users in a more meaningful way.

How can you tell if someone used a SuperSwipe on you?

If a user has SuperSwiped you, their profile will appear in your feed with a yellow hexagon symbol and a star.

This indicates that they have a strong interest in you.

Is SuperSwipe worth the expense?

If you’re serious about using Bumble as effectively as you can, then yes, SuperSwipe is worth the money.

But whether a SuperSwipe is worth it to you depends on your personal preferences and intentions on Bumble and how you use it.

Send your SuperSwipes selectively to users you truly feel you’re uniquely compatible with.

What is the yellow hexagon with a star symbol on Bumble?

The yellow hexagon with a star symbol indicates that someone has SuperSwiped your profile.

Can you see who has SuperSwiped your profile on Bumble?

Yes, you can see who has SuperSwiped your profile.

When a user has SuperSwiped you, their profile will appear in your feed with the yellow hexagon symbol and a star.

This lets you know that they have expressed a strong interest in your profile.

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