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15 Funniest April Jokes


Why didn’t April showers bring May flowers this year? They forgot the address.

Why did April refuse to play cards? It was afraid of raining on everyone’s parade.

How does April break up with winter? It says, “It’s not me, it’s May.”

How does April make its tea? It steeps it in spring water.

What did December say to April? “Snow is magical, rain is just… wet.”

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What did June say to April? “You’re the reason people buy umbrellas; I’m the reason they buy sandals.”

Why is April a good friend? It brings May flowers.

What’s April’s favorite food to cook? Spring rolls.

What’s April’s go-to dance move? The sprinkler.

What did January say to April? “Snowmen > raindrops.”

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What did February say to April? “You think you’re special with your spring? I’ve got Valentine’s.”

What did March say to April? “I might come in like a lion, but at least I don’t leave everyone wet.”

What did August say to April? “My nights are warm, yours just damp.”

What did October say to April? “I actually scare people, you just fool them.”

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