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20 Best Uranus Jokes


How do you set Uranus on fire? Eat a few too many jalapeños.

How do you organize an orgy in space? You planet on Uranus.

Why is Uranus so dangerous? It’s leaking toxic gases.

What’s an astronaut’s kink? Taking photos of Uranus.

When does a wild Saturday night leave only 7 planets left? When Uranus gets obliterated.

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Why are the U.S.S. Enterprise and toilet paper alike? They both hunt for Klingons in the rings around Uranus.

Why don’t books start in Uranus? Because you can’t start a story with an ending.

How does Uranus cut its hair? Eclipse it.

What kind of music does Uranus like? Neptunes.

Why do aliens avoid Uranus? Too much gas.

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Why does Uranus never get invited to parties? It always brings a gas cloud.

How does every story on Uranus start? With a big bang.

Why was the music note afraid of Uranus? It didn’t want to be flat.

What do you call a party on Uranus? A blast off.

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What does Uranus do when it acts out? It moons everyone.

How do you keep secrets on Uranus? In a black hole.

What’s the best day to visit Uranus? When it’s showing off its full moon.

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